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k well at our school our theme is gonna be the wizzord of Oz and all the teachers who are gonna be helping out are gonna dress up like all the characters from the movie...personally I think that that is a stupid idea but who knows maybe it will turn out alright..

-- From Najwa, St. Claire High School, Sarnia ON

This year our theme is going to be a tropical paradise. We have these beautiful flowers picked out that are tropical colors and we are considering giving everybody (guys and girls) flowered leis to wear...our theme song is "almost paradise"...awesome huh?

-- From Lisa, Madison High, Genoa MA

mascarade ball

-- From Ashley, Ben Bolt High, Alice TX

Mardi Gras

-- From Brittany, Plainview High, Plainview TX

"Starry Night" we are hanging all these silver stars from the ceiling, and getting gauzy fabric with lights inside for more..and other than that the only light will be from oil candles...oh by the way...we are having our "prom" in a garden! Yeah! only 6 months to go!

-- From Meghan, Some High School, Duncan BC

: A really great theme is "At Last" with the song "At Last" -Etta James as the theme song. Because the theme has soo many different connotations... but teh song is kinda lovey/dovey.

-- From Cat Martin, Newington High School, Newington CT

My junior year the prom theme was "Millennium Masquerade". There were masks and confetti throughout the hall. My senior year our theme was "A Night Among the Heavens". The colors were baby blue and silver. The hall was full of stars, lights, balloons, and ice sculptures. The background for the pictures was beautiful. When I got the pictures back, it looked as if my date and I were standing on clouds at Heaven's gate with angels at our feet and the sky going on forever in the background. The prom was really enjoyable and incredibly romantic. No matter what your prom theme is, make the most of it and have the time of your life. Congratulations to the Class of 2001!

-- From ANon, G.W. Brackenridge High School, San Antonio TX


-- From Roxanne, Enterado High School, Enterado CA

My freshman year it was "The Secret Garden" My sophomore year it was "Time After Time" Last year it was "A Night Among The Heavens" and we haven't decided on this year's yet.

-- From Stephanie, Northwood High School, Saltville VA

Prom has got to be the most memorable highschool experience! So with this in mind i have come up with the greatest idea! "If you could turn back the hands of time" by R. Kelly for the prom Theme song. Therefore the theme would be "the hands of time" or "make it last forever" and we'd have this huge clock hung on the wall for everyone to see....the moral for the clock is that you really can't turn back the hands of time, so for the next few hours, have the greatest time of your life! after every hour we'd turn the clock , and when the clock strikes 12, unlike Cinderella, who's party ended, ours would just be STARTING!!!! Hopefully the committee will agree with this theme!! Have an awesome Prom everybody!!!

-- From Meaghan, Massey, Windsor ON

At my grade nine grad. our theme was "Midnight in Paris" we made a huge painting of the eiffel tower and put mini lights in it so that it was lit up. The colors were baby blue and silver. We cut out stars from CD's and hung them on a black backdrop. We had a cast iron table and chairs to make it look like a cafe. Also we took trees and spray painted them silver so that they sparkled!

-- From Holly, Amalgamated Academy, Bay Roberts NF

My junior prom theme was Elisian Garden.It has to do with like a heavenly garden.Since the junior class didn't have alot of money for prom we used what we had and at the end the junior class got alot of compliments for the prom decorations.It came out really pretty.It was very green and we had a gazeebo all decorated for the pictures.Now this year since i am a Senior, the junior class picked Oriental Night as our theme.I am not very excited about this theme but the juniors have it all planned out and i hope my senior prom comes out nice as it did last year.

-- From Sarah, La Feriah High School, La Feria TX

"love can build a bridge" the colors are green and silver and have a bridge that the court stands on with lights on it...then trees with no leaves or anything with lights on them'....

-- From Kayte, Little Wolf, Manawa MI

our theme is "Before Night Falls" i dont know our colors yet. This is my junior prom and its going to be in a hotel ballroom on the beach in St. Augstine. Its going to be so magical.

-- From Stephanie, Interlachen High School, Somewhere FL

Our prom theme was..Hour of Enchantment... It was my junior prom...I was on the prom committee so i got to decide on the theme. The colors of the prom were silver, black, blue,and white. The main center piece was an hourglass... It was so cute... Every one attending the prom got a prom glass that had a candle inside of it, a picture frame with 2001 on it along with the theme. On every table there was a little bag of hershey kiss with a hourglass on it...It was the best night of my life...I can't wait until senior prom..

-- From Jacqueline, Lewisville High School, Richburg SC

"Here and Now" I also thought of, I Promise 2002 Carribean Splash Out A Starry Night & Dreams our colors are purple, silver, and white

-- From A. Lopez, McDonough High School, Waldorf MD

Our song is "In the Still of the Night" and our theme is "A night to remember."

-- From Chelsea, Camanche High School, Camanche IA

"stairway to heaven" would be a good theme, with the song by led. also, i think the breakfast club theme, "don't you forget about me" would be awesome, with the song by simple minds.

