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the theme for our 2001 prom was 'midnight magic', there were hanging clusters of lights that made an awesome 3d star look, and amazing murals hanging on the walls. everything was done to perfection, there was a fountain, with a rock wall surrounding it, and tons of plants and flowers. even the centerpeices of the tables looked great. as some added stuff we put baskets in the washrooms with stuff like mouthwash in them. overall it turned out great!

-- From K, Antigonish High, Antigonish NS

hi everyone..our school's theme was "UNTIL DAWN" it was so beatiful,,the setting was gold,,pearl white,,and golden yellow. the place was called Rancho las Lomas located in Mission Viejo..If you are out there searching for a prom sight,please check this location out..

-- From Lynne, Santa Ana Valley High School, Santa Ana CA

Our theme this year was "Summer in the Stars" and our colors were Siler and Blue. We had little stars hanging from the ceiling.Our Dance comitee put the names of all the couples on the stars. We had a big Waterfall wiht steam coming out it was great. And we had a live band come and play along with the D.J. Next year i will be on the comitee and we will have the theme "Dancin in the Moonlight" It will be so cool

-- From Deanna, Roscommon High School, Roscommon MI

colors were light blue, silver and white. There was a small white castle in one corner with blue ribbon. The ceiling was covered with blue lace and it was the best night of my life.

-- From Stephanie, St. Paul's High, St. Paul's River QC

A couple years ago our ball theme (we call the prom the ball here) was Atlantis: the lost city. So they decorated the hall with seashells and barnacle encrusted stuff and it was really cool

-- From Lucy, HHS, Auckland NZ

Our theme for our prom was "TEACHERS ROCK" we all dressed up as our favourite teachers everyone looked so nice for once we were in touch and could understand how our teachers felt it was great.

-- From Letitia, Princeton Public, Princeton LA

Our prom theme was "Something to believe in" It was really pretty! There were clouds and castles everywhere! The colors were light blue and white!

-- From Lisa, Mullen High School, Mullen ID

I'm the president of our junior class and our class is putting on a great prom this year. Since our school is called Salmon River High we've decided our theme will be 'River To Romance.' We're having an out-doorsy theme and a river running across the gym, separating the dance floor and the sitting area. Bridges will connect the two sides. Our local photographer is our vp's grandad and he's taking pictures for free. Since our school only has 90 students 7-12, 9-12 will be invited to populate the dance floor a little more!!

-- From Samantha, Salmon River High School, Riggins ID

My school's prom theme the year before was "A Dream Come True" The theme last year was "Enchanted Dreams". We had huge shipments 9of cotton shiped in to the school and we used them to make clouds around the room, for the center pieces we had castles w/ glitter on them. We had a white gate w/ white balloons and a picture of a castle in the background. Also we had the prom at a real castle in High Point. And one more thing for the song we used "Never Had A Dream Come True" by S Club 7. The prom last year was everything I had dreamed it would be and more.

-- From Stephanie, Randleman High School, Randleman NC

Since this is the last prom that there will ever be at our school, it was up to our junior class to make it special. School just now started yet we already came up with a theme that we all agree on. We kinda made it up but it's called "The Last Dance".. We haven't yet decided on a theme song but we're decided on "It's so hard to say goodbye" by Boyz to Men. Our theme has blue background with stars and purple gel faded on it.. A fountain in the middle next to our dance floor and pilars next to each other with white lace throughout it. The table have white table clothes with lights underneath it. It's going to real pretty and I'm glad to be working on it.

-- From Sarah, Some High School, Somewhere XX

Last year our Prom theme was wonderful tonight. It was amazing to see all the decorations and pastel colord balloons all over the ballroom at Aqua Turf it looked just like a castle on a cloud, the best part was the the big white gates that were set up when you first walked into the ballroom it looked like a scean right out of a fary tale.

-- From Pamela, East Haven High School, East Haven CT

The theme was "A Night Under the Stars." They rented a big tent almost like a Cirus tent, and set it up outside in the big courtyard. It was great!!!

-- From Caitlin, Fairfield High School, Fairfiled CT

We are having a winter them, with silver and white snowflakes and icicle lights and a lot more that has a winter glow to it! our song is "In My Life" by the Beatles and our balloon drop song is "Were here for a good time" by Trooper

-- From Christa, Gander Collegiate, Gander NF

We thought our prom theme should be "The 80's." Everyone had to dress like an 80's icon. Or just dress like the people in the 80's did. We had a lot of bright colors and we only played 80's music. Everybody had so much fun.

-- From Sarai, Glade Central High School, Belle Glade FL

Theme: Our 2001 Prom theme was "A Night On The Town". Colors: White, Silver, Hunter Green Held: In a brick building Decorations: Pillars with dangling white lights and ivy. Center Pieces: Candle, with hurricane lamp, rocks and ivy around. Each table had ivy leave cookies. Favors: Girls a picture frame Boys a rootbeer mug Both said "A Night On The Town"

-- From Andrea, Linden High School, Linden CA

Our theme for our Junior Prom was "The Secret Garden," with that song by Bruce Springsteen from Jerry Maguire. It was cool, with green and white balloons and fake vines curling around pillars.

-- From Sarah, Booth Bay Regional High , Booth Bay Harbor ME

Our theme was " Mysteries of the Orient" and it was so great each table had a dish with a burning white candle and a big flower right next to it and outside there was a great veiw of a river whitch at night looked like a sparkling sea. OK so the flower at the table i was sitting at caught on fire o well it went out right away so nothing else caught on fire but still all the other tables looked great.

