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"A Night On The Town" Makes you think of a lovely special evening, with someone special!

-- From Monique, North Forsyth High, Winston-Salem NC

For our Junior prom, the theme is "Fairy Tale Night" which sort of goes with our song, "Remember Me This Way" by Jordan Hill. So far the colors are red and silver, but they might change that. Its going to be a Night to Remember.

-- From Ashley, Beacon High, Beacon NY

A Night in Heaven

-- From Marisol, United south High School, Laredo TX

Our Senior Prom is in 3 months and Im trying to get our senior class president to make it sort of a modern theme with Sade's song "Cherish the Day" It would be perfect.

-- From Tanya, Lincoln High School, Los Angeles CA

Our theme was "Can't Fight The Moonlight" by Leann Rimes. It was so awesome! We had a big silver and blue star to walk through for our grand march. I was an awesome night!!

-- From Krista, Kuemper Catholic High, Carroll IA

Our theme is "Millenium Madness". It isn't having to deal with the year 2000, it is more like space and silver stuff.

-- From Laura, Meadow Middle School, Benson NC

The theme for my Junior Prom was "A Taste of Heaven." It was so beautiful. We had an arch decorated with blue, silver, and clear balloons with angels on it and stars falling. The center piece of our prom was a gorgeous fountain with a cascading waterfall, glitter and balloons. The walls were decorated in blue with stars and angels on them. The favors were champagne glasses with silver candles, picture frames, and key chains with space for your prom picture.

-- From Brittany, Hugh M. Cummings High School, Burlington NC

this year our junior prom theme is going to be "Save the Last Dance" because it's the last dance in this building. (we're rebuilding our school) but we're going to make the room look like Steps, the club, from the movie, and have a bar and serve juice and pop etc from it. we'll have black lights and strobe lights and glow paint everywhere. i'm so excited.

-- From Rachel, Central Valley High, Spokane WA

We Love to Dance

-- From Felicia, Sweetwater Middle School, Sweetwater TX

Are theme this year for are Jr.Prom is MartyGra! It will be cool, We are giving every one beads and will have mask's! I can not waite *Nicole*

-- From Nicole, Hilton, Tonawanda NY

Our theme for this year is "Winds of Change" and our song is "Faith of the Heart" by Rod Stewart. The words winds of change is in the song. It's the best theme ever. The words are beautiful and it fits students moving from High School to the crazy world ahead of them!!

-- From Laura, Holy Name of Mary Academy, Lawn NF

My prom was a joke. Our fat principal wouldnt let us leave the school and we had it in a gymnasium filled with cheesy decorations like multi colored balloons and streamers. It looked like a 5 year old birthday party! The DJ's equipment kept shorting out and all the decorations quit working every 5 minutes and they played one good song all night. What a b****

-- From Gina, Van Sr. Jr. High, Van WV

"Enchanting Moon Light" Because it remind me of the way the night would turn out to be

-- From Sharonda, Olympic High School, Charlotte NC

I have yet to attend a prom, but I will be going to one this year (junior year). But yy "dream" prom theme would be the gothic "Victorian era." I am totally obsessed with it thanks to my other obsession with gothic stories and Broadway musicals. Gothic and fantasy like "Once Upon a Time..." Anything that would be completely impossible and just let you live that dream you've always wanted for one night or maybe more if you're lucky...

-- From Erica, East Union High School, Stockton CA

Our theme for the junior prom this year is Once Upon A Time and our song is Remember Me This Way. The colors are red and silver.

-- From Ashley, Beacon High School, Beacon NY

We just found out our theme yesterday, and it is going to be Enchanted Forest, with the song being "It's your love" By Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. How exciting...

-- From Amanda, Rice Lake High School, Rice Lake WI

My senior prom's theme this year is going to be "Here's To The Night" and the song is by Eve6. The colors are blue and silver. It will be interesting to see how it will be decorated.

-- From Jen, Some School, Someplace TX

our theme is a tropical theme the name is tropical paradise

-- From Sara, South Plat High School, Brule NE

our prom last year was moonlight over paris. our mardi gras dance this year is starry night, it is going to be amazing.

