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This year we are doing the theme City Lights and we might be using the song "Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. We are going to make the gym black with a city scape drawn on the back wall and have lights outlining it and we'll have cardboard buildings set up with lights inside of them. It will be really cool.

-- From , King City , MO

Our theme was John Deere. At first I was like how stupid because prom is supposed to be a formal thing. But when I saw our gym fixed up I was impressed by the creativity of our prom committee. The colors were hunter green and yellow. Our servers dressed in overalls, and the song was "She thinks my tractor's sexy", of course.

-- From Anna Gail, Stuttgart H.S., Stuttgart AR

The theme that my school came up with was "Our Last Dance" and the colors were lavender, metallic silver and a powder blue. It was magical with every thing matching the theme and the colors.

-- From Greg Pridgen, EAST BLADEN HIGH SCHOOL, Elizabethtown NC

I am part of the class of 2004. I was on the prom commitee last year for the class of 2003 and our theme last year was AN EVENING OF ELEGANCE. This year the class of 2005 has thought of A NIGHT IN PARADISE. Prom will really be great!

-- From Tiffany, Mansfield High School, Mansfield La

Last year, the prom was not that good. Everyone hated the fact that it was supposed to be the senior prom. But instead of it being the class of '03', it was the class of '04'. This year, it is going to be the class of '04'. It's said to be a masquerade ball. I really don't like that theme. I would rather it be something else like famous couples, or a night in heaven, or something else. Truthfully, I have no idea what to even wear to a masquerade ball. Do you wear something different from the usual prom dress? please let me know. Planning is crucial for the prom and I must know what to wear (dress, mask, etc.,).

-- From Senior, Northwest Classen, Oklahoma City OK

"For Prom 2003, we had a Jungle Fantasy theme...we had a artifical waterfall that we put together animals and big palm trees. At grand march....We ordered the walk- through and put it together and it was vines with exotic birds and monkeys."

-- From Patricia, West Monona, onawa IA

We've done "A Walk on the Moon":walls covered in black paper with Glow-in the dark stars and craters spray painted on, black lights, large picture of earth, entrance hall lined with allumium foil and tube lights to create the hall of a space shuttle, and Dry ice melting to give off an eerie mist! We've also done "Jungle fever","bourbon street"(mardi gras),"Hoe-Down","candyland"(the game),"new york nights"(with karaoke in an auditorium and skyline to dance to in the gym)--- questions? dena@kelly-lewis.com

-- From Dena, Horizon High School, thornton CO

Last years theme for junior/senior prom was sapposed to be oriental garden but since we had to change location we kind of keep that same idea of the oriental look but we changed the whole theme to A Night In the Garden it could have been absolutely butiful but we werent able to go all out with it because we spent a lot of our money on the first location and didnt get a full refund so that was kind of sad but the whole idea was absolutely beautiful and the enterance was up an esculator or a huge stair case and than the prom court went up to the balcony and the king and queen had a spot light dance on the balcony while every one watched it was beautiful!!!

-- From Amber, Scappoose High School , Scappoose OR

this year, our prom commitee decided to do our prom in the theme of 'western' and i am going to cry because it is so lame. they want tumbleweeds and a huge wooden sign that says our school name and junk. OMG what were they thinking?

-- From Anastasia Beaverhausen, , springfield az

Im a junior this year, which means I get to help decorate for prom! FInally...the time has come and we need to come up with a prom theme. Well after looking at themes on this site, I think a good theme would be Almost Paradise. The theme song could be "Almost Paradise" by Ann Wilson and Mike Reno. We could have sand put on tarps and have tables with tropical flowers on white table cloths on them. We would have this runway with a spotlight and as each person entered they would go through one side o the tiki hut and out to other on to the runway as they were being introduced and strut their stuff. We would give everyone flowered leis. Its gonna be awesome. Thanks for the ideas.