-- From Nicole, Fortuna High School, Fortuna CA

Our theme for our prom was "I will remember you" by Sara M. It's a great song for the Seniors. We had decided in the beginning of the year we would grow our own fresh flowers in the advanced Biology lab. It was a great success.The next spring we had tons of fresh tuplips,pansies, and all sorts of different flowers. We purchased a water fall set and had a bunch of guys from woodshop build an actual bridge to put over the waterfall. It looked very nice. Look at the resources you can pull right from your own school and you can save a lot of money. Happy Prom!

-- From Eve, Montrose High School, New Milford PA

I went to the prom year befor last and our theme was "A Dream Come True" the prom wa really great that year. Our Colors were baby blue,white. My dress was sooooo beautiful it was a halter dress light blue and white sequends on it from head to toe.We had the prom at star mount counry club my Sophmor year. The theme for my Junior year was "Enchanted Dreams". We had the prom at a real Castle in High Point. The Room that the prom was at was soooooooo georgus. When we walked through the door there was clouds everywhere. For the center pieces we had castles w/ glitter on them. For our backdrop for the picture we had a white gate.Last but not least my dress. My dress for last years prom was just plne out beautiful, it light spagetti straps, it was light purple w/ suquends from head to toe. My shoes look like glass shoes but they worn't,they were clear they didn't a back or a toe in them and across the top they had a strip of crystal flowers.When the prom was over as we were going out we each got a bag that had our souvnears in it, and the bags had clouds made out of real cotton.

-- From Stephanie, Randleman High School, Randleman NC

The theme of the prom at my school this year for my Junior prom is "A Dream Come True". So it all goes along with my bfs prom, hes a senior, they don't have a theme yet but the colors are baby blue and silver. and basically the colors of the prom at my school go along the lines of baby blue and white. so it all works out in the end great. I know that it will be the most exciting night of my life and I'm hoping it will be.

-- From Brandi, East Jackson High School, Jackson MI

This year no one can come up with a theme so i have been thinking about it and i think that "My heart will go on" would be a good theme and have it decorated like the titanic and that song would be really good. So hopefully everyone will like it.

-- From Jamie, Warren High School, Banks AZ


-- From Jessica, Los Angeles High School, Los Angeles CA

Our prom theme is TROPICAL PARADISE. We are going to have tropical flowers, trees, and animals (like a jungle) and tiki huts. We're going to make fake waterfalls out of seran wrap, because we're not allowed to have water in the gym. Also, we're putting tarps down on the gym floor and having over dance floor like a beach, covering the tarps in sand.

-- From Natty, Fairbanks High School, Plain City OH

Our Junior Senior Prom theme for last year was "2000 Stars Above Us".

-- From Martina, Bastrop High School, Bastrop LA

This year the Jr/Sr Prom theme is Bed of Roses. It's gonna be really cool. The colors are going to be a rich burgundy and silver. The place is going to be covored in roses and hopefully it'll be a lot better than last years prom which was "Stairway to Heaven" (everyone said it was bad. I wouldn't know. I went to Quakertown High School's Jr/Sr Prom and it's theme was "A Night of 2000 Stars". That one was really cool. The decorations were simple but elegant.

-- From Amanda, Palisades High School, Quakertown PA


-- From Katherine, Leonardo Da Vinci High School, Buffalo NY

last year's was "i will remember you" by sarah mclaughlin...then there was "on the edge of a dream" and this year we are going through several. i am on the jr. reps for prom and i have been sworn to confidentiality so, i can't tell you guys any of the ideas until after prom cuz i don't want anyone from school getting on here and finding out or anything but f'real it is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!

-- From Heather, SHS, Aggies AL

My junior year our prom theme was Cinderella. The gym was beautiful, it had a stage coach in the center of the floor and at midnight it lit up.

-- From Crystal, Johnson Central High School, Paintsville KY

Last year, our school's theme was for Homecoming was "Dream a Little Dream" and prom was "Puttin' on the Ritz". This year's Homecoming theme was "Enchantment Beyond the Seas". I hope you enjoy these suggestions. They worked out pretty well, especially the "Enchantment Beyond the Seas" theme. Good luck!!

-- From Jennifer, Dearborn Divine Child, Detroit MI

Last year for Junior/Senior Prom, our theme was "When You Wish Upon a Star". We had stars everywhere and had it in a space museum to add to the effect. I really loved the whole effect that was given with the colors being dark blue and silver.

-- From April, Fairfield High School, Langdon KS

Our theme song is Damnit by Blink 182 from the movie Can't Hardly Wait.

-- From Twyla, Londonderry High School, Londonderry TX

For my Jr./Senior Prom the theme is "Lose in a Dream", our song is "If I could be like that" by 3 Doors down. Our colors are different shades of blue, with LOTS of clouds and stars.

-- From Jenny, Hanson High School, Alexandra ND

Last year's prom theme was a "walk in the Garden."

-- From Kathi, Arkport High School, Arkport NY

Last year's prom theme was "You'll Be In My Heart" - the Phil Collins song from the movie "Tarzan." We spent a lot of time turning the gym into a jungle with trees made of empty carpet rolls, vines made of twisted paper, and LOTS of green shredded paper hung along clear strings of lights. We even had a real snake (in a cage.) It was the best prom our high school has ever seen!

-- From Angel, Walsh High School, unknown city & xx

Last school year (2000)Our prom theme was "If Only For One Night". It was kind of neat but our prom picture background was plain and white.

-- From Latoya, JAsper High School, Jasper TX

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