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"A Moment Like This"

-- From Vincynthia , Monument Valley High, Monument Valley UT

Our theme was a night in Paris...but I didnt go. but other peeps said it was F U N!

-- From Tara, Hermiston High School, Hermiston OR

Junior Prom this year is "Midnight Oasis"...A night in Morocco. Itll be cool its going to be on the golf corse next to the ocean in a huge tent. it should be pretty sweet!

-- From Jon, SLOHS, CA

frozen in time

-- From anna, lakeview high school, stoneboro pa

Last years prom theme was a Night In Paris and it was really cool because we had an eiffel tower sat one corner of the room and an eiffel tower as the centerpiece for each table but I don't remember the colors. This years theme is Hawaiin. I think it's gonna be very festive and colorful.

-- From Amber Reynolds, Lafayette High School, St. Joseph MO

well our school is picking between something along the lines of " Fairy Tales", " Secret Garden" or " Under The Sea" we're not completly sure yet we could come up with something way different but i doubted..i think all 3 would be nice.. i have read this site and im sure u have seen those topics before.. but they are nice remember.. u can make them a night to remember thats for sure! :) Have Fun!!!:)

-- From * brittany *, , florida

The Junior Class of 2005 decided for the Junior-Senior Prom theme to be "UnForgettable"...We are going to have lit silver arches with silver flooring for the Seniors to walk out on...The Theme song is of course Unforgettable. It's going to be Awesome!

-- From Rachel Gravlee, Sumiton Christian High School, Sumiton AL

Our theme this year for prom is called French Kiss... it's spiffy because at the end of the year we get to go on a trip to Europe and part of the trip is in France. I'm not sure how the decorations are because prom is a month away! I'm so excited!

-- From Athena , Lehigh Sr. High School, Lehigh Acres FL

well, i go to catholic school, and we don't have enough funds to have these intricate themes. lol, we just dress up and go!

-- From nikki, ........, ............... pa

Our prom theme this year is "New York, New York" It's gonna be very elegant and classy!

-- From Cassie, Ft. Gibson High, Ft. Gibson OK

the junior class of class of 2005 had a pretty them for prom it was stairway to heaven it remind me of being is heaven

-- From heather , lansdowne , lansdowne md

Our theme this year is "Old Hollywood" we are going to have a red carpet to walk in on and as the seniors make there walk in there will be a slide show of baby pictures in the background and our song is "Unforgettable"!!! !!2004!!

-- From Savannah Parrish, Guntersville High School , Guntersville Al

Ours is stairway to heaven. can you say tacky? Ooh well, it's better than last years theme: after glow. hehe

-- From Sarah, Thomas Jefferson, Auburn Wa

Our Prom theme this year is "Tonight, Tonight" (Smashing Pumpkins). But I thought that "When I look to the Sky" (Train) or "Ice Prom" would be cool. Hahaha don't ask about Ice Prom....

-- From Sarah, Palatine High School, Palatine IL

Our theme this year is Asian Gardens

-- From Kelsi, Illinois Valley High School, Selma OR

Last year for my junior prom, we did "Sapphire Moonlight", we had Black, Blue, and Silver as our colors, it was so pretty

-- From Nicole, Uhhhh....., ID

We've been through it all & Four of a Kind

-- From V, B.B, B.B

Forever Young, with forever young the song.....bob dylan....NOT ROD STEWART

-- From Preps suck, ,

The prom committee at my school picked "A moment like this" as the theme. They want to have the colors be maroon silver and gold. It sounds pretty lame to me but at least its only my junior prom.

-- From Jen, , MN

The prom theme for our 2003 prom was "the Chemistry Between Us." It was held at a country club in town and was decorated in a science theme, It was really original and super creative. The table centerpieces were plastic test tubes filled with confetti. I think everyone enjoyed it throughly and had a great time.

-- From Maddie Reeves, Parkton High School, Parkton TX

I'm only in the 8th grade, but our school decided to let us have a prom since it was our last year there (like a senior prom). But our prom theme is sooooooooo stupid! The colors are black and pink and the theme is "FLAMINGO NIGHT"! Tell me that ish ain't stupid!

-- From Nikki, J.L. Newbern Middle School, Valdosta GA

Mine is "A Sky of Diamonds, An Ocean of Pearls" ...reminds me of the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"

-- From c/o 04 Megan, Loara, Anaheim CA

"Night On The Nile" not very romantic if ya ask me...

-- From melissa, brazoswood, clute tx

Our theme is A Midsummer Night's Dream. Its's going to be awesome!

-- From Ruby, Lord Byng, Vancouver BC

Our theme this year is Tropical, last year it was "Rendè vous au Paris" It had a lighted up version of the Eifel Tower, beautiful lights and an outdoor waterfountain that had differnt color lighting. It was relaly pretty considering it was done in the cafeteria!

-- From Chrisstina, Aiken High School, Aiken SC

Our theme this year for prom is running down a dream!!

-- From Kim Harding, Attica Senior High, Attica Ny

Blues Cruise: The Titanic Returns-- dont even ask

-- From Ashley, St. Mary's Dominican High School, New Orleans LA

Okay guys...I've read some pretty bad ones and ya'll have made Kecoughtan's song /theme seem not so bad..but still..our song is "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday"..and it takes me a minute to say the fricking song title! Our theme..well, we haven't chosen a theme yet but I'm sure it will be the same ol' same ol' because we have no money in our budget...ahhh oh well I can at least hope they won't play "its so hard to say goodbye to blah blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah" 20 times (hopwfully just once!)

-- From Christine, Kecoughtan High School, Hampton VA

im only a frosh at my school so i really shouldn't be sayin anything but i really think our prom theme this year is gay. it passion thats it just plain old passion. our colors are like pink and orange and stuff but whatever i guess ill get over it i still think its gay tho.

-- From , Spooner high school, Spooner WI

Our prom theme this year is "Before Night Falls". I am senior this year so I am really excited. The colors are blue and white with a lot of lights and balloons. It also has a waterfall sene!

-- From Kenni, Dublin High School, Dublin GA

This year our prom theme is 'Remember me in Paradise' which is kinda bad because it was decided by like four people and it just seems so traditional. some other lame guys wanted ' Passion on the Point' but the principal denied it. I guess we are just gonna have to keep our boring remember me in paradise...

-- From M, Point Loma High, San Diego CA

Our theme this year is "Fire and Ice" and its awesome because our decorator is dividing up the room in half and one side will be blue with silver accents and the other side will be red and orange with candles. The centerpeices are the coolest part: real ice sculptures on every single table with red rope lights inside!

-- From Mallory, south broward high school, Hollywood FL

This year took a lot of debate but we finally decided on A Walk Through Central Park. We're going to have flowers, benches, lanterns, and bridges. It should be a lot of fun!!!

-- From A Hot Chic, , Ca

Probably MY favorite theme that we've had was "The Orient." It was held at the local recreational center/church. The place was decorated with paper lanterns, parisols, and the main colour was red. It LOOKED very nice, but the DJ was horrible! We are NOT hiring him again!

-- From Just Another Girl, The Only High School in Town, A Hick Town FL

are theme this year is under the stars!!

-- From Kim, Brown County High, Morgantown in

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Prom Night Drinking
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