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This year our prom's theme is "Paradise in the South Pacific". The junior class picked it out, it's going to be held April 29th at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Hopefully it's going to be the best evening of the year since it's my last year.

-- From Angel, Banning High School, Banning CA

Our theme to our prom this year is "Sea of Dreams". Its held at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort. My friends should have fun even though I am going to someone else's instead. They are having 20 minute yacht rides. I wish I was going.

-- From Adrianne, Upland High School, Upland CA

Our theme for prom this is year is "I promise you the stars", our colors are silver, light purple and light blue. The song is the one from robin hood!! It's gonna be great!!

-- From Jackie, Greenfield High School, Greenfield WI

Our theme this year is "On a Day like today" by Bryan Adams. We have a moonlit park setting and it's gonna look great. Our song for the dance with your date is Amazed by Lonestar. Our circle song is "I will remember you"

-- From Terry Lynn, St. George's Senior High, New Harbor NF

Our theme as picked by my junior class for the first ever Riverside High Prom on May 6th is "Once Upon A Time". It is set around a classical carousel on the back lawn of our school. Our symbol is a carousel horse. Our huge commons area with be decorated with icicle string lights. The colors are two of our school colors, purple and silver, along with white. Our song was picked by the Senior class as their graduation song/prom song...it is none other than "Graduation" by Vitamin C. The highlight arrives at the time of 11:30 pm; at that time a barge in the river will shoot off fireworks. As you can see we are making our first prom as a new school very memorable. I know it will always be one of my fav. moments.

-- From Sarah, Riverside High School, Bell WV

Our prom for the year 2000 is "Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes". I think that is a fabulous prom theme. Is the best one ever. I love that song, it brings me nice thoughts.

-- From Tashy, Hill Regional Career High School, New Haven CT

Escape to Italy

-- From Lisa, Doherty High School, Colorado Springs CO

Our theme is "An Evening Under the Stars," which I'm pretty sure was the theme two years ago! I haven't heard what the song is yet. And last year, the song was "Time of My Life," and they didn't play the song until the lights were on and everyone was leaving!

-- From Kathleen, Palm Harbor University High School, Palm Harbor FL

"Make It Last Forever"

-- From Shanell, Savannah Hich School, Savannah GA

Our school is very peppy and school spirited, we decided to pick "Heaven" cause of the scenes that are imaged in your head when you think of it.

-- From Alisha, St. Benedicts Catholic Secondary School, Cambridge ON

Our Senior Ball theme is, "I will Remember You", by Sarah McClaphin. It is a great song and the color of our dance ir white, lavender, and baby blue. It is at the Decathalon Club in Santa Clara, CA. It is great because we are going to have the dance outside under beautiful tents decorated with lights. We will be dancing underneath the stars.. I will always remember it.

-- From Marcella, Santa Teresa High, San Jose CA

"A Walk in the Clouds". We had it outside. It was a great night in the low 70s. It was gorgeous!

-- From Courtney, Appomattox County High, Appomattox VA

night to remember

-- From Andrea, Monticello High, Monticello MN

"AMAZED" by Lonestar

-- From Jamie, Luray High, Luray VA

Our prom theme last year was "A Knight to Remember." Our gym was decorated like a medieval castle, complete with a dragon, a real fountian, and gates. The song was "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You" By N*Sync. This year's theme will be "Could Not Ask For More". The colors are purple and black, and the song is that one by Brian Mcnight, and I can't think of the name right now. (1 your like a dream come true, 2 just wanna be with you....)

-- From Ashley, Ashley Public High, Ashley ND

Our theme was New york We had a graffiti wall A small statue of Liberty And times square

-- From Amy, Saint Francis Middle School, Manchester CT

This is our school's first prom! The school opened in '98 so we have come up with "Looks like we made it." Its not so much the theme that is so cool, but we are having it on a Cruise Ship!!! This should be an awsome prom!

-- From Heather, Valley Center High School, Valley Center CA

Ever after, now is that cute or what?

-- From Veronica, Notre Dame High, San Jose CA

"A Night Under the Stars" Our 2001 high school prom is going to be tight this year.We're having it in Universal Studios.Our theme has to do with a celebrity life style, such as the grammy awards.We take pride in I.H.S so we want to show off that we can be stars too!

-- From Dilma, Inglewood High School, INglewood CA

The prom theme this year is "Castle in the Sky." There will be clusters of balloons to look like clouds and a huge castle in the commons area. We are going to spray paint old Christmas trees white to give a realistic look.

