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we did an mtv theme or something weird...night in paris...tropical theme and masquerade this year options for prom are hollywood or candyland. ooo we've also done arabian nights and night on the nile

-- From Mackenzie, LFHS, Lake Forest IL

This year our theme is "A Touch of Class...2005". It's going to be all formal and everything, and the decorations are being done like with white tulle and red roses. Our invitations are being made by one of the girl's mom and it looks like a little tuxedo jacket with a red bow tie. each table is going to have a place setting of a single red rose.

-- From Melissa, Notre Dame C.S.S., Ajax, Ontario CA



Last year I was a spohomore and the prom theme was "A red Carpart Affiar". They had cute out statues of marlyn monroe, james dean, etc.. it was pretty cool (ok I didnt go to prom last year but I got to see pictures of it) Now this year im a junior and i am on the prom committe.. so far our class has it narrowed down to 2 themes. FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND, which is tropical, or LA BELLA NOCHA

-- From Whitney, Kirksville High School, kirksville M0

Last year, I went to 2 proms. My ex's school's theme was "A Garden Under the Stars" and it was an oriental theme and was absolutely gorgeous. The colors were red and gold and black and the place looked absolutely beautiful. My school's theme was "Hollywood Nights" and we gave out Oscars to the king, queen, and court, had movie posters everywhere. OUr favors were in bags that looked like the clappers. it was really cool. This year's theme is Las Vegas, which sounds soooo lame!

-- From Ashley, , Fishers IN

last year, our senior class wanted to be original with their prom idea...it was a cool idea, but a horrible prom. they thought it would be fun to have the prom on a boat! awesome right? well, it turns out that the boat they got couldn't hold 500 kids, which is what they had...it was cramped, hot, crowded, and ppl got seasick...not to mention, a lack of parking, and some ppl missed the boat! Take my advise...DON'T have ur prom on a boat!!!

-- From Laura, chs, md

our theme was a night in Paris it was so0o prettii i love it

-- From Amanda, xo, xo NJ

Our Theme was Fire and Ice, And It was Awful...they were still cuting out the picture back drop as we were walking in. And are budget is all of $300 dollars so it totally sucked.

-- From Ashleigh, South Cobb High School, Austell Ga

This year our theme is masquerade ball, and its not your typical tacky mardi gras colors, but like in the phantom of the opera...red, gold, black and white. everyone can decorate thier masks to match their dresses or the guys can have a white mask like the phantom or a top hat. I'm having an old fashioned dress made, im so excited.

-- From Rachel, Notre Dame, MO

A Walk in the Nile its Egyption.

-- From Rebekah MCLeod, Sheridan High School, Sheridan WY

hawaii it was so cool

-- From Nikki , , paris, texas

Well our theme this year is going to be "Simply Brilliant". I know it sounds like a toothpaste, but its just the name that they class officers gave it because its kind of not a theme. They just decided it would be easier if we just had a very pretty, elegant. But whatever its gonna be cool.

-- From Tiffany, Charlotte High School, Punta Gorda FL

Just an idea .. but my school is Thistletown .. im thinking "Thistletown does Tinsletown" to go along with the Hollywood theme.. golds, reds, maybe black ...glitter, tinsle and all.

-- From , Thistletown, CA

Ok... So you all think you got it bad for themes. Get this. Our junior class votes on the prom theme. Those stupid kids chose Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!! I mean... thats not even .... a ...prom theme!! So we all made a big fuss.. I drew up a petition... but never had to hand it in. It kind of changed ... Field of Dreams....but it is still baseball! It is crap. Our pictures are going to look like base ball cards... and im just very livid. This is exactly why we should have the seniors voting. I mean it is our prom. Oh and the junior class is in charge of all of prom...so they are in charge of raising money... we dont even have $1000!! How are we going to have a prom. We cant even rent the building we have it in!!! I feel disaster...

-- From Kelsi, Spencer High School, Spencer IA

Okay well its not really Prom yet, since our school is a intermediate school and Im in grade ten. Its more of a formal. Anyways we have so many ideas. We have under the sea. We were going to have blue sheer fabric and fish on the walls and stuff. The DJ has a bubble maker so we have bubbles and all. Also we had fantasy , with Glitter and silver and stuff.We arent really sure what we are going to do so we are making a poll, whatever its going to be , ITLL BE GREAT!

-- From Erika, , Ottawa Canada

our theme was "a moment like this" and it was magical.

-- From jessica f., hampton high school, hampton tn

Our them last year for our 2004 prom was "Heaven on Earth" it was so pretty our colrs were silver, blue, and white there were stars everywhere it was gorgeous

-- From Chrissy, Charles B Aycoke High School, Fremont NC

Well im a junior and last years prom was kissed by a rose it was really pretty and this year the theme is mardi gras im on the prom committie and i think its gonna be beautiful! i cant wait to go and next years better be better!

