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our theme is "Hollywood Night A Walk On The Red Carpet". Its really dumb because the other choice was so much better it was "The Roaring twenties" that would have been so cool i would have came as a flapper.

-- From Meagan, M.B.Lamar High School, Houston TX

Our theme this year is "Tropical Escape"! We're going to have a waterfall, a tiki hut, and lots of palm trees! I can't wait! :)

-- From Amanda, Adena High School, Frankfort OH

I am a freshman and im going to the junior senior prom, the theme is "heaven on earth" its gonna be so beautiful, its at the salem oprah house. my friends theme is moulin rouge isnt that cool? :) have fun everyone!

-- From Heather, Amity High School, Amity OR


-- From Jennifer, China Spring High School, China Spring TX

"Enchanted Paradise"

-- From Vanessa, John Marshall High School, Los Angeles CA

Rain Forest

-- From Jessica, La Grange High School, La Grange TX

Are prom theme this year is "Tale is old as Time."(from beaty and the beast) and we are having the roses like in the movie beaty and the beast in the glass container on every table and decorated like the movie.

-- From Rachael, Rising Sun High School, Rising Sun MD

The location is the Monterra at Westworld in Scottsdale. The theme is "Bella Noche"

-- From Shannon, Highland High School, Mesa AZ

" A Moment Like This "

-- From Monique, Phineas Banning High, Wilmington CA

Arabian Nights

-- From Cassy, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, Miami FL

My theme is, A moment Like This. It is a great theme, and ith is so true with how the song goes, "Some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this..."and a lot of us have. It is finally my senior year, and I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. And now, it is finally here!!

-- From Lianna, Norco High School, Norco CA

Our Prom theme was "Wonderful Tonight." We hung up stars and we strung lights. The ceiling was covered with this overhang that was covered with stars and we put balloons on some of the see thru parts. It was bee-yoo-ta- full!!!

-- From Jessica, BHS, Barron WI

This year the juniors picked the theme of our senior prom to be Mardi Gras. The colors are purple, green, and gold.

-- From Sara, Herbert Hoover High, Elkview WV

I am a senior this year and our prom theme is "come to prom and get leid" its a tropical theme.Its very cool! im hoping to get leid more than once in that night.

-- From Christina, Crowder Senior High, Mcalister OK

Raindrops on roses

-- From Diana, Century High School, Santa Ana CA

MARDI GRAS. Our school is rather large, so we never attempted themes. My class is very enthusiastic though and we'll be the first class in HHS to actually have a theme for our junior prom this year and senior next year. Unfortunally, the theme isn't known unless you're on the committee or know someone who is. Still a valid try, plus the favors are going to be awesome! Maybe they'll get it right next year.

-- From Jane, HHS, Hillsborough NJ

A different theme could be "A Walk To Remember" You could have a lit path going to a little pond lit by blue lights and tissue paper and you could get lots of songs from the movie, A Walk To Remember.

-- From Krystle, Holy Family, Lindsay NE

This year our prom is at the Long Beach Aquarium. The theme is "whispers of the sea."

-- From Sylvia, Littlerock High School, Palmdale CA

sleeke and sexy

-- From Emma, The Mount Batton School, LA

The Junior/Senior prom theme was "Whispers of the Orient". The decorations were sooo cool!

-- From Lizzie, Coast Union High School, Cambria CA

We're working on our theme and I looked at all of the ones on the website....some of them sound really catchy. I've liked Once Upon A Time. Before I went to this site, our temporary theme was Frozen In Time. We're getting an ice sculpture with a rose frozen inside of it. Centerpieces of the tables are floating candles with rose petals all over. Very romantic and intimate. It's going to be at the Harbor Club of Seattle on the very top floor with 180 degree view of the city and water. Lookin forward to it!

-- From Class of 2003 President, Dieu, West Seattle High School, Seattle WA

Tonight's Dreams, Tomorrow's Memories

-- From Emily, St. Mary's High School, O'Neill NE


-- From Nancy, Selma High School, Selma AL

viva las vegas

-- From Dewitt, North Rowan High, Salisbury NC

Midnight in Manhattan

-- From April, Guthrie High School, Guthrie OK

Our ball theme in 2001 was MOULIN ROUGE. The ballroom was decked out in crimson red with red roses handed out to every girl. On the tables we had handmade chocolates and red heart shaped soaps as favours. The guys of the committee were made to play out 'Lady Marmalade' as the opening act! Going with the Risque theme, we even had a lingerie company donate spot prizes!

-- From Anon, , Aukland NZ

Our prom theme is "One Enchanted Evening". Our Favorites theme was "A Night to Remember". I think our prom theme is pretty!

-- From Rachel, Greenville High School, Greenville TX

Before night falls!It has many diferent themes pulled into one.From a night garden scene,to roman colums, arabian (I dream of gene)cellings,shoting staars,and finally water falls.The combination may sound very strange but some how it works well. I'm sure that it well be fun night after the night falls and even when the dawn comes

-- From Krista, Odessa High School, Odessa TX


-- From , Hall-Dale High School, Hallowell ME

Cinderella- All girls dream of being a princess, so for our prom all of us get to be one! Of course, Cinderella is our favorite!

-- From Anon, Charlottetown Rural High, Charlottetown PE

Our theme this year is Enchanted Gardens i think its gonna be really pretty we havent picked a song yet and when i went to my boyfriends prom to tell you the truth i have no clue what the theme or song was i was just excited to be there lol

-- From Marissa, Plymouth South High School, Plymouth MA

"A moment like this" by American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, because "some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this".

-- From Janeth, Kearny High School, San Diego CA

I am a senior and I can't wait to go to my prom in May. This years theme for the prom is with class honor and sophistication the class of 2003 has no limitation. I plan to wear a long grown this year and the color I am wearing is peach.

-- From Keela, Walbrook High School, Baltimore MD

Our prom theme is "Midnight Masquerade" and our colors are the mardi gras colors. It's gonna be real neat

-- From Grace, Arsenal Tech, IN

Our school mascot is a knight so its tradition to use that in our theme, so this year ours is "Before Knight Falls."

-- From Binky Lee, Central High School, Grand Forks ND

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Prom Night Drinking
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