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I transfered to england a year ago from Calafornia and i was really upset as i didnt think they had proms, but, I have just left school and we had a mosh/halloween theme! everyone dressed up in black or scaryily cool clothes and dressed as vampires!! It was great and so original!!!!!! WOOHOO rock on england!! and rock on america!!!! Barbie Cassady signing off love you all xxxxxxxxxxx p.s Derek if you remeber me, I love you so much and miss you with all my heart, you were the best!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

-- From Barbie, St. Joseph's, England UK

The theme is HOLLYWOOD.. Red Carpets n all and kool music like avril etc.. and when they announce awards like a MTV award... "and the winner is" or "the best shakira look a like is"

-- From Jamie, Sha tin College, Hong Kong TI

our theme is midievil rosegarden we wanted to have roses instead of having balloons and stars as decorations. our colors are going to be raseberry and cream we tried to get away from blue and silver because that seems to be the colors every year, our saying was ever after..a prom story but because of alot of arguments it is going to be changed!

-- From Sarah, Dalhousie Regional High School, Dalhousie NB

Our theme is A Moment Like This (Kelly Clarkson) and our colors are midnight blue and silver.

-- From Anon, Some School, Some Place XX

well i actually haven't graduated yet but we want our grad theme to be "Two Steps Behind" its a oerfect theme and if you listen to the song the words really make sense oh yeah the song is by Def Leopard!!

-- From Lynzey, St. Paul Regional High School, St. Paul AB


-- From Melissa, Northridge High School, Fairborn OH

our theme for 2001' was Heaven on Earth. our colors were sky blue and white. we had big star on the dance floor and stairs going to a castle.when you walked in the door you walk over a bridge.it was a beautiful prom and i will never forget that night.

-- From Donna, Suwanne High School, Live Oak FL

Our theme this year is "Just This Side Of Paradise." It is going to have a garden/jungle look to it. Really romantic!

-- From Ashley, Some School, Some Place IA

I'm the vice President on Student Government and this is the first year our school had been opened, so we want prom to be awesome!! This is what we did, we rented an island for 3 hours and we take a ferry ride to the dock where we get dropped off, then walk on the lighted dock with our dates/friends up to the glass room. Or theme is "Just Imagine..." we have a moon connected with stars to make the arch, with 4 columes 2 tall and 2 small, the colors are light purple, and white, and a light blue with many glittery stars to hang all over the room. IT WILL BE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

-- From Jeni, Florida Prep Academy, Port Charlotte FL

This year our prom is at a castle. The theme is going to be something reniassance.

-- From Rae, Some School, Some Place OK

Our theme for 2002-2003 Prom is "A Walk To Remember". All the Seniors thought this theme was PERFECT! I'm only a Jr.! Last years theme was "Pearl Harbor". E-mail me anytime. Jami N. Pratt

-- From Jami, Spata High School, Wlash IL

OUR PROM WAS THE BEST!!!! Our Theme was""A sexy night in paradise"" it was in a 5-star hotel looking over the beach. We went wild, i think just about everone lost their V- plates that night. We wore really skimpy, shimmery, sexy dreses' and the guys wore formal pants and a shimery, sexy shirt that went with their girlfriends dresses! That was the best night of my life!!!

-- From Wintah, Kamaland Private Grammar, Victoria AU

Hey guys, If your looking for a good prom theme go with "Ever After." My Class did it last year and it was beautiful!! We had a 15 foot castle, a 10 foot Manor, a life size carriage, and a gazebo. If all else fails go with "Ever After!"

-- From Brett, Some School, Some Place PA

this year, the theme for prom is 'ohana nite' and everyone got to dress up in hawaiian beachwear...

-- From Shan, Dunman High School, Dunman XX

phantom of the opera

-- From Maryan, Clarksdale High, Clarkdale MS

We're thinking of doing kinda of an 'Ancient Greece' theme with the whole white pillars and the ivy vines. It should be very cool.

-- From Ashley, M-town High, M-town ID

Theme: A Night in Heaven Theme Song: A Moment Like This, Kelly Clarkson Theme Colors: Light Blue and Silver

-- From Amber, James Bowie High, Arlington TX

This is our first year as a school. We wanted to do something that represented a new beginning. Or something having to do with the sea or water since our school name is "Lake Norman". At our school juniors plan the prom for the seniors. Juniors and Seniors, both, are attending. The prom is going to take place at the school and it is very nice seeing how its completely new. Some of my ideas are "Building a Mystery", "Sea of Dreams", "Sailing Away", or "Beginning an Ocean of Memories". We are planning an "afterparty" for our prom, but most people, I'm sure, have parties of their own to attend......Everyone has great ideas, I can tell that our prom is going to be awesome! Wish us luck!

