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our theme for semi formal was kiss from a rose... colours were red, offwhite, and champagne... it was amazing (i planned it lol). we sprinkled rose petals over the stairs and all over the hall... it was such a romantic night

-- From Leona, Mulock, newmarket ON

This year's Prom 2005 theme is going to be Las Vegas. Problems: C'mon! Think about it. All I know is that the tickets are $50 so it better be worth it. It would be cool if they incorporated some tables to gamble at. All I know is that no matter what, WLHS always knows how to have fun! GO OREGON! But yeah, before that we had just regular themes. Our school is the #1 party school in Oregon, not to mention the 2nd richest, and so we all know that we're going to be breathalized before we enter. Good luck to me!

-- From Maggie Laufman, West Linn High School, West Linn OR

We're doing Rose City Swing, with a real swing band playing! They're offering swing dance classes every day after school for a month beforehand. It's such a cool idea; the decorations are going to be all vintage. I'm so excited!

-- From Kathryn, Oregon Episcopal School, Portland OR

This year Granger High School theme for homecoming was "Turn up the heat" They are our rival school in football and basketball i have tons of friends that go there that's how i know. it was all about sports. there football team was good so that's why they had the theme. the background was nice.

-- From Lilianna Torres , White Swan High School, Wapato WA

this year we want to put on an end of the year dance. It's never been done before well it has but we want to bring it back up again. The last day of school is on June 9TH i am hoping for a june 8 dance on the football field. some of the themes that we have in mind are One last time, Last Blast, End of the year dance, Welcome Back... C\O 2005 cince it is for the senior class to come back for one last dance. The dance is going to be after graduation so what i wanted to do was sent out invitations to all the Seniors inviting them back one more time. Does the plan sound dumb or what? Help i don't want to make myself look stupied in front of the student body. -Lilianna Torres

-- From Lilianna torres , White Swan High School , Wapato Wa

Every year, the juniors plan our proms... the theme, location (though that's mostly been set by the school now), ticket prices... everything. Last year our theme was "A Moment in Time" and it was awful. Though it was my class, I disagreed with the whole thing. They had the New York Skyline on the stage but when it came to the idea of putting a grandfather clock in the picture background, I had to draw the line. This year, the juniors have actually proven themselves better and more outgoing than my class. The theme is "Puttin' On the Ritz." It's nice because it takes away from all the lovey-dovey romantic vacation themes and moves it back to a vintage fun setting with a feel like the movie Chicago, though I'm sure it won't be as risque.

-- From Nessa, , Wichita KS

hollywood red carpet oscar style theme

-- From Ms. Richards, Baldwin Senior HS, Baldwin, NY

This is my first year going to prom since I'm a junior. I am SO excited because our theme is going to be "A night out on the town" which I hope is really beautiful. I'm not on prom committee or anything so I don't know what the decorations are or what our budget is but I do know that our prom is at the Holiday Inn (Holidome) and each ticket is $15 dollars so it better be very well decorated! Everyone is going formal as always and me and my boyfriend of 2 years is renting a room in the hotel prom is at so we dont have to drive in a bunch of traffic with drunk people! It should be a LOT of fun for my first prom and I hope everyone else has a sweet and safe prom 2005!!!!

-- From Christy B., North High School, OH

Alice in Wonderland, the entrance has two "rabbits" at the door, you go into a mirrored entry way with melting clocks, than on the inside, blacklights, giant cards, the nessisary mushroom on one side, and on the other a white and black light fading in and out on a cat painted on the wall, and the smile painted in blacklight paint, so when the blacklight is on, you only see the cats smile (oooooh). serve drinks in tea cups, make the centerpieces all out of plastic flamingos and top hats, and for dessert? "eat me" cake!!

-- From Jenna, Duxbury High School, Duxbury MA

Our prom this year is Under The Sea for April 23 so if anybody has ideas of how to decorate and use general materials for this please email me at higby11@hotmail.com thank you for your opinion

-- From Rebecca, , NE


-- From Stephanie, BSHS, Bay Shore NY

An Evening in Paradise

-- From Tracy, ASTEC Charter HS, Oklahoma City OK

This year our prom theme is Mardi Gras. I reallly like that. It is very different because its usually very formal and dressy me and my Bf of 4 years is going and i got a greenish dress so sexy

-- From danielle, Belleville Township High School West, Belleville il

My schools grub tolo theme this year is "New York New York" does anyone have any ideas on what i should WEAR?!?!?

-- From someone, something, somewhere WA

Escape to Paradise

-- From Ally Miller, Kaneland, Maple Park IL

A whole new world.

-- From Cristin Wormuth, Western Wayne High School, lake ariel pa

our theme last year was....midnight under the spanish stars.....it was wonderful

-- From , Western,

Some of the themes that we were going to have was "Casinon night: Life is a gamble". every year our themes must be approved by our principal. she said no because gambiling is not a school related activity. For prom i wanted "Eternal Garden" but i was out numbered.

