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"An evening in Paris" It was very romantic.. a summer night, with fountains, stars.. ah i loved it.

-- From Taylor, , Syracuse NY

"At Last" - it was inspired by the song from Etta James.

-- From Audrey, Marquette high School, Chesterfield MO

old hollywood

-- From Elizabeth, El Camino Real High School, Los Angeles CA

This year is my senior prom and we have a totally cute theme for it. The theme will be "Tonight is Forever". How cute is that because I know every senior will be wishing that that night would last forever...at least I will!!!

-- From Courtney, Rosary High School, Placentia CA

Out theme this year was "Let The Good Times Roll" Since a lot of us were going as friends, we didnt want to have a theme that was all about love and relationships. We had the usual colors of blue white and silver, but we made it our own, and created a truely magical evening.

-- From Kaley, East Rochester High School, East Rochester NY

Our prom theme this year was A Walk on the Red Carpet. When everyone was getting out of their Excursion limo's and Hummers it actually looked like we were about to walk onto a movie premeire or something. As we walked into prom on a gorgeous red carpet, there were professional photographers and parents taking tons of pictures who were supposed to be the paparazzi. The dance hall was surrounded with life- size posters of famous people like Gywenth Paltow and Tom Cruise walking down the red carpet. Oscars decorated each table as centerpieces, and the Prom King and Queen each got an engraved Oscar along with their crowns. There were also decorations at the front of the dance hall with everyone's senior pictures cut into star shapes. The night was so much fun and the decorations made it even more magical!

-- From Sarah, Lamar High School, Houston TX

A Night at the oscars- its going to be fab, they have a red carpets and big shining lights and in the year book at the end of the year we have these little pictures for like best smile... most theatrical... most likely to be the president and stuff like that so there going to take the year book pics of the top 4 girls that were rated the most for each subject and say the nominations and who ever wins gets an oscars heehee its going to be great

-- From Julia, Middlebrook High,

Wonderful Tonight

-- From Jessica, North Quincy High , Quincy MA

Once Apon A Time

-- From Travis, Saxony Lutheran High, Jackson MO

Our prom theme is "Dancing in the Moonlight" It's really elegant, and fun. Our tables are going to be draped in either gold, silver, or royal blue taffeta (those are the colors), and under the taffeta we're putting icilce lights to giva an ambiance. The center piece is a flat glass bowl with silver and gold floating candles and white lilies, and behind the dj we're putting all the names of the couples attending in moon and star shapes hanging from different levels. The song isn't too great, but it's an inexpensive fun theme that anyone could do!

-- From , Kennett High School, Kennett NH

This year's senior prom theme is "Escape to a Fantasy Paradise". But there are other great theme names that I had come up with in the past year's dances such as "Moonkissed Passion, " "Scarlet Romance," and "Moonlit Serenade."

-- From Sarah, Chief Leschi, Tacoma WA

"An Evening of Enchantment..." Our colors are white,midnight blue, and silver.

-- From Samantha, MIddletown High School, Middletown NY

Our Theme for the May 2003 Prom Was "Castle in the Sky" It was beautiful we decorated castles and stairways and we had gates and everythihng, it was so pretty we had baby blue, and white ballons which represented the clouds it was so great, wonderful and romantic I loved it!

-- From Betsy, Riverside High School, Marmet WV

Our theme was a walk to remember you know off the Mandy Moore movie. The girls found it so romantic and the guys did too even though they wouldnt admitt it, but the colors were white and black totally classic and we had tons of mirrors that reflected on the table to the dance floor along with a small bridge with a stream that had a little telescope to look at the stars and a little place were you could be in two places at once. It was so awesome.

-- From , , IA

Our Freshman Banquet theme was "Memories Shared" and our color was gold and there was so much glitter.

-- From Joy, Ryder Junior High, Mason OK

Our Junior Prom theme this year is "004 Dance Another Day" It's based on the James Bond movie 007 Die Another Day. We will be giving James Bond like sunglasses to everyone at the dance.

