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Prom '05 is tomorrow night and it's gonna be off the hook. Our theme is "Enchanted Dreams" Our colors are a pearlized baby blue, pearlized lavender and pearlized green. I really think our Senior Council has done a great job planning the party. It's gonna be awesome. We have an ice sculpture.

-- From James, Moody High School, Corpus Christi TX

This year our theme is "la bella nocha" which means beautiful night in spanish. Were going to have flowers and lights everywhere and during grand march, people are going to walk over a bridge covered with flowers! Everyone got their prom invations and prom shirts yesterday and their really cute! Our prom colors are maroon, sliver, and black! Everyone is really excitied and cant wait, that all you hear everyone talk about is prom! Our prom is in 16 days! April 30th! I hope everyone has a fun time at their prom!

-- From Whitney, kirksville high school, Kirksville Mo

Our theme was SO neato! Our theme was Celtic Asian Pride. Our prom song was "Only Time" by Enya. They took our prom pictures while we danced with our instructor at our required Irish Step Dancing lessons as soon as we walked in the door. The instructor had wicked abs. The food was from a local Chinese Buffet and for dessert we all had Irish Soda Bread. They decorated the library with green and red streamers, chinese lamps, and four leaf clovers. Our DJ dressed up like a leprachaun and everyone had to wear either a kimono or a green dress or tux. We had SOOOOOOOOO much fun! Me and my boyfriend had such a great time dancing under the lovely decorations with the amazing celtic music and a special appearance by the 12 Girl's Band! Everyone should try this theme at their school at least once!

-- From Todd, Stickittodaman High School, Orofino ID

our theme is "Once Upon A Time" -- theres a staircase and the guy and gir each walk up the stairs on the opposite ends and meet on the top then walk down together, and i guess the main color is like turquise... last year our theme was "Midnight In Paris" we had a Eifel tower that we walked under and had like roses and icicle lights it was pretty but i'm excited for this year.! HAVE A GREAT PROM!!!l

-- From Megan, Hudson High School, Hudson WI

A night in Paris is our theme and it popular this year I guest

-- From Christina, Farwell High School, Farwell Mi


-- From morgan wright, Oak Hills High, Cincinnati Oh

Best Theme Ever!: For my 2nd senior prom, our theme was "Flora, Birds and the Wildlife around us" we shortened it to FBW or Birds. We did it in our school auditorium and our song was "Colors of the Wind" from that Native American Disney film. Everyone either dressed up like thier favorite tree, plant or animal. I was a tulip!! They decorated our tables with bark, grass and stuffed animals! it was a BLAST

-- From Kreesta, Freindsin High School, Gradenville, KY

This year is only our second prom ever at this school. Our theme this year for the 04/05 junior Senior prom is old hollywood/classical hollywood. We have decided to put a marquis in the front to welcome the Seniors. we will have a red carpet leading from the outside limo drop off to the entrance of the building. I'm sure everyone will have fun!

-- From EWA Prom committee, East Wake Academy, Zebulon NC

Our theme for 2005 prom is "A Night Under the Stars" we have the decorations and its going to look great. Stars everywhere!

-- From , ,

Our Senior Ball theme this year is..."Time of Your Life". Like the Green Day song! Our Sr. Ball is off campus and will be AWESOME! Casa definatly has the BEST Student Government, EVER!

-- From Luke, Casa Roble Fundamental High School, Orangevale CA

Our prom theme for Whitlock Jr High prom is a Midnight Mascarade. Its going to be so crunk and i hope that this theme would be good enough for someone else to use it. Get it boo!!!

-- From B-nash, Whitlock Jr High, Spartanburg SC

Well our semi formals consited of Freshman year~ Castle in the clouds Sophomore year~ Secret Garden Junior Year~ Ski Lodge prom was A night of elegance Senior Year ~ Almost Paradise and Prom will be Oscars Red Carpet

-- From Holly, Memorial High School, Manchester NH

Our prom these this year is "Starlight"

-- From Amy, , NJ

Our theme is I'm A Slave 4 U like the song by Britney and were having it in the gym and it totally blows because our prom committee is all not into this and they've made our prom look like an Asian sex slave camp. Its totally gold and neon and i don't even think that the juniors should even be in charge anymore because they just don't like us seniors and they're trying to wreck our prom!!!!

-- From Baylee, RHS, Riversburg, OH

Hoosier Heaven. 'nuff said.

-- From Kurtis, LHS, Lineville IN

Our theme is "Waiting is Better." The gym is going to be totally, pure, snow white. We bought tons of tulle and twinkle lights and we are renting a fog machine so it would seem like heaven and we were walking in the clouds!! We are having a lock-in after the dance--I'm so excited!!!

