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Hey, this year the grade 11's are doing everything for the prom. so the theme is " Here to the night " and colors are a dark blue, purple and Silver ... we still got two weeks of planing but it's all good later everyone's canadian friend ... lol

-- From Keenan, Inverness High School, Inverness NS

A night of enchantment!

-- From Sarah, Elk River Area Senior High School, Zimmerman MN

A Night in OZ...we need all the help we can get for decorations...we want to have the beginning black and white like Kansas...then walk out of the house into a colorful oz....any ideas...and our chaperones will be dressing like the main characters.

-- From Joe, Unknown, Unknown XX

well it wasen't our prom but our formal was "souls les cies oe paris" but really meant under the skies of paris that was the best one the made the room look like we really were there

-- From Tina, Beaverton High School, Beaverton OR

Our theme last year was "Fishin' in the Dark", by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Since we are a rural area and our guys are really into outdoorsy stuff, we decided to capitalize on it. our cafeteria was covered with black plastic and littered with silver stars. We made a "waterfall" that spilled into a pond. Our tables were swathed in red and white gingham. Coleman lanterns served as part of the decor and also put a a soft glow as our only light source. We even had plastic ants on the tables. We really brainstormed and put on a really unique Prom. Because alot of us had a lot of fishing paraphanalia, and the country look in really, we didn't have to blow a lot of money. Some city slickers may have found it a little rustic, but I think it will be remembered for a long time.

-- From Archer, Allision High School, Allison TX

I am a junior this year and on the prom committee. Our theme is Lost in The Moment and our colors for Prom 2002 are dark purple, light purple, and silver. It's gonna look awesome!

-- From Katie, Franklin County High School, metamore IN

Emerald City

-- From Nicole, Dover High School, Dover OH

This year prom will be at this bueatiful, tropical lobby of a local office building. The theme is "Jungle Love"

-- From Karyn, Thomas Worthington High School, Worthington OH

Our theme this year for prom is Sweet Kisses. Oh, it's going to be so pretty. Everything is going to be royal blue and silver w/ some touches of dark purple. Our song is "The Way You Look Tonight" by Eric Clapton. The leadout doors are going to have a staircase and some towers on each side and the people are going to walk across a white bridge. In the pictures the walls, floor, and ceiling are going to be blue w/ blue towers and a 15' castle in the back w/ lights and glitter all over it. Our prom is in the civic center so we're going to cover the walls w/ blue fabric and we're going to make the ceiling out of silver and blue fabric and streamers. It's going to be sooooo pretty!!!!

-- From Kim, Rehobeth High School, Dothan AL

Last year the song was "I hope you dance" by LeeAnn Womack. This year I'm a senior & I will be going, but I'm not sure what it is going to be.

-- From Marie, Boswell High School, Fort Worth TX

Our prom theme is "Classic Hollywood" Our colours are red, black, and white. We get a red carpet to walk up when we arrive and there is going to be still movies playing on screens. There is also going to be black and white cardboard cutouts or old famous movie stars. Its gonna be awesome and very unique:)

-- From Melissa, Unknown, Unknown XX

This years theam is Ocean under the Moonlight. Im not sure of colors or song yet but its going to be great.

-- From Amanda, PGHS, Pandora-Gilboa OH

A STEP ABOVE THE REST A Prom containing a beautiful Cinderella Theme

-- From Unknown, Ferriday High School, Ferriday LA

The theme for our junior prom was "Athenian Dream" It was so romantic, for the grand marched it felt like you were walking through a garden and we had prom servers dressed in togas fanning us as we walked. It was very pretty and was the best prom I have ever been to.

-- From Amy, Mesabi East High School, Hoyt Lakes MN

Our theme was mardi gras and everyone was decked out in beads and we had really cool music playing in the hallways!!!

-- From Adri, Norwalk High School, Norwalk IA

My Jr/Sr prom theme was "Moonlight an Roses". The colors were black, red, white, silver and gold. The background for the picture was a huge red rose on a black background and it had the moon shining down and it had a reflection of the moon on the rose. The invitations had a red rose on them. The senior class gave out tall champaign glasses that had a moon and rose on it and it had the theme and it said C.E. Byrd Jr- Sr Prom 2001. Table dedcorations were red candles floating in a huge heart shaped glass and there were rose petas all over the table. It was the best night of my life!!

-- From Tiffany, C.E. Byrd High School, Shreveport LA

We had a theme called a nite in Vencie it was wonderdful!!!

-- From Melissa, Unknown, Unknown XX

a walk in the clouds its may eleventh

-- From Nicole, Bendle High School, Burston MI

First of all, I just want to say that I was reading through these and found so many schools with the same theme's and the same basic decorations, with stairs and stars and what-not, and I'm just so glad that out juniors decided to do something different. Our song for prom is "I Could Not Ask For More" and our decorations are white and light blue. We are going to have a white sparkly castle and a white garden. It will be so pretty and so different from everything our school has ever done before.

