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I had this really sweet idea that we aren't doing...but if someone gets inspired, I think it would be cool. I'm from a small town so if it's a litte rustic bear with me...but I think the goal of a prom theme should be to be elegant...but still fun and interesting. What if you did 'Fishing in the Dark" (haha) and you could use the song and have the whole marshy foliage, starry night...with a silver moon and stars...your walk way could be an old school dock and you could even have a little romantic fishing boat sitting in a glittery little pond...lots of white lights and maybe even a willow looking tree!!!! Yay! yeah...we're doin stars...which will be nice I guess...oh well!!!

-- From Manda J., Britton-Hecla, Britton SD

Tonite Dreams, tomorrows memories

-- From Brittany, ,

we haven't set a theme persay, but our prom is going to be in Sears Tower, so we can't really decorate it that much.

-- From Rachel, Woodlands Academy, Lake Bluff IL

Cowboy Take Me Away

-- From Donna Danley, NM High School Rodeo Association, La Luz NM

007 james bond casino royale

-- From emily, red bluff spartans, red bluff ca

Escape to Paradise

-- From Rosa Mora, Summerville High School, Summerville SC

Well we have some themes in mind like a hawaiin or a black tie affair where we decorate in all black and white. I really don't care for the idea so please if you have any other ideas email me at rock_chicka_17@yahoo.com. Thanks

-- From Brittany, Sarcoxie High School, Sarcoxie Mo

Our prom theme for 2007 is gonna be A night in Hollywood.

-- From ......, Tate High School, Cantonment FL

My Idea: Arabian Nights Transforming a building/gym: Bold shimmery fabric: Fushia, Emerald, Eggplant, etc. (with gold accents) hanged from above the middle of the gym cascading below to seem like pillowy effect.

-- From Anonymous, , Anonymous CA

One of the themes were Grizzleywood,we got the idea from Hollywood but we just changed the first few letters into grizzley.Instead of Holly,and basically it's treated the same way as hollywood were you have famous people you know,but it is thru students that you would know and are graduating.

-- From Anonymous, AG JR H S,

Were doing 007 James Bond, but we are thinking of basing it mainly on the Casion aspect since 007 is so hard and the yearbook is already have a difficult time with it

-- From , , WA

we are actually doing our prom on cinco de mayo.. and we are thinkin.. prom de mayo

-- From manda, Biloxi senior high, biloxi ms

so we're doing james bond 007 like a million other schools this year...but we dont have a good song. "tomorrow never dies" by madonna is not really doing it...and we NEED a sweet theme song...what did the rest of u guys use??

-- From caitlin, ,

Just like everyone else our prom theme this year is 007. We are having it in a mid-sized civic center but are not sure how to decorate. We have some ideas but nothing is reallly coming together. If you have and ideas please email me at miss.brookemcintosh@yahoo.com. THANKS!

-- From Brooke, Sneads High School, Sneads FL

renesaunce mascararade ball formal attire

-- From ann, las vegas high, las vegas nv

winter wonderlander

-- From lynn, southgate academy, tucson az

"My grad class and I came up with a bunch of themes and its really hard to decide...theres hawainn, james bond 007, tropical paradise, An evening of stars, 80's, Mardi Gras, Red Carpet affair....and LOTS more, so anyways, everyone who reads this good luck with everything involving prom!"

-- From Jenny, FHS, Fredericton NB

Unfortunately I don't believe us NZ girls have quite mastered the art of creating a magical evening that is The Ball or as you Americans call "The Prom" (last year we did Fire & Ice Ė I mean COME ON?!) but this year my friend (no I can't take the credit for this one) envisioned our ball set in the middle of "The Rainforest". It was thought to be set in the zoo with wild animals ie. REAL cheetahs and exotic birds and flowers in the background under satin tents ďthin enough to see the starsĒ (shot J.Lo) but... thatís where our creativity ended! I'd like to say to people that from my friends idea I was the one who created a master piece that was Class of '07's magical evening in the middle of the rainforest so Iím just writing to say if you have any ideas or if you're school is doing the same email me some of them and maybe Iíll get my rainforest ball dream! i_luv_green@msn.com

-- From Cassie, , Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Well, since we're the class of 2007 and it's the year 2007, it only makes sense to have a 007 prom theme! I think one of my guy friends will be James Bond and he'll have a bunch of girls as his dates ;)

-- From Alexis, Sunset, Portland OR

Our theme for Prom '07 is Paris.. BAH. I personally didn't want it. Honestly, they could have thought of something more interesting and original.

-- From Jennifer Tippett, Ladysmith Secondary School, Ladysmith BC

Our School this year has decided our theme to be "A touch of the 20s". I can't wait. Flappers, old posters from movies, butler service, caricatures, casino, old fashion coke bottles and much more... A very elegent night...

-- From Bam, Serrano High School, Victorville Ca

Our prom theme for 2007 is "Paris by Night"

-- From Amber, North Putnam High School, Roachdale IN

We wanted Masqurade but Winter Wonder Land was choosen instead, which is still pretty nifty...

-- From Dillon, Venice HIch, Venice FL

For the year 2007 our theme is Casablanca! and it seems like a pretty cool idea!!!

-- From Kelsey, Sultan High School, Sulta WA

We did homcoming "Do you remember" from Jack Johnson it was so cool we got pictures of the students as little kids and played a slide show of it during the whole dance. We had a big paper picture frame full of more pictures. We did the colors a purple and white it was AWESOME we had a cool fabric pattern on the wall. . Another fun Idea was "Superhero Sadies" people dressed up as their fav. superheros. the walls where covered with superheros a comic book theme.

-- From kristen, kearns, westjordon ut

we did "frozen in time" last year for prom. it went over really well. there was a huge glacier type thing made of like shear material in the middle of the room with a stopped clock on it

-- From Elise, , somewhere Oh

For our prom this spring we are doing a '007 James Bond theme. We are having prom at a beautiful log golf course lodge so its going to be hard to relate it to '007. Anybody with ideas or suggestions about anything or how to decorate. Please email me at morgan_mowery08@hotmail.com!!! Thanks a ton!

-- From Morgan, Crete High School, Denton Ne

Our theme for prom is "An Evening In Paris"

-- From Jessie, BHS, B'town fl

Perfect Ten Production

-- From Brooke, Family Christian Academy, Baton Rouge LA

Rennisance, or Masquerade

-- From Crystal, Emmett High School, Emmett ID

I am in charge of the prom committe and i need some HELP. We want the colors to be like silvers, charcols, and grays. I also know we want to rent some horse drawn carriages for the night (we are a small class). So i need some ideas please????? Email me at BrittanyLBug@aol.com

-- From Brittany, , Houston TX

so far, i've had.. under the sea mardi gras in the city willy wonka peter pan (neverland) and paradise

-- From consuela, , chitown il

our class has decided to go with a superhero theme for our graduation. but we need some ideas if anyone has any please email me at mel_mel_14c@hotmail.com thanks.

-- From Melanie C, , Alberta, Canada

Our theme last year was "Mardi Gras"

-- From Jessica, Reidsville High School, Brown Summit NC

We did 007 for homecoming, and our school is definitely not lenient. As long as you encourage something positive with catchy phrases like "we are the stars of tomorrow" and dont put weapons everywhere you will be fine. good luck 07's :)

-- From Brittany, , NY

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Prom Night Drinking
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