-- From Danielle, Hannah Pamplico High, Pamplico SC



Our 2003 prom theme was "Love Shak"...it was fab...they had a "beach" area and it had a tropical feel...kinda like a extention to the normal Hawwian theme...This year i hope we pick something even better..Tootles

-- From Amanda, Derry Area High School, Derry PA

For my senior prom the juniors decided upon "captured in a Dream".It was so pretty. AS you walked in the door the normally drab floor was covered with a plaid cover. every other black square had a seniors name in it and it was lit up with christmas lights in a very elegant not tacky way. Our gym was just to gorgous to describe!

-- From Kristin , Eagle Grove High School, Eagle Grove ia

The theme that my class picked was a Midsummer Night's Dream. We had a classmate's dad build a white bridge just big enough for a guy and a big poofy dress, (it was flat, not arched) then we ran a plastic river underneath it and across the room. We had some big trees over it and hung a white swing with roses on the ropes in the middle of the gym. We found plants and potted trees from classmates' homes and set them around the gym and put sparkly stuff all over them. It was relatively cheap and looked gorgeous...like we were in a forest!

-- From Leanna Lindegard, Kittson Central, Hallock MN

Last year's theme for us was Bella Notte, or "A Beautiful Night." It was gorgeous. We held it at the Broncos football stadium, Invesco field, and we held it inside at this elegant ballroom with lights everywhere, a huge dancefloor, and chocolates and treats, and it was the best prom ever. (but it was my soph. so it'll be great this year too)

-- From Ashley, ThunderRidge High School, Highlands Ranch CO

My junior prom 2003 was Almost in Heaven. The colors were pink and off white. For favors we all got a picture frame or a mug.

-- From Kristin , Maynard High School, Maynard Ma

I'm a junior this year and we are putting on prom and my class wants our theme to be ghetto fabulous! How stupid is that?? We are an all white school! It's so stupid!

-- From Brittany Tennant , Deerfield High School, Deerfield MI

for prom 2003 (June 24 @ 7:30) our theme was 'once upon a dream'. it was nice, there were painted pictures of skylines where you could have your picture taken, and there was a fountain in the middle of the gym with stars hanging from the ceeling, and glitter all over the floor to make it look shiny... at the entreance to the gym there were two pillars with lights ant the bottom leading to the dance area, and marking a "sitting area" ther were bences around the dance area with trees behind them. We had a section marked off outside if you wanted to go and cool off from all the dancing, and there was plenty of seating avaliable for everyone. The only real downfall was that safe grad was after prom and cut the prom a little shorter than most people would have liked. We haven't chosen a theme for this year yet, but we have loads of choices (we have a new school, with over 300 grads this year).

-- From Katie Forand, Windsor Regional High School, Windsor NS

for my senior yr the theme is Red Carpet Affair its a kool theme cause u really will feel like a movie star for one night.

-- From maria, wasco high, wasco ca

Midnight Bliss and our colors are navy, silver, and white.

-- From Denise, Patrick Henry High School, Mpls MN

I was on the Prom Committee last year (Jr. class VP) and we decided on "Le Jardin de Memories" (The Garden of Memories). It was difficult to put together b/c of our limited budget, but we got real plants/trees donated for "picture areas", and we had archways and park benches to sit on. One of the other officers had the brilliant idea to use those rope lights to mark off the dancing area...which only worked to a point. All in all I think we put together a pretty nice Prom for the 2003 Seniors...I just hope the 2005 Juniors do the same for us!

-- From Stacy, Columbia High School, Lake City FL

I'm a junior this year and our theme is MOULIN ROUGE. I have always really liked the corset lookin' dresses so I'm gonna try to find one like that to match the theme. Our prom is usually in our schools commons area and the commitee does such a grea job they make it look like a totaly new place but this year its some where bigger and better so i can't wait to see what a great job they are gonna do!

-- From Candi, South Caldwell, Grante Falls NC

When Dreams take Flight

-- From Courtney, Dr. E P Scarlett (Canada), Calgary AB

Ok, last year i was a sophomore going to my boyfriends jr/sr prom, and our theme was wish upon a falling star. This year im a junior and its our turn to pick the theme...we have 3 ideas. 30's and 40's black and white, where we plan on having a projection screen playing the background playing a black and white movie but with no sound. Our second idea is French Quarter Mardi Gras, where we are going to have our drama teacher design a set with iron works to put around the room, and our third idea is of a "Mid-Summer's Night Dream" by Shakespeare. All romantic and in the late 1800s. This year prom is going to rock with whatever theme we have. Just remember have the time of your life, because if you dont youll never get the chance to go back and relive anything that you might have wanted to do but thought it wouldnt be right. GO CRAZY!!!