-- From Gina, Oswego High School, Oswego IL

Our School has the BEST prom themes. Last year the Theme was The Golden Oldies. That's where we played songs from the 1920's 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's and 80's. Everyone had the best time ever!

-- From Clarica, White Bay Academy, San Angelo TX


-- From Aznaboi, Acadiana High School, Lafayette LA

Every year in February, my school holds a Cinderella ball. This year, February 16,2002, will be my first year going. The theme is "If The Shoe Fits..."

-- From Danielle, East Detroit High School, Eastpointe MI

Howdy all!* I just wanted to drop our little Prom theme here with everyone else's. =) Well ... at my school, the JR. Board is in charge of the Prom, and so being my junior year, I am super excited about this year's Prom. Well, we wanted to have something that hasn't been done before, and something to tie into what is going on in our country as of recently... and so, our theme is " A Night on the Town: New York " Each section of the room will be dedicated to a famous part of NYCity. Such as Broadway, Time Square, and Central Park ... etc... Our colors are Red, Black, and Silver, and it's my first " Prom Experience " ... so I'm excited!

-- From S-M, Odessa High, Odessa TX

Our theme for the senior after prom was "SURVIVOR..OUTLIVE,OUTLAST, OUT SMART!" Their were teams (of whoever wanted to participate) and people had to do survivor-type missions and stuff. Like eat worms! They decorated the entire gym w/ survivor things..stuffed aligators, straw hats, and much more. IT looked awesome.. there was fake fire everywhere.. I had a blast!

-- From Lisa, Ridgemont Regional Vocational High, Burlington MA

Last year I was prom co-chair. (What a difficult job that can be!) But anyhow, I worked really hard to make sure everything was perfect. Our theme ended up being "A Night To Remember." I know that's cliche, but it was a night to remember. We had two songs. A group of girls sung "Cowboy Take Me Away" by the Dixie Chicks (we're a rural school), and teo guys sang Eric Clapton's "You Look Wonderful Tonight." It was beautiful!

-- From Megan, Riverside, EC PA

our theme is "the beginning to a perfect ending". we came up with it ourselves but we kind of had problems with decorating. we went with a heaven theme. It was gorgeous!

-- From Angie, Southern High School, Santa Rita GU

~*For freshman year our song was November Rain by guns and roses(my all time favorite song) and the theme was..i could not ask for more. Sophmore year wasnt that good the song was glycerine by bush and a night to remember. Freshman year was the best song and theme ever....and now that i go to a different school i would wish to have that again, seeing that it means more to me now becuase of my boyfriend.

-- From Nicole, North Dickenson High School, Sagola MI

I am the president of my class. The theme of our prom this year is "ZOODBYE" cuz it's our last time of the year to party and say ZOODBYE!

-- From Jose, Berkeley High School, Berkeley CA

Our graduation theme was I'll Remember. We had the song I'll Remember by Madonna, it was awesome.

-- From Rebecca, Fathe Mercredi, Fort McMurray AB

Our theme my sophomore was "A Midsummers Night Dream"

-- From Stacey, Colgan, Pittsburg KS

Our theme is hot like fire our colors are red, orange, yellow and black. This is my first time going to prom and i want it to be the best our song is Aaliyah's old song from one in a million Hot like Fire. It'll be very beutiful.

-- From Danielle, Crow Creek High School, Fort Thompson SD

our prom theme this year is "a walk in the clouds" nd our song is "i'll catch you" by the get up kids...should be a great time!

-- From Melissa, Palmer High School, Plamer MA

Our theme for 2002 is "LEARN FROM TODAY, DREAM FOR TOMORROW." Our colors are Navy,Burgandy,and Silver.

-- From Jennifer, Coaker Academy, Summerford NF

Our theme is medi evil times

-- From Staci, Virden Collegiate Institute, Elkhorn MB

My Junior year i was in charge of the decorating committee at my school. We decided to use the movie "The Wizard of Oz" as our theme, we called it "An Emerald Evening" At our school we have this beautiful entry way that is three stories high, and made out of glass, you walk in and there are stairs going up to the third floor with a level at each floor, so we put white lights on the stairs, built an emerald city to put at the very top, it was sparkiling in the lights, we had little Emerald city table centerpieces and ruby slipper center pieces made from real shoes and red glitter, and lollipop centerpieces, on the first foor where the food was we made a tornado out of chicken wire and gray gossimer and white lights and swirled it around an existing pole, also, someones dad made a small house out of plywood that had a small porch on the front that was Dorthy's house, we decorated it with fake flowers and green vines, and even had fake legs sticking out that were supposed to be the witch underneath the house, also we made trees out of kits we ordered made out of cardboard and ballons but they looked nice, and we painted a yellow brick road on the first level, up the stairs to the second level.We had tons of plants and flowers everywhere and it was just beautiful. All of this took a lot of people and a very long time, but was worth it in the end.

-- From Marcie, BLoominton High School South, Bloomington IN

Our Theme for the class of 2002 is I think going to be "Always Remember" and I think the colors are sliver, baby blue and some other color.

-- From Renee, Elsik High School, Houston TX

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