-- From Kerri, Maine West High School, Des Plaines IL

Sunset in Paradise song: Almost Paradise

-- From Whitney, Saegertown Jr/Sr High, Saegertown PA

I'm not sure if I'm going to prom this year but our theme is "A Victorian Dream" I'm thinking it's going to be good since it's going to be a Phoenix Club in Anaheim.

-- From Jean, Pioneer High School, Whittier CA

TUCAN SAM was our theme last year. It was SWEET!@ There were signs saying follow your nose! BTW: MARCHING BAND RULE! Yea, but this year will be even better! IT is marshmellow! We have white and silver colors! And everything is poofy!

-- From Karen, , Everett MA

This year the theme is ROME ance we decorated it all in a Roman theme! We wanted to stay away from all the stars and nights...It turned out to be so Awesome!!!

-- From Hailey, North Beach High, Moclips WA

Our theme for this years prom which is held on May 31, 2003 is going to be "Here's to the Night". It's gonna be awesome! Prom committee hasn't decided on a song yet or what the designs are gonna be. whatever they decide will be great...

-- From Kimberly, Candor Jr/Sr High School, Candor NY

Our theme for this year is "One Last Look"

-- From Deborah, Nimitz High School, Dallas TX

My boyfriend's theme for prom was " Heaven can Wait".

-- From Lydia, Percy L. Julian High, Chicago IL

A Night In The Sky

-- From Leah, Southeast Halifax High School, Halifax NC

Your wildest dream you decorate everything in clouds,stars,hearts,and love toys like hearts and prizes but this is an 8th grade prom the first ever at Mosaica Academy of Saginaw and I am planning it cool huh?

-- From Pajamas, Mosaica, Saginaw MI

A walk to remember

-- From Kim, Holy Name Convent Secondary, Trinidad

"Two Of Hearts" the theme is actually Las Vegas but we took it a step farther... our song is only hope by mandy moore... for decorations... we're decorating the gym with all of the signs of vegas and on one wall there are giant king and queen of hearts signs with the names of the ppl on court and surrounding them are pairs of dice with the names of all of the couples on grand march... i can't wait... then post prom ( thrown by the seniors) is "animal House" like the movie. TOGA PARTY!!!! fun fun fun

-- From Kristi, BDHS, Beaver Dam WI

Our theme for this year is "Unforgettable" by Frank Sinatra. The dance is in May, 2003. I am a sophmore and it is my first year for prom and I am going with my really good friend so it sounds like its going to be a lot of fun. Prom is also going to be like right on the beach and you can take a little cruish around the harbor which is really nice!

-- From Ana, El Segundo High, El Segundo CA

"Night at the Oscars," the theme is to have everything looking very hollywood like. Create the hollywood walk of fame with all the graduates names on each of the stars, and of course a red carpet!!!

-- From Britney, ,

Our theme is Memories of Tonight song- Beautiful As You and colors-pink, burgundy, and creme

-- From Mem, West Allegheny, McDonald PA

Our Leavers' Ball (thats what we call it here!) is the biggest thing in our school. A few years ago the theme was the Oscars and there were huge oscars made and the whole hall was covered with film posters. This year our theme is 18th century Paris- with the main themes being 'truth, beauty, freedom and love' its so weird to have a song as a theme- no-one at all does that here!

-- From Rosie, Kings', UK

Our Prom theme is Dancing in the Moonlight. It will be held at the Gaston County country club. I am very excited because this is my senior prom and I am going with the the perfect guy for a perfect night, my boyfriend and best friend, Adam. I know he will make my last prom the best it can be.

-- From Melissa, North Gaston High School, Gastonia NC

This year I am a Sophomore and my boyfriend is a senior. The theme is "Diamonds Are Forever." The theme is fun and totally relates to many of our seniors.

-- From Destiny, Curtis High School, University Place WA

Our theme this year(2003) is "Two to Tango" I am not sure what the colors are though! But i thought the theme was pretty cool..

-- From Megan, Sonoma Valley High School, Sonoma CA

A Punk Prom with punk music no one comes with a date have punk band's play you have to dress like a punk or for those who are, dress casuall

-- From Gwen, Collins hill High School, Lawrenceville GA

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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A little
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