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james bond, 007

-- From mary brennfoerder, miami, ok. mhs, miami, ok

so our theme last year was red carpet affair...it was really kool...we had an actual red carpet..im not sure exactly wut the fabric was but it was red and it looked really kool...we had 2 different doors going into the room we had it in so for the grand march we had the guys come in one door and the girls come in the other door and meet in the middle then walk thru an arc kinda thingy...we had cardboard figures of famous people like marilyn monroe and them up..it was really neat...

-- From stephanie, belt high school, belt mt

Our theme is going to be immigration in the early 1900's. I dont know how were going to decorate but it should be nice.

-- From Phil, Bloomsburg High School, Bloomsburg PA

Last year theme was "A Moment in Time" It was really nice. Homecoming theme this year is a "night of mystery" which will be really nice

-- From Rebecca, Noth Miami senior, miami fl

Our theme one year for Prom was "A Knight for a Princess" ..cute right

-- From -, -, - -

Our Theme for our Prom was 007. Since was the class of 2007's prom. They had a classic car brought in to take pictures by, and they had a bar set up were they sold non-alcoholic drinks. I have to admit this year make class we have a hard time beating it.

-- From Kellie, SCHS, Wisconsin

Last year our prom theme was "Making Memories of Us"

-- From Jaime, ,

My freshman year I went to prom and the theme was "Crystal Ball." The colors were pink, black, and silver and there were lights hung everywhere and a little gazebo (spelling?) in the middle which made everything look sooo pretty. Then for my sophomore year prom was titled "Hidden Treasure." No way did it amount to my freshman year but it was pretty with the emerald green, royal blue, and silver colors. Just a bit of advice, make sure you have kick ass drinks!! That's the best part of prom!!

-- From Alyson, St. Bernard's HIgh School, California

Our prom theme for last year was "A TOUCH OF CLASS", it turn out really nice.

-- From Bao XIong, Merced High School, Merced, CA

Even though it's only October and we're all really focused on finishing Homecomming we've already almost solidified our theme, Venisian Carnivale. We wanted to do Europe, a boat, and a masq. Carnivale ties it all together.

-- From Rachel W., Hanau American Middle/ High, Hanau DE

We were brainstorming prom ideas this morning. Ancinet greece came up- togas and such, give it some creative name from greek mythology. Black and white classic hollywood was another idea "Hollywoold boulevard" 1920s-1950s hollywood, flappers, jazz, swing.. think Monroe, Garland, Hepburn, Chaplin, Grant, Astaire, Dean, Turner Classic Movies kinda thing... I like that one. Under the baordwalk. Hvae like, a carnival thing at one end, and then a bit more romantic "under" part, street lights and park benches... we also have a potential Bond theme going. We were also thinking of maybe a beach theme, something about "blackandwhiteandred allover" like- sunburn kinda thing. Have black white and red be the "colors" obviously.

-- From Emily M, ,

Well. We haven't really used this theme yet this year but i was thinkin we should use A tropical theme and Have our local zoo donate all of their animals and we could have them roam wild all over the country club! It would be totally awesome! I can't wait!

-- From Amanda , Joshua High School, Joshua Tx

"Heaven On Earth" if you really think about the theme it can make a beautiful theme.

-- From Annie, Ball High School, Galveston TX

This year's prom theme at my school is 'Midnight in Paris'. I'm not sure what it's going to be like, but I'm sure it's going to be a night of fun. The theme says it all!!

-- From Krizma, Smithfield-Selma High, Selma, N.C. 17

our theme is going to be Gangsters paradise

-- From jordan, lindsay high, lindsay,ca

a night under the shanghi moon, we had chinese fighter fish as centre pieces...its was pretty neat

-- From lucy, guelph public school, guelph GA

"Midnight Masterpeice"...... "Wish apon a star"..... or maybe "Moon Lit Memories.".. Can anyone help with some more ideas?

-- From Lindsay, Um... its that one school, Somewhere OR

Last year our prom theme was "Come Fly With Me', the song. We draped streamers on the ceiling and themed the hallways and other areas different places. All over the walls of the gym we hung flags from different countries. I guess in retrospect it wasn't that great but I put too many hours into it to care! This year our theme is going to be Phantom of the Opera. I love broadways so I am really excited and I can't wait to see it!

-- From Ellen, , OH

The 04' senior prom theme at my friends school was "Cities in the lights" and they decorated each corner of their gym with like different cities, like New York, Boston, Holywood and placed like that, they used lots of lights and fake trees and had different cut outs of the big buildings and landmarks of all the cities, it was beautiful, just a theme to think about.