-- From Lilianna Torres , white Swan High School , White Swan WA

This year our homecoming theme was "Life styles of the Rich and Famous" It was a hollywood theme and it was fun. Everyone seemed to have a blast. Our football cheerleaders and ASB staff did a great job planning the dance. We put did reasearch on the computer on hollywood celebrities and found a whole bunch of them. So we put pictures of celebrities threw out the gym. It really felt like we were in hollywood. Everyone participated, everyone dressed up as their favorite hollywood celebrity. My twin sister dressed up as J.Lo so did like two other girls. Our center piece was "champain" (apple sider) which was great also. Everybody seemed to like that idea which was my twin sisters idea. For the seniors me and my cheer coach put together a walk of fame. We keep a space open on the gym floor where we put the all the seniors name on a gold star. Which they got to take home with them at the end of the night. They really felt like stars that night, you could just tell. That homecoming was dedicated especially for them. I was very, very proud of my squad and the student ASB. My Junior class is also putting on the Junior\Senior prom and since we are a small 1A school so we are inviting the freshmen and the sophomores just so we can put most of the money back into our budjet. Our theme is going to be "A midnight stroll" it's a garden theme. We have the date picked out. It's set for the 14 of May. It's something different than any of the junior class at our high school has came up. The colors are deep purple, balck and silver. We are planning to have lots of lights on the celeing and blue ballons on the top of those lights to make it seem like it's really outside. Were also going to be renting trees, benches and lamps for our local party palace just to make it seem more of a fantasy not a dream any longer. I am the one in charge of everything so i want it to be a night that no one or the senior is going to forget.

-- From Lilianna Torres , White Swan High School , White Swan, WA

our theme is sunset, with red, pink, and orange, we are gonna have dolphins and our song is when the sun goes down.

-- From katie t, ester dennis middle school, dayton oh

'Underneath the Stars' and its a song by Mariah Carey

-- From Nora, Amundsen H.S., Chicago, IL

ya well my 8th grade farewell dance is A Night To Remeber most of us arent to thrilled by it cause the dress code for it sucks and none of us can find a good outfit to fit the dress code so alot of us are breaking the dress code and its not like the outfits are realy bad its just our school say no toanything without sleeves even if its think straps

-- From courtney and megan, davison middle school, davison mi

Rhapsody In Green, a garden theme with vines i guess. :D

-- From Geniah, CHS , Cerritos CA

This years prom theme is "Pirates' Cove". It should be.... interesting. I just hope it turns out well and not tacky or anything! I'm really glad this isnt my Senior Prom! Last year our prom theme was "Paris in the Fall", I didnt go but I did see pictures and it was gorgeous!

-- From Keri, Conneaut Lake Highschool, Conneaut Lake PA

Our theme was "Laissez les bon temps rouler," (let the good times roll), which was a mardi gras theme. Our invitations came with gold glittery masks and everything was gold purple green and sparkly.

-- From Julie, , Austin TX

last year our theme was "A night under the big top" and it was so awesome with all kinds of circus themed stuff and we had a big red and striped white tent inside our gym but you couldn't tell it was the gym anymore it just looked like you walked into a tent and we had lights outside the tent walls to set the atmosphere rather than inside the tent. it was sooo much fun.

-- From Katie, RHS, Rhinelander WI

millennium theme , silver and lylic . we ave decided on this one for now becuase we thought it was a good idea coz that was the year we came to out school in. we decided to decorate the hall in purpple n silver or lylic ballons n curtains and things like that to work with the miliennium theme

-- From louise, , wales


-- From , ,

Our theme this year is going to be "A Venetian Affair." We are so pumped for it and we are working our hardest. We were in luck when we found a room that was painted green, had a brick fire place and wine barrles as murals on the walls. The colors are plum, forest green, burgendy and gold. Columbia High Schools prom is going to be the best EVER!

-- From jennifer plummer, Columbia High School, white salmon wa



aN eVeNiNg In PaRiS

-- From Yer Xiong, , Fresno CA

Our theme this year is "DaNcInG In THe MoOn LiGhT" *&* It is a black *&* white formal afair with hints of silver *&* RED :)*~! It is goin to be totally awesome!! -Xo*Christina*Xo-

-- From Christina, Glencoe , AL


-- From odette , girrawheen high, perth WA

Our theme for prom last year was "look to the sky." it was really pretty with blue backdrops and lots of different shapes of silver stars. there were also blue, silver, and white balloons on all of the tables. all along the dance floor there were tiny little lights that were wrapped in plastic so they wouldnt break. it was awesome!

-- From Sarah, MCHS, West Liberty KY

We thought of something like By The Light Of The Moon and you could have stars and a big moon covered in glowing lights

-- From Meagan & Miranda, SFMS, SF NY

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