-- From Delilah, BOLD, Bird Island MN

I don't know about anyone else out there, but I'm kind of sick of seeing all these glitzy prom themes like "The Stars of Heaven," or "A Night To Remember." Not saying that glitzy is bad, because I love all the glitter and glam of prom, but it gets a bit repeatetive after a few years. My suggestion is to try something different than those traditions. I think this year we're going to vote on themes such as a jungle theme. It's not glamorous or anything, but I think it would be fun and something different.

-- From Nicole, A.D. Johnston Jr./Sr. High School, Bessemer MI

Well, last year our Junior, Senior prom was titled "Hanging By a Moment" by Lifehouse. It was cute seeing that the song was really popular and everyone had fun decorating. Seeing that I was a sophomore then I really didn't have an opinion, but this year I'm on prom committee so it's going to be good. Hopefully, I'll get back on and tell you the theme (It's a secret right now, from the seniors)

-- From LaShae, Oxford High School, Oxford AL

When i went my sophmore year, it was "Always and Forever"...and my junior year it was From This Moment On." I have heard rumors so far that this year, my senior year, the theme will be "Bed of Roses." With the colors red, white, and silver. I know it will be really pretty.

-- From Audrey, James Bowie High School, Simms TX

Last year our theme was "A Night That Will Last Forever" and it was my junior year so I didn't care too much. They didn't have any decorations or anything. Our Class of 2001 sucked. But this my senior year and our theme is "If This World Were Mine" and of course they're going to play the song by Luther Vandross. Our colors are black and silver. It's gonna be great!

-- From Lil One, Melrose High School, Memphis TN

last year our skools ball was grease lighting it was so groovey all the girls dressed up in pretty 1950s dresses and some came as the charaecters all the blokes came in leather jackets with slicked bac hair and combs ! we had the songs on all nite and it was fun cos every1 knew the words and the moves!!!!!! it was the best ever

-- From Craig, Unknown, Unknown NZ

Our highschool theme for 2001 was Viva Las vegas!!:D

-- From Hope, KLCVI, Kirkland Lake ON

our prom theme for my junior year is take my breath away from top gun. our colors are royal blue, black, and silver. it's at a huge mansion where u can have dinner if u choose. post prom is held at our school. prom is like "gift" from the juniors to the seniors and post prom is put on by the junior parents. then next day anyone that is a junior or senior can sign up and go to king's island! it's great!

-- From Stacey, Pendleton Heights High School, Pendleton IN

At our school, the junior class is responsible for the prom. My junior year we decided to do "Oh! The places you'll go." We decorated each corner of the cafeteria like a different city. It was so cool!

-- From Unknown, Unknown, Unknown SC

The theme for my junior prom was "A Night in Paradise". It was decorated with white lights, a huge volcano with "lava" coming out, and tiny lays around the candel lit center pieces on every single table in the autorium. When signing in, everyone recieved a lay of choice, it was sooo special, the pics were taken in front of a sunset background with a palmtree to the side with exotic flowers spread across the ground, it certainly was a night to remember!!!

-- From Jolean, South View High School, Hope Mills NC

This year our prom is called "I Could Not Ask For More" and it will have white and light blue colors with trees, lights, and ice castle, and a water fountian. It will be SO beautiful, I can't wait!

-- From Kelli, Buffalo Lake-Hectore High School, Buffalo Lake MN

Under the Sea

-- From Andrea, Eugene High, Jefferson City MO

one song that would be good for a theme is "Here's to the night" by eve6. It's like saying good-bye to high school and remembering all the fun you had in High- school.

-- From Brooke, Theodore High School, Theodore AL

Our theme this year is 'A Night At The Oscars'. I really wanted to wear the dress from the shania Twain video 'You've got a way' but i have been unable to find a clear picture that i can get a pattern from or a store with something similar. I want a really poofy, pretty dress, that is both stunning and sexy. If you can help me please do.

-- From Julie-Ann, Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic High School, Oshawa ON

At FHS Prom 2001 theme was, "These are the Times." The theme came from a R&B song from the late 1999 sung by Dru Hill. The theme made you realize that Prom only happens to you once in your life.

-- From Shawnell, Fairfield High School, Fairfield CA

Our prom last year was "A Night In Paris". It was really cool. The Student Leadership set up the whole thing and it was gorgeous. I can't wait to see what this years prom theme will be.

-- From Emily, Grants Pass High School, Grants Pass OR

A fairy tale-shakespear kind of thing would be nice. You knnow those long flowing dresses that the princesses wear. But The men should definitly not wear spandex!!!

-- From Maria, Chambly Academy, Quebec QC

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Prom Night Drinking
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