-- From Jenna, Triton High School, Dunn NC

our school is really small...and so our theme was "an evening among stars" it was cute because the teachers gave out "academy awards"...for like..couple arriving the first..and lady in red...and cute movie star stuff..it was real nice.

-- From Christina, International School of the Americas, San Antonio TX

A few years ago it was "Titanic" and they spent $5000 on decorations alone, the year after that it was "Midnight Masquerade". Last year it was "under the stars" and this year it's going to be "Hollywood Nights". our song this year will be "Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd.

-- From Tiffany, Alpena High School, Alpena MI

For our prom we are having Martigras (SP)? I am getting very excited about it. The colors are very bright! There is going to be coins and beads all over. The lights are going to be all different colors. The best part is we ask the guys to see their boobs! And some guys are buying them fake boobs at spencers and wearing them in :) It will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it. I am taking my boyfriend, Aaron! He is older and is past all that but Oh well :) He will have fun!!

-- From Laura, North Branch High School, North MI

Even Thought Prom Is 141 days away... Our Theme is "Ever After"...Our colors are white pale blue and pink...we are having a big clock to walk trough and a Pumkin Couch to take pics on...

-- From Theresa, Lockeport High School, Lockeport NS

Our theme for 2002-2003 Prom was "A Moment Like This" with the song sung Kelly Clarkson.

-- From Erica, Lanier High School, Austin TX

Our prom theme this year is "At Last"

-- From Andrea, West High, Torrance CA

OUr prom is the coolest! the undergrads make it...and the grads pick the theme and decorate the school all up..and then the grads and undergrads can all go to the prom...and dress up..the grads don't have school that day..then they go throuhg the grand march where alot of people (parents, and stuff) come and see the graduates and their dates, and then their's a dnace till like 12:30 then there;s an after party that lasts till like 8 the next morning every1 is usually really drunk. but its soooo fun!!

-- From The Kid, school unknown, coordinates XX

A Night To Rememeber..It was so beautiful. It was the first time that our school decorated like this. We had a real waterfall and beautiful. It took my junior class 2 full days to decorate for the April 14, 2000 event. The colores were blue, silver, and black. We gave the senior class of '00 books to write in for memories. It was the best. Our song was "Night to Remember" by Joe Diffie (what else).

-- From Kelly, HL Purdin High School, Elsberry MO

Our Prom theme was ' ARABIAN NIGHTS ' and ' DESSERTS AND OCEANS ' we have also had ' HEAVEN's GARDENS '

-- From Lorraine & Chiara, Gateway High School, Harare XX

This year, our school is going with the theme "A Walk in the Clouds". If any of y'all have done this theme, I would really like some ideas. You can e-mail me at SMA4324@aol.com thank you!!

-- From Sara, Jim Ned High, Tuscola TX

Our theme this year was Casablanca. We held it at a ritzy hotel, it didn't really need to be decorated because it was already very pretty. There was a gorgeous chandalier that hung from the ceiling and lit the room to perfection. We made our prom very simple, yet elegant. It was neat because our school usually holds prom at the school, this year it was totally differnet. We all ate together in the ball room- our tables each had cute seating arrangements (little cards with our theme on it) as well as some pretty centerpieces (crystal shallow vases with floating candles) and a very sweet touch.. rose petals on the tables. We took our pictures in front of the water fountain, which turned our really nice. Our grand march was very elegant, we had the hotel set up their catwalk that they use for pagents and so forth and that allowed us to split up and meet eachother in the middle of the walk and walk down the end together. As the date approached us he picked up a red rose from a tall vase on the platform, nice touch. Our theme song was actually a mix of classical songs, such as "you are so beautiful" and some Sonatra songs. It was a great theme because not only did girls like it, but so did the guys, It wasn't too girly and flowery, but simple and elegant.

-- From Haileigh, Cedar High, Brookings CT

I didn't go to prom last year but, this year our homecoming theme is HollyWood. We're suppose to have a red carpet and spotlights. It's gonna be awesome!

-- From Anonymous, South Gwynette High School, Snellville GA

Midnight Masqurade--With all the masks and feathers everywhere it was great! The colors were Royal Blue, Dark Plum and Silver

-- From Jaycee, MHS, Manalapan NJ

Our theme for Coronation last year was ESCAPE TO THE ORIENT and we wish now that we saved it for prom which we are currently planning. Everyone just loved the idea because it's different. The decorations were all thing to do with oriental and chinese stuff, like buddahs, lanterns, you know. It turned out great and I think it's a good prom theme.

-- From Lindsey, Corona del Sol High School, Chandler AZ

The best song for Prom is "Remember Me This Way" by Jordan Hill from Caper

-- From Chris, Horizon High School, Scottsdale AZ

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