-- From Marianne , Mansfield High School, Mansfield MA

"Viva Las Vegas"-we decorated in red and black "Jungle Fever" One of our theme songs was "Welcome to the Jungle" and the coronation song was "Can you Feel the Love Tonight" by Elton John

-- From Steph Rodriguez, Coal City High School, Coal City IL

I'm graduating this year and my class has came up with two themes for our grad. The first is "We're here for a good time", hence the song by Trooper. We all think this is a good theme, because during high school we were there for a good time. The next is "Break on Through", the Doors song was the basis on this one. Grad is basically time time when were break on though to the future and our new lives.

-- From Faye Simon, PCI, Maniotba, Canada

I am a junior this year, and our theme is going to be "Feelin' Lucky." It's going to be really great. We are going to buy dice columns and have a hand of cards as our backdrop. Our colors are going to be bright red, black, and silver. We are going to have a fountain with lots of pennies heads up in it, and we're going to get shirts made that say, "I got lucky---Prom 2004!"

-- From L.Boswell, Sulphur Rock High School, Sulphur Rock AR

I beileve thatit hawiian, which i hope it doesn't suck. i'm going to have to get a bright red and orange dress for the occasion.

-- From Kris Napolitano, Coalgate High School, Coalgate OK

Our theme this year is going to be a walk with the stars. Its all about old movies and black and white cutouts of movie stars. every couple is going to have their name on a star and we're going to have a red carpet leading into this huge beautiful ballroom

-- From Megan, Brown County High School, Nashville IN

the class of 2003's project prom theme was "fantasy" While they didnt do such a commendable job on the decorations, I do like the theme, bc I think it gives a lot of leeway to the deocorators. We had a kindergarten room, where the seniors could play a game and guess who people are based on their pictures, and they had arts and crafts and stuff.... and we had a wedding chapel.... and we had lasertag and bowling alleys set up.... "fantasy" kind of left it open for anyone to do whatever they wanted as far as decorations went.

-- From Katie Lewellyn, Nimitz High School, Humble. TX

oh,and also, when i was a sophomore last year, i got asked to prom, and the theme was "Bella Note" which means something liek "elegant nights" in some other language, and we had silver baloons and then where you took the pictures , there were roses everywhere, it was really pretty and nice, but it sort of reminded me of a wedding. nevertheless, it was still a major success, and looked gorgeous in the pictures

-- From margaret, USJ, jackson tn

we're choosing between 2 themes for prom 2004 ( my best friend is president), its between "Time of your Life" with a lot of clocks and things, or "Oh the Places we will go" and having all Dr. Seuss stuff ...i think both of them would turn out really well! :)

-- From Margaret, University School of Jackson, Jackson TN

For our prom last year we, the juniors made our theme "Safari Nights" it was kind of neat it was hard to get set up I know that, and the seniors seemed to enjoy it. There was safari theamed things everywhere, the dance floor was tiger printed, there was a huge elephant collage on one of the walls, and just hawaiian grass skirt stuff everywhere! The servers had to dress up in the explorers outfits, and safari dude hats...that was pretty funny. It was a good prom considering this year we wont have a good one due to them constructing on our school. At least I can say I've had one night of greatness before I graduate this May.

-- From kelli, Wayne Trace, Paulding oh

We had "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" last year. It was nice for the budget the juniors had to work with last year. The year before that it was "Hollywood Nights". That wasn't as good *so I've been told*

-- From Whitney, Clayton High School, Clayton NC

our theme last year was "city nights" our song was "take my breath away" and the colors were "black, white, and silver". it was nice but i admitt that our junior class could of thrown a nicer prom for the seniors. We had each table was set up "named" after a diffrent international city... i think mine was rome. but it was almost the perfict night.

-- From , North Warren, blairstown nj

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