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Majestic Dreams Of Enchantment

-- From Kendra Smallcanyon, Kayenta Monument Valley High School, kayenta Az

Our theme is South the border, Salsa,it is perfect for a semi formal dance. I believe it will be fun

-- From Jessica, Crook County High, Prineville Or

my junior class' theme this year is "rendovouz of dreams" and our song it the theme song from dirty dancing...very good song. i'm on the prom committee, and our colors are going to be black and white, with red roses, its very elegant. we're having it in this awesome old ballroom, and the colors go perfectly. i think its going to turn out really nice...i cant wait.

-- From ashley, edmeston central, edmeston ny

i really feel that our theme this year should be "ON and ON" because from the end of your school year you are moving on with your life

-- From sophia, monsignor percy johnson, toronto, ontario

Our theme this year is stairway to heaven like the song

-- From DIANA, dubourg, st.louis mo


-- From Chandra Getchell, Sidney High School , sidney mt

The World is Waiting for you. What exactly does that mean? This is a real creativity low!!!

-- From C, Lynbrook High, Saratoga CA

It's not a prom theme, but our 2004 semi formal (mini prom) was "When You Wish Upon A Star". It was really nice and romantic. There were silver and blue stars everywhere, and the DJ played that song from the Disney movie as the last dance.

-- From Chrissi, Mount Saint Dominic Academy, Caldwell NJ

The theme for our senior prom 2004 is "A Night Around The World". We will be concentrating on 6 countries/ decorations: France, Italy, England, China,Egypt, and U.S.A. Each corner of our gym will be decorated according to a country like a temple for China, the Eiffel Tower for France, thrones on the stage for the King and Queen as well as England, animal prints and pyramids for Egypt, gondolas for Italy, and the Golden Gate Bridge for U.S.A. Our tickets are designed as passports and the tables will symbollize the ocean. Also, a souvenir from each country "visited" will be available on the tables. Thanks every single member of the Prom Committee for dedicating their time to our unique prom!

-- From Barbara Coruna, Sparks High School, Sparks NV

Our prom theme for the year 2004 is "Midnight Masquerade". It is a Mardi Gras type theme at the Botanical Gardens! I sure hope flowers and beads mix!

-- From Anonymous, Morgan County, Madison Ga

Our Theme this Year is "Everlasting Passion and Lifelong Love" With red pink silver and our school colors purple and white

-- From Isabella T., ,

Let's Stay Together

-- From BB, Monte Vista High, Danville Ca

um...alice in wonderland...ha ha...ahem...yeah

-- From Melissa, South Kitsap, WA

This year people decided to argue on the theme. It was going to be "Mardi Gra- Unmask the Night" but we were going to call it "Masquerade". Our principal is uptight. Then people started complaining about the theme and how it was related to religion. After, my hissy fit and late changes we stuck with a classic theme by calling it "Prom 2004". Now our money can also go to our new idea, a morp. This will take place in our gym and the theme is yet to be decided. Prom committe has so much DRAMA!!

-- From Ivette A., Hilltop High School, Chula Vista CA

This year our prom theme is Mystical Moonlight.

-- From Caroline, Bossier High School, Bossier City LA

Our theme last year was Enchantment Under the Stars and our colors were royal blue, purple, and silver. It was very pretty but it was boring. I'm a senior this year so I don't know the theme! It better be good or there will be some dead Juniors! LOL!

-- From Emily, LHS, NC

Our theme this year is Las Vegas. We are gunna have fake slot machines and gamblin tables with posters of acts and shows from vegas. itll be lots of fun

-- From Alli B, Calallen HS,

Our Prom theme is "These are the Special Times" which is also our prom song by celine Dion. I personally don't like it. We all wanted "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing.

-- From someone, MHS, somewhere AL

Our 2003 prom was, a moment like this, i was mostly white with a little bit of light pink, purple & blue, it was so beautiful. and this year for my senior prom we are doing However Long it Takes.