-- From Jennifer, Grants Pass High, Grants Pass OR

Homecoming: Together Forever Winter Festival: Dancing in the Snow (it was a Snowy yr.) Valentines: Forever my Secret Crush Prom 2001: A Walk threw Heavens Gate: that was a cool one cuz you walked into the dance and over a bridge with actually running water through it and a small sound of crickets and water streaming through... You walked in through this gate and our colors were really light blues and pastel colors very light tho. And through out the night u danced on clouds with clouds above you and ur pictures were taking by the gate with a swing and really heavenly type stuff. it was the greatest night ever... *Senior Prom 2001 *i was a junior*

-- From Taucia, Lewiston High School, Lewiston ID

As you probably know we don't really have proms over here in Englang until now that is!My school is hoping to make a start of a new english tradition (fingers crossed)our theme is totally formal but we haven't yet decided on the colurs as we are having silk drapes and need whatever we can get!

-- From Gemma, Holly Hall, Birmingham UK

Our Prom theme this year is "Everything I do, I do it for you"....

-- From Anon, Pisgah High School, Pisgah AL

40s. That isn't our theme this year but I've already decided that that is going to be my own personal theme. My date has agreed.

-- From Gillian, Orange Glen High, Escondido CA

Our theme is Renasainse, ya know Romeo And Juliet type clothing. I think it will be the best prom this school will ever have.

-- From Liz, Tantasqua Regional Sr. High, Wales MA


-- From Christina, YHS, York NE

Midnight Mardigras, it was so awesome!! As we all walked in they gave us masks and beads!!! It was tons of fun!!!!!!

-- From Kelly, Chillicothe High School, Chillicothe OH

Our theme when I was a junior was "Between Now and Forever" By Bryan White. Our colors were purple, black, and sliver. We had a huge water fountain with light affects, a canopy, and a ballon drop. I think we did a great job and is the best prom our small school has ever had!

-- From Stephanie, Letcher High, Letcher KY

Our theme this year is suppose to be "At Last - Junior Prom 2002" and the song will be At Last - i think this is cute beacuse its like we finnally are here...

-- From Anon, Some School, Someplace XX

My brother's junior year the theme was "Lettin' It Go On H2O." The gym was decorated like an island. They ate on the "beach" and danced on the "water," hence Lettin it go on water. They had a working waterfall and a 14 foot volcano with a fog machine hooked up inside, so it looked like the volcano was erupting. It was a great prom!

-- From Abbie, Grove Hill High, Grove Hill AL

I'm going to my b/f junior/senior prom this year and the theme is "Totally 80's". As long as they decorate the gym right the theme will be awesome. My sister is a junior at my school and they are working on theme's still.The possible theme is "Hawaii."

-- From Heidi, Southwest High School, Someplace MO

I'm on ASB this year, and for our prom (which is actually held tomorrow, February 2, 2002) we chose the theme "Moonlit Ride--cowboy take me away." Everything we did (i.e. pep rallies, center pieces, court nominations) all had a western theme tied into it. We're having at an equestrian center and there will be horse drawn carriages. I thought this was a great idea. =)

-- From Christine, Laguna Hills High School, Mission Viejo CA

"Am I Dreaming" we are using a setting with clouds, stars and castles. The song the we are using is "Am I Dreaming," the Escape Rendition.

-- From Tongia, Clinton High School, Clinton LA

The prom theme that was chosen for my 2002 senior prom was Remember me this way by Jordan hill it's the theme song from the movie casper. and it is going to be so great we are decoratin with moons and ballon clouds. it is going to look so good i can't whate to see it.

-- From Anna, East Haven High School, East Haven CT

for winter formal we had ever after and is was just like being in a fariy tale they had these castle like thing all around it waws so beatiful!!!

-- From Mollie, Newport High, Belleview WA


-- From Cowgirl, McAdams Jr. High, Dickinson TX

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Prom Night Drinking
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