-- From Virginia , Morton High, Hammond IN

Our theme was Oriental Enchantment. Our main colors were black and Red with a hint of gold. I designed These huge banners to hang form ceiling to floor (think the movie Rush Hour where jackie chan slid down a banner) This was really cheap i used gossimer red and then painted huge like 7foot tall chinese characters on it. I got the shapes from online. THen the tables had balck tables clothes with red runners. I painted the same chinese characters on the ends of the runners. then all over the table i put cheap chinese things. LIke fans mardi gras bead in our theme colors...anythign out of oriental trader. Out front we put a huge paper wall screen thing. dragons, lights, and paper laterns hung over the floor. I think total we spent like $600. (we usuall spend 2000) and it was the best anyone has seen yet!

-- From Mallory Edmondson, LaPorte High School, LaPorte IN

Our theme was check mate. it was amazing, we had the floor designed like a chess board with huge chess pieces all over. it was really elegant.

-- From Kiera Durmford, St Marys, South Africa

Are theme is Willy wonka and the chocolate factory how gay is that all they did was place lollip pops ever where and had a chocolate fountion which broke

-- From amy , , union

our theme this year is "old hollywood"!! its soo cool, we have lounge chairs and vases with fake peacock tails in them, big painted pillars and were sopposed to try to get retro-glam dresses! out pictures are gonna be old-style (thats slightly faded kind of look) and were covering our staircase with wood adn painting it too look like the grand staircase in titanic!(hey, we couldent find any other old-looking stiarcases....) and a lot of our songs are old fashioned sones, we have lots and lots of frank sanatra!!!

-- From stacy, st. davids, corner's steam CA

Our theme is "A Night on the Red Carpet". Our school is very small so we combine senior/junior prom together. I know the senior girls are going to out shine us juniors but I got a little trick up my sleeve.

-- From Whitney, Southside Academy, Brooklyn MD

stairway to heaven with a lot of stars, lots of blue and black. Its my first prom

-- From Frances, DIberville High , Diberville ms

I AM SO SUPER EXCITED ABOUT PROM!!!!! I am on Prom committee, and this year, we are TOTALLY going away from anything that's ever been done. Since our school's only been in existence for 7 years, we still have a lot to work from. We're goin to have a castle thats black with sparkles and flowers at the end so its like ur walking into a flower garden. And we're goin to try to get a real water fountain. Ohhhh, my god, it's going to be SO gorgeous!

-- From Samantha, Xavier HS, Cedar Rapids IA

I am a junior this year and my freshman year our theme was London By lamplight, sophomore year was 'a night at the oasis' and our theme this year is going to be somethign oriental which im not to siked about! We wanted it to be candy land or willy wonka but apparently we arent getting our way. One year it was 'under the big top' which was awesome and 'to tell a tale of time' that was beautiful! well just some ideas! email me if you have any cool others! Kaylamarie07@hotmail.com

-- From Kayla, Newton High School, Newton Ks

"Come Away With Me" not very creative.. its that norah jones song

-- From Stacey, Alameda High, Alameda,CA

we had such a hard time coming up with themes: mardi gras a walk to remember masquerade

-- From hether, , FL

freshman year our prom was "stairway to heaven" it was pretty cool. the stage was awesome...and so was the entrance way... this year it is "whispering enchantments" which will probably be lovely..creative ppl make creative ideas...good luck and have a safe 2005 prom to you all!!:)

-- From courtney kellner, valders , valders wi

We had an awesome theme "1920's Gansta Ball' we had everyone dressed up in gansta outfits we had a wicked design team we had old newspaper all over the walls (afforadable seeing as we only had a budget of $100 for decorations) we had black and white paper everywhere. nice tables set up with a glass with candles and stones in it. We had good music and we pained an old brick wall and set up a couch in front of the wall with taggs on it the photos turned out well. everyone one got it and it went well.

-- From Lee, Rai Valley Area School, Marlborough SI

Last year we had "Grease" Old music dresses and invitation made int a cd case with out ticket a cd it was really cool.

-- From Kylie, New Zealand, Rotorua

We have not voted on a theme yet but we all want something like "Garden of Eden" or "Star light Star bright". Something elegnt but you can wear what you choose and not just a certain color.

-- From Dawn, ,

masquerade ball is our theme for 2005 prom. No one really wants it, but our class president doesn't really listen to us. We all wanted a beach party like great day to be alive in paradise or something like that.

-- From Whir, Mariposa High, Mariposa Ca

"nacho" ordinary prom--fiesta My big fat catholic prom- Greek wedding?

-- From Meg, achs, Louisiana

The theme this year is "Stairway To Heaven". We are all waitin to see how it's gonna turn out.

-- From Elizabeth, Stranahan High School, Fort Lauderdale FL

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