-- From Jacklynn, barnell co. high school, Wayho GA

Our school originally chose the theme "Kiss from a rose" with the colors, red, black and silver, BUT the juniors chose something otherwise unfortunately:(

-- From Jocyline W., PHS, Cincinnati OH

last year i didnt go to prom but our theme was wonderful tonight

-- From danielle, litchfield high school, litchfield ct

Well i'm just a freshman but my boyfriend is a junior so that means I was invited to prom but newayz our prom theme is Mardi Gras....hehe :-)

-- From Brittany, St. Pauls High School, Parkton NC

Some homecoming and prom themes that my school has had... Sail Away to Neverland (peter pan theme), Unbelievable Sights, Indescribable Feelings (aladin theme), Unforgettable, Once Upon a Time...they have all been really cute themes and since we have a low budget we cant get big expensive decorations but everything still looks so cute!

-- From Ellen Poly, D.J. Gross Catholic High School, Omaha NE

Hey! I'm a senior this year (whoops almost typed junior!) Anyway, last year the theme was "vini, vidi, vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered) which was very classy and nice; this year though, my theme's "shades of difference"... I mean what is that? The committee wants it to be Hollywood-esq, yet they're not willing to keep it formal and elegant--they want a plastic rainbow to shoot out of the ceiling!!!

-- From Caden, ,

This year our theme is "Me and You." I feel this idea is totally bogus, but what do I know. Any way we are covering the ceiling in black and silver balloons. Our main center piece is going to be a lit water fountain. I think that it is going to be awesome. The fountain is being designed by a group from Conn.

-- From Brien Wagner, Hickory CO R-1, Urbana Mo

Last year I was a Junior and our prom theme was "Southern Romance". It looked like we were steping into a scene from "Gone with the WInd". We had pilars and fountains. We used mauve and pink fabric to drape around the pilars. The tables were decorated with white beads, southern bonnettes and canes. It was amazing!

-- From Christa Kinnamon, Cambridge-South Dorchester High School, Cambridge MD

I am a senior and our theme is "A Midsummer's Night Dream", which I think is sooo romantic. U cant get more romantic than Shakespeare!

-- From Amanda , Marion Senior High School, Marion VA

Hi, I'm a junior this year, and our prom theme is "Sunset in Paris", everyone is really excited about the theme, and it should be lots of fun. Last year my boyfriend was a junior, so i got to go to the prom as a sophmore, the theme was Mardi Gras,and it was so much fun hopefully this yea rwill be have a little more of a romantic and sexy feeling to it :)

-- From a very happy Amanda, Wayland-Cohocton Central School, Wayland NY

Last year (my junior year) prom was AWESOME. Our theme was "arabian nights". There were all different colored fabrics and candles and pillars and the king and queen wore "arabian turbins". It was hilarious, and everyone had a good time. This year our theme is "take me to the moon" (i hope it turns out okay)

-- From Jenny, , GC IN

Our graduation theme is 'gods and goddess' , we will decorate by using pillars and hanging vains by the ceiling and white bed sheets. Each person in our class will have to choise a god or goddess to represent them.

-- From Ashley Woods, St-Patricks, Toronto

"Escape to Paradise". Tropical theme with palm trees, a tiki hut for the DJ, a waterfall, a bright tropical color like orange & red.

-- From Sarah, Covington HS, Covington IN

"A Night With The Stars", Hollywood Theme. Red carpet, lights, a true Hollywood Movie Star feeling.

-- From Sarah, Covington HS, Covington IN

moonlit safari was the theme we chose! its gonna be awesome, and very different; as we dont want it to be the same boring old thing everyone else has all the time...

-- From malacci, manhattan grade college, new york ny

our school used the idea for Mardi Gras and added a mexican flair to it. We had the New Orleans music going on then all of the sudden some Mariachi band starts to play. I was asking myself the whole night...why did I come to this prom?!

-- From a really mad student, I'll keep the school's name private b/c this is sad, middle of no wheresland Fl

Stairs to heaven

-- From Cassie Day, ouc, Kelowna BC

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Prom Night Drinking
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