-- From Prom Committee, Lake Norman High School, Mooresville NC

Well, I am a junior and we haven't decided what are theme is yet, You know how everyone argues and yell at each other, but we came up with an idea to just have the prom committee vote on it, and it better be what I picked. GOODBYE

-- From Jak, Bridgeton High School, Bridgeton NJ

Our theme was the 1940's style black and white films aka ragtime music! It was totaly cool and we had a live jazz band playing all night!It definetly was right for new york city as this was one of the main founders of jazz.This was one of the best nights of my life and would love for another scool in NY to recreate the emotion we had on that splendid night.The outfits were red,black and white with arm length gloves and net hair accesories.We had a main stage with a huge jazz band set up and a fake bar serving(non-alcoholic) cocktails.There was a large piano in the middle of the dancfloor with a pianist aswell.Black and white balloons fell from the cieling and it gave you a feeling of what living in the past was like. This was definetly the best night of my life and if you choose to recreate my memory's then it should be yours aswell. Have a great prom whatever your theme and remember MAKE IT A NIGHT NOT TO FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jaide

-- From Jaide, Academy, Manhattan NY

"Enchanted Nights" the foyer of our school was decorated like the inside of a castle with stone walls, an antique king's chair with red plush curtains and torch lights and castle furniture. Walking into the gym was entering a forest with trees everywhere, a knight and horse and lots of white christmas lights. Colors were "rich" colors, red green, purple and gold. For the grand march, the outside of the school was decorated in purple and gold with knightly banners. Lighting was awesome!

-- From Holly, Hiland High School, Berlin OH

I can't wait until the day comes. This year our theme is "The Roads We Take". Every year everyone chooses the same old themes and they start to get boring, so we changed our theme a little.

-- From Kristen, Some School, Some Town XX

Are song for Junior Girls is "At Last" & the colors are burgandy & cream. I love it.

-- From Anon, xxxxxxxx, xxxx XX

This year our grad theme is going to be "A Midsummer Night's Dream" it is going to be so amazing...but we still have alot of planning to do..

-- From Jenny, Medicine Hat High, Medicine Hat AB

Our junior prom theme last year was "An Evening of Enchantment." The colors were silver, maroon, and black. It was very formal and fancy.

-- From Kelli, Dixon High School, Dixon CA

Our prom theme was "Moonlight and Roses". Very romantic. They decked the walls with lights and roses. Its an awesome idea!!!

-- From Andrea, Westmore High, Oklahoma City OK

At my school we really don't have themes, we have the same decorations and well its boring. I go to a small school and our budget is not all that big. This year we are having two proms in a way. We are having the prom at the school and then the night we graduate we are having a dance and we want a theme for this dance, and for prom

-- From TIffany, Lake Superior High, Shreiber ON

The CA is Canada! Anyways, we are in the mits of planning our high school graduation which will take place on the 26th of June. We all ready have a theme in mind and a song. Our theme will probably be "We Can Go The Distance" and the song will be "Go The Distance" by Micheal Bolton, from the movie hercules. It is a really beautiful song. We are talking about having a deep plum, a really light purple and a pearl white for our colours. It will be held in our gym.

-- From Jennifer, Riverwood Academy, Some Place NF

Last year our prom theme was "Deep Blue Destiny". It was an underwater theme, which may not sound too elegant, but it was so nice. Our colors were blue, green and purple.

-- From Starsha, Eilson High School, Eilson AK

This year's homecoming theme is "Heres to the Night" from the song. the colors are black, blue, purple

-- From Angela, CHS, Somewhere WA

I think a cute theme is "You Are A Dream To Me".

-- From Lovet, Sunset High, Miami FL

under the stars

-- From Diamond, Attucks Middle School, Fort Lauderdale FL

Well its really more of homecoming themes but w/e...freshman year was super fun because it was MArdi Gras..everyone had beads and masks it was fun...sophmore year it was Hollywood..everyone was dressed real nice and to eneter the ballroom you had to come down the lit red carpet...this year our theme has not been chossen its either mid-evil time or mythology

-- From Anon, Some School, Miami FL

I think a fantastic idea for a prom theme is MOULIN ROUGE it could be all glitzy and glamoury, very french, with cancan dances and all the trimmings.

-- From Gnomie, Rangitoto College, Aukland NZ

Mascarade everyone comes in mask and u have a mask unveiling.

-- From Aliesha, Mackenzie College, Some Place NZ

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
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