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Our prom theme this year was "Take My Breath Away" we had the original song that was sung by Berlin (the original one). It was so romantic.. our background had roses, and we had a arch that we walked through and going down both sets of stairs was a red carpet. the girls met the guys at the bottom of the steps. our main colors were red and cream. it was amazing.

-- From Becca Sanford, McKenzie High School, McKenzie AL

Heaven on Earth

-- From , Wharton High School, Wharton TX

Frosted Twilight was this years and it was really pretty and last years was A night at the roxbury

-- From Ashlie, Coeurd'Alene High School, Couerd'Alene Id

We had a Sadie Hawkins and the theme was "Valentines is Vegas." It turned out to be really awsome! We had flashing lights everywhere and fake hotels... Our backdrop for pictures was huge dice and money everywhere.

-- From Chelsey, , Washington State

Last year our theme was "jailhouse rock" there were sirens and fake police and stuff. They took huge, lifesize pictures of the teachers and put them behind bars surrounding the dance. There was "caution tape" and other cool stuff all over the place

-- From Anonymous, , someplace KS

I want fun themes stuff thats interesting like glo in the dark oriented things like this any ideas???Or just something outrageous!!!!!

-- From k, High school , k k

Our theme last year was "A Night in Paris" It was awesome!!

-- From Amy, Turner Ashby HS, VA

Jazz Night

-- From Jane Doe, tc, Campbellsville KY

What does everyone think of the theme "Lovers and Friends" ?????????

-- From Me , Best ever high school, usa us

Hey I need a prom theme I want something fun adn crazy a lil wild i need some suggestions????????? please put them here!

-- From me , Best Ever High School, usa us

Are school had a really good theme it was pimps and pricesses nd the year before it was gansters

-- From Stacey, Furze Platt, Maidenhead, England

every year after senior prom the school has a "post-prom party"every1 goes. anyway last year the theme for the post prom was "monopoly" they had a huge board on the floor, black jack, poker, a climbing wall, a sumo wrestling ring with fat suits to put on, a karioke booth, laser tag, a money pit, a fortune teller, a little beach area, and a ton of food...it was so much fun and the decorations were great

-- From michelle, ridley high school, Philidelphia pa

Last year for prom, we did " A FairyTale Night" it was really pretty because the inside of the dance looked like a castle. This year they are doing "A Night at the Opera". I'm really excited to see what this is going to look like.

-- From Rachael, , IL

"from sunset to sunrise"

-- From ashley, Vestavia HIlls High School, Vestavia AL

I need Help! My school hasn't picked a theme and is asking us to find songs to determine our theme but i dont know of any. Please send any suggestions if you know any good ones!

-- From Daphne, Cathedral High School, New York NY

Our theme rocked! It was "I wanna soak up the sun" and the song by Sheryl Crow played all night long! I was voted Beach Bunny (aka prom queen) because of the tropical settings. We had palm trees, and lots of yellow and blue and red colors every where. Beach balls too! Soo cute when you put them together.

-- From Kristy, New Bloomington West High, Normal IL

We are looking for a theme name...our theme is gonna be a tropical/luau theme. we are looking for the perfect title for our prom. we're thinking about something like hawaiian nights, or something with sunset in it...anybody have any ideas??

-- From Adriana, San Bernardino High School, San Bernardino CA

A Night In Shinning Armour

-- From GCHS, GCHS, Moab Ut


-- From sarah, ccs, saskatewan

~*Paris under the Stars*~ It was pretty cool

-- From Tora, SHS, CT

"Sharing The Night Together"

-- From Honey Cabrera, , LasVegas,Nevada

junior class picked ....."Just My Imgination" -Temptations....and we dedicated "Really Ganna Miss You" - Smokey Robinson.......for the Class OF 2005

-- From Jaleesa Griffin, Walthill High, Walthill NE

Last year, our prom theme was "Kissed by a Rose." It was gorgeous. The colors were black and red, there were roses everywhere (fake to save on $.) We also had Hershey Kisses scattered on the tables! Get it? "Kissed" by a Rose?!

-- From James, Eisenhower, Lander PA

wishing on a star

-- From victor hernandez, basset school, la puente ca

My school has had some pretty good themes for formal dances. This year for homecoming we had "Night At The Roxbury." We made the gym look like a nightclub and had glowsticks and stuff like that on the tables. We also had 2 chaperones dress up as bouncers. The song was of course "What Is Love" by Hadaway. It was one of the best dances. In the past, we've done "Unleash The Dragon", "Paradise Island", and "Mardi Gras" For winter weekend we want to do "Las Vegas," but we're not allowed because it promotes gambling....riiight. Last year we did "Happy Days" and had a '50s theme. The DJ played a few oldies once in awhile, and we a had hula hoop contest. It was the best dance, but only because of the decorations. The year before we did "Ice Ice Baby." It was a pretty big hit.

-- From AT, , NY

we had a beautiful and awesome theme it was a night by the sea. It was so romantic and it was a lot of fun we used baby blue and silver as our colors

-- From cindi, the oaks, Houston tx

Our theme this year was "CRMS presents, a black and white affair" it was really cool! EVERYTHING was black and white.. even some of the food items.

-- From Halley, CRMS, Aspen Co

Hollywood. Secret Garden. Midsummer Nights / magical

-- From jacintha, central campus, fresno ca


-- From jen, jdhs, springfield nj

"A night in Venice"

-- From Karen Nihipali, Kahuku High School, Laie HI

Cinderella--Til the Stroke of Midnight

-- From Allison, MV, IA

These aren't necessarily for Prom, but for Homecoming, Sweethearts, or any other dance. In the past we've had: "We're in Heaven" by Bryan Adams, "OnlyYours"(which was really 'only hope' from a Walk to Remember), "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra, "When You Love Someone" by Bryan Adams, and "When I Fall in Love (It Will Be Forever)" by Celine Dion and Clive Griffin, off the Sleepless in Seattle Soundtrack. "At the Beginning" from the Anastasia Soundtrack.

-- From Laura, Fremont Baby!!, Ogden UT

My sister was on the Prom committee and their theme was "Only Hope." It turned out really great and the decorations were a forest green and black and we had a staircase where we walked down. It looked awesome!

-- From LaWs GiRl, North Sevier High School, Salina Ut

Our theme for our prom this year is " Time of Your Life " and i think its gonna be an awesome prom!!!!!

-- From Amanda, Simi Valley High School, SImi Valley CA

A Walk to Remember....they used pastel colors.

-- From Emily , Central Lee High School, Donnellson Ia

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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