-- From Heidi S., Foggybottom Christian Academy, Foggybottom MS

Here'e to the Night by Eve 6

-- From DietCoke, Reedsville High School, Reedsville WI

our theme this year is "where the wild things are"

-- From Brooke, Salem High, VA

Our theme was Manhattan Mystique. We rented a building at the Garden Center and we had a red carpet for the people entering, and we had a chocolate fountain with all kinds of fruit to dip into there. It was awesome

-- From Baylee, Skiatook High School, Skiatook Ok

I'm on the yearbook comitee at my school and we are planning this year's yearbook dance. Unfortunately, no body can agree on a theme! I thought it would be neat to do a Bronx kind of New York street theme but hardly no one likes it. I can understand that. Last year's theme was Under the Sea and everyone wants to do that same theme again! If anyone can think of any ideas PLEASE HELP ME!!!

-- From stumped, BCJHS, nashville in

The prom themes we've had the last few years are A Walk on the Red Carpet (movie star style) Midsummers Night Dream (tons of pastels) and this year's is Mardi Gras... partay!!!

-- From Kate, , Canada

Haha well first off I want to say that i find it really funny how everyone is saying how expensive their bids (tickets) are at like 15 or 30...ours are always $65. (per couple)....but this year i am a junior and i finally get to attend prom and im on prom committee so i get to decide a lot of things for it....our theme is "Tropical Sunset" and we have some really awesome decorations. Right when you walk into the building and prepare to enter the room we have an enormous sun setting on the wall in reds, oranges, and yellows with two spot lights on it. We also will have palm trees and other decorations. On the tables we are having a mirror with a bowl of water with tropical flower floating candles surrounded by cloth flowers as our center pieces.....its gonna be great!

-- From Rachael, Quincy Notre Dame, Quincy IL

Moonlight Magic

-- From Sharon, South Tech High School, Boynton Beach FL

Our prom this year is A Night Under the Stars, and last years was The Hidden World of Atlantis Under the Sea.

-- From athena mcclure, SHS, Bakersfield CA

As a member of the junior class, I am proud to announce that our theme this year is going to be "Chicago... and all that Jazz" based on the musical/movie and the city. Our colors are black, silver, with bits of red. Its going to be awesome. Some of our past themes were pretty cool... last year: Return to Emerald City (based on Wizard of Oz) 03- Fire & Ice 02- Lights, Camera, Action! (A really awesome Hollywood theme!) 01- Bonjour Paris! 00- Egyptian Nights A few of them have been over done, but if you add your own little bit to them, they can be totally awesome like ours were. Plus, with those themes there is SO much to do with decorations, refreshments, etc...

-- From Brandon Call, Las Cruces High School, Las Cruces NM

Last year's was "A Walk on the Red Carpet" .. this year's at Huntington Beach Hilton.. so it's "Oceanside Romance" :]

-- From Chick, Valencia HS, Placentia CA

Laisses Bon Tiemps Rouler!!! It means "Let the Good Times Roll". Its French Casino theme. Its gonna be really cute. The colors will be black, red, white, and gold.

-- From Cami, Trinity, Longview TX

"A Night of Southern Elegance" was our theme lastyear. We walked out of a big white plantation house with white columns and a red front door. The servers were dressed as soldiers for the guys and the girls wore big, poofy, old timey dresses. It was really awsome!

-- From Megan, , jefferson county GA

Our theme this year for our 8th grade Dance/Prom is "Lost in a Dream". I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- From Vidy, Mcadams jr high, Dickinson TX

Our theme this year for our 8th grade Dance/Prom is "Lost in a Dream". I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- From Piggy, Mcadams jr high, dickinson tx

like, we did bella note, it was all italian...we all got wine glasses with the theme on it and we even had this bridge thingie with a gondala underneath....we put italian moss in the bathrooms

-- From peterson, port charlotte high, port charlotte fl

When I was a 9th grader the prom theme was a HEAVEN ON FIRE, 10th grade it was A Walk to REMEMBER, and this year we are having a UNDER THE SEA theme but my class want to call it something else and prom is tomorrow april 2. So if you have any last minute theme ideas or other ideas for me please contact Jessica at jesse680@hotmail.com.

-- From Jessica, Hope-Page, Hope ND

our theme is Hollywood and i am so disappointed because we could of had something grown and sexxy like a mascarade or somthin but no we are havin hollywood which we have had for 4 years in a row so i am not to happy but i am on the decoration commity so i will make it very very grown and sexxy regardless so jus wish us luck

-- From Imani, Seton H.S,

I'm a junior this year. We're still planning our prom right now. I believe the theme is A Walk With Roses. Our colors will be red, silver, and white.

-- From Christina Palmer, Lee Central High School, Bishopville SC

Our theme is a Black Tie Affair. The colors are black, white, and silver. It's a throw back to the old school formal event, really classy, all delightfully elegant and super expensive (yay prom tickets)!

-- From Amy Hake, Lindbergh High School, St. Louis MO

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