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Our prom theme was "Tales of Dream" and our colors were lavender and silver.

-- From Natalia, Pomona High, Pomona CA

our theme for last year was you are my everything and it was decorated in teal and black and silver and purple the whole place was decorated with stars and baloons and it was so beautiful

-- From Janna, Lamar County High School, Vernon Al

Las Vegas~ Casino nite! Lots of poker and a comedian, and tables decorated like playing cards... showgirls, and the strip... its gonna be awesome.

-- From Jen , , Sumwhere NJ

For the year 2004-2005, our prom theme is an evening in paris....it is going to be one of the best proms ever held because we are going to have an eifel tower in the background and have a litle waitress comin around...it's going to be fun...

-- From Yer, Fresno High School, Fresno CA

I'm a junior and this is what my class has picked for the Prom theme: **Pastel Jungle** The theme speaks for itself on how pathetic it'll sound if no one changes it...we are keeping on how it looks more the title itself. I think it should be "A Night in Paradise." But the colors otherwise are pretty good in how it'll look.

-- From Alison Esperti, Fort Ann Central Senior High School, Fort Ann NY

Our theme this year is "Night of the Roses" and our colors are dark red, gold and ivory.

-- From Monica, Everett High School, Lansing MI

A Twighlight in Tinsel Town" awww... loving the theme

-- From Tram Nguyen, West Covina High School, West Covina CA

Memories in the Moonlight

-- From Erika, Falls Church High School, Falls Church VA

Our theme was "A Moment Like This" our colors where blue and silver, we had silver stars and lots of white and blue lights and about a thousand blue, silver balloons, it turned out pretty cool.

-- From Kelsey, Meeteetse High School, Meeteetse Wy

Though i am only in 10th grade this year, i have been putting a lot of thought into next years prom theme. Theis years prom theme is "Stairway to Heaven" which i think is kind of stupid because a bunch of preppy girls wanted that theme just because it was their mothers theme.

-- From Nolin, Ridgway Area High School, Ridgway PA

A Walk on the Wild Side

-- From Maria, , Fresno, Ca

Last years prom theme was " The One" and the scene was a garden scene. This years prom is "Come Away with Me" but I cant say how we are decorating it. I have a senior sitting by me and it is a BIG secret, ;)

-- From Anna and Stacy, Risco HS, Risco, Mo

The theme this year was a night to remember. Colors were mainly black with silver and white as the highlight colors. There was a fountain (kit), a bridge with gossamer water leading to the fountain, columns separating the dining and dancing areas, black poly vinyl to surround the area and the same columns (rectangle) White rectangular colums made of styrofoam, 2 x 4'sm and corrigated paper with a black top and black frond leaves with silver glitter for the picture area. There were blue lights with gossamer on the ceilings. It doesn't sound all that neat but truthfully it turned out good. The kids did a great job in transforming the room!

-- From Mrs. S. , , NE

This year our theme is Under the Artic Moon. I'm not really sure why since we are on the beach in April and it will be like 80 degrees outside

-- From Heather, DeLand High, DeLand FL

"Mystical Forest" is the name we decided on. It's like a Midsummer's Nigh Dream.

-- From Adrianna, L'Anse High School, L'Anse MI

twilight enchantment

-- From ashley, west meck, charlotte nc

Memories are forever Memories are enchanted

-- From Catasha Marte Boxley, Holly Springs High Scholl, Holly Springs MS

okay how gay is this, we have like a garden theme?? what the frick is up with that i mean come on, you can do so much better, and to top it alll off, most people when they think of a garden think of like pastel colors and my dress is definetly HOT PINK, but so is mm y best friends, so i meean at least i wont be the only one in a hot color instead of a pastel, but come on, GARDEN!!!!!!!

-- From MiZz Kim, Tucker High., Richmond va

our senior prom theme is "Night at the Oscars"

-- From Nikki, , Mi


-- From Adele Kennedy, L.W. HIGGINS HIGH SCHOOL, New Orleans LA

A Night to Remember. Have your school colors have balloons, some type of souviner for the prom night, and some type of streamers some type of soft material to match your school colors. Or whatever the color is you decide on.

-- From Daniel, The Rayen School, Youngstown OH

Last year our prom theme was Imagine. Prom decorations were all blakc and white. And in the middle of the gym for prom walk, we had a huge clobe made out of an old satelite dish. The black and white theme was awesome it really gave prom some class.

-- From Laura Lessman, Serena High School, Serena Il

Last year our theme was Under the Sea and there was a huge ship wrecked boat in the middle of our gym..it was awesome! This year its "A Tale of Two Cities" Paris and New York, I'm excitied.

-- From Ashley , , IA

ok, this is awsome! This year i came up with our senior prom theme. its "Remember me in Paradise" i think it is totally beautiful. it will be so romantic and so much fun. i am a cheerleader and in ASB so i will do my best to make it , like totally cool!!!

-- From Courtney, Point Loma High, San Diego CA

Our theme is "Kiss from a Rose". We were gonna have our song be that song too, by Seal. But they changed it and it's now "Everything I Do, I Do For You" which didn't make sense to me. I like the other song, but it'll still be great. Our colors are burgandy and silver. And we're having rose petals and candles everywhere. It's gonna be really romantic looking! I like it!

-- From Amy, Brimfield HS, Peoria IL

Garden of Dreams

-- From Sarah, EHS, Elgin IL

Our prom theme is Disney. We will have a castle and lots of fairy tale like decorations. I got a cinderella ballgown to go with the theme.

-- From Abby, Pewaukee High School, Pewaukee WI

Well this year I am only a freshman, but for the junior prom of 04, the theme was set up like the game "Candyland". The decorations were really cute and it ended up turning out great.

-- From Brooke, , Wi

My prom was AMAZING, it was "A night in Venice" it was good to have a European theme here in Canada

-- From Julie I, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School, Brampton ON

Wonderful Tonight

-- From Ummm yeah, AGHS, A-Town NE

In intermediate school (That's junior high, yanks) We had a mini- formal, the theme was fire and ice. The decorations were some painted cardboard, and some cellophane. considering the dance was held in the school hall and we provided the food, I'd like to know where the money for our tickets went.

-- From , ,

"Always and Forever" Always and forever Each moment w/ u Is just like a dream 2 me That somehow came true, yeah And I know tomorrow Will still b the same Cuz we got a life of love That won't ever change and Everyday love me your own special way Melt all my heart away with a smile Take time to tell me you really care And we'll share tomorrow together Ooh baby, I'll always love you forever.......

-- From Larissa Esparza, Lakewood High, Lakewood CA


-- From Jessica , John Glenn, Bay city MI

We are going to do a chinese take out theme. With huge bokes full of red and black balloons, with a take out sign on the front. That look oriental.

-- From Sharell, Charles City Middle School, Charles City VA

The senior class colors are black and white, so the prom committee wanted to do something vintage for the prom. We decided on "Classic Hollywood Glamour". We have miniature Oscar statures for the attendees and a red carpet to walk in on. It should be a lot of fun!

-- From Heather, Cedar Cliff High School, Lemoyne PA

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Prom Night Drinking
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