-- From Kacie, Forest Hills, Maine

winter wonderland

-- From Anna, kingston High, kingston ok

secret garden

-- From Emily , bla, blea wa

Last year our prom theme was "Keeper of The Stars" and of course the song was "Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Byrd. The colors were dark blue and white...they had stars everywhere...this year we are going to do something like "Could Not Ask For More" and of course the "I Could Not Ask For More" song by Sara Evans...and have red, gold, and silver as our colors..very elegant and classy...and have roses everywhere!! PROM 2007!!!

-- From Jenna, MLS School, MO

It is about cand, and sweets

-- From lukas, webberville High Scool, webberville MI

our school usually has reallly nice themes. Last years them was "Ever After" and the entrance was a huge carrige that was painted white and then had angel dust all ove it. The guy would walk across a cobble then path and across a bridge and meet the girl who would come out of the carrige. It was really sweet. They also had a fountain and trees and balloons all around. The year before the theme was "A walk in the park", another beautiful idea. The guy and the girl would start at an arch way and walk through the garden on a red carpet path. there were real flowers everywhere and laterns and a waterfall. It was really pretty. and the year before the theme was "stary night", in which the had stars hanging from the ceiling and a waterfall etc. And my favorite of all was "SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW".....they had balloon clouds hanging from the ceiling. Also theytook a bridge and made it look like a rainbow in the center by making 2 rainbows for each side. they had glitter on the floor and there colors were pastel orange,yellow,pink.blue,and green!

-- From Leanne, d.c.h.s,

well..i come from a school of about 550 kids..from grade 7-12..but we have this thing that the grades..9-12 verse each other..and have to make a 30 minute play...and i need a theme..its just like a prom theme..like hawaiin ..james bond..under the sea..but those have all been done..i need something totally original..thanks!

-- From lucy, floral park, oceanside ny

My freshman year, our theme was "Bella Notte" which was cute because i was a freshman, my Sophomore year it was, "Red Carpet Rendezvous" which is totally played out, my Junior year it was "Riviera Romanza" which i thought was beautiful. Its my senior year and i want something REALLY good and unique that isnt used a lot. I hope we can all agree on something AWESOME!!!

-- From Beth, Olympia High School, Olympia WA

My Sophomore yr the theme 4 homecoming was Tthe Wonderful World of North" we made super large disney characters n placed them everywhere n decorated the walls w/ blue fabric w silver stars! N we rented a backdrop that had disneyland in it !!!it turned out beautifull!!!!

-- From *Ciara G.*, NORTH HIGH SCHOOL, HeLLA Hotttt PHX! AZ

our school is small less than 100 pre-k through 12th and im a junior with 6 people in our class 4 of which dont like to work. we want to do something like spain or mexico or somethin if you could help us out on a theme or any other suggestions to make it simple yet beautiful e-mail me sarena__08@hotmail.com

-- From Sarena, Hardesty High, Hardesty OK

Aurora Borealis/Campfire/Wilderness... VERY pretty

-- From Lynn, Marionville, Marionville MO

Someone should try shamrocks or St. Patrick's Day

-- From Jaime, , LA CA

My 11th grade prom theme was Hawaiin Romance..it consits of the tropical feel when everyone entered the room they were greeted with lais and everyone had on tropical colors it was fun!

-- From Quanta Jones, Churchland High, Portsmouth VA

Ive read alot about ppl wanting ideas for the James Bond 007 theme. My school did it ast year, I thought that it would be a bit cheesy but it actually turned out pretty cool. For the grand march in the gym before the dance, all the kids entered from the side walking over a bridge that extended over a huge shiny paper lake. The bridge had a huge silouete* of the city behind it. After you crossed the bridge you walked along a stone paper path that went around the lake. There were street lamps and benches around the lake to. It all looked so good. The color scheme was alot of black, silver, and red. It was all very sophisticated, elagant and sooo much fun! Then to make it really cool at the actual dance there were silouetes of james bond in his notorious stances every where. It was a fun theme Id recomend it to any one.

-- From Bronco babe from the UG, The UG, UG WI

Our Junior/Senior Prom theme this year is going to be Rock -n- Roll there's lots of music and glitter involved

-- From Sam, WHS, Middle Of NO WHERE

we would love to do james bond 007 theme this year but, i not sure how to decorate. so if any one has any ideas, please send me an email, to rsrey@insightbb.com thank you

-- From courtney, brown, louisville ky


-- From Brittney Lund, Grygla High School, Grygla MN

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Prom Night Drinking
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