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The theme for our prom this year is going to be a Italian vineyard. Our art teacher is one of our class sponsors so she is planning on making most of the decorations by hand and only ordering a few things from catalogs. We are going to use grapevine and place it around the area. Along with many other decorations. This is going to be a prom like we have never had before!

-- From Class of 2005, South Knox High School, Vincennes IN

our homecoming theme is caribbean sunset.

-- From alysa brisco, dvhs, phoenix az

The theme for 2003 prom was FANTASIA. yes...the movie. we had a "castle" or whatever and we had napkins with characters from that movies. oh we also have volunteers to dress up as the charaters!

-- From unknown, unknown, unknown az

Last year's prom theme was Iris, like the Goo Goo Dolls song. They danced to it after crowning the queen and king. The decorations were all purple and silver, with a lot of balloons and candles. It looked really romantic, and that song is great. I still think of prom every time I hear it. :)

-- From Kristin, Seeger Memorial High , Williamsport IN

or prom theme this year will most likley be "Late Night Las Vegas!" It's going to be awesome. The entrance to prom is a jiant slot machine. As you walk down the big hallway you feel like you're walking down the strip because you see all the hotells. they are all three dimensional and are built out of the walls. we are taking big cardboard boxes, covering them with white and black dots to make the dice and we are going to trace big sets of cards. When you get inside the prom room we will set it up to look like the inside of the casino. We will have the people and scenes from some of the shows, and also things like slot machines and poker tables. the female paiges are going to be dressed as show girls with the big feathers and the guys will be dealers with the green visers. It's going to be great

-- From daniel pate, lake region high, winter haven fl

Our theme last year was "Come What May" From the movie "Moulin Rouge" It was amazing!!!!! We had the red carpet and all... we had a big tunnel of lights with the red carpet leading through to the room. Also we had black top-hats and "diamonds" on all the tables... our theme song was obviously "Come What May" it was great!!!! It was beautifully decorated and a VERY fun theme!

-- From Kelly, Wahlert HS, Dubuque IA

Our jr prom theme was ON DESTINY'S DOORSTEP .. it was a dream come true.

-- From Esther , Lowell , San Francisco CA

Well in Senior Class we have to put on the Winter Formal and we decided to go with "A Black Tie Affair" and as far as decorations go we wanted looks from the classy era in new york. All black and white with accents of red. We haven't thrown in yet but it sounds pretty fun. Also we considered "A night at the Ritz" as a theme with same decorations

-- From Andrea, Tulare Union High School, Tulare CA

A few years ago our senior high had a theme of "Stairway to Heaven" they made a huge staircase and there were a lot of balloons and gossimer all around the dance floor.

-- From Junior Sec/Treas, Langford High School, Langford SD

Small Town, Big Dreams. This theme was picked for our Grade Nine Prom because even though we cane from a small town in Canada we still have big dreams. And of course we had small towns, big dreams by Paul Brant for our grand march song. There were only 10 grade nines. The night was a blast

-- From Teva Butz, Clandonald School, Clandonald AB

A Night in Italy. becuase italy is the co untry of romance so that's why i came up with the theme a night in italy.

-- From Gabrielle Thomas , Jean Childs Young Middle School , Augusta Ga

Fire and Ice, they used saran wrap and aluminum foil, and the D.J.'s equipment broke down.

-- From Candice, Fernley High School, Fernley Nv

I'm a Junior Class Sponsor looking for ideas, so I thought I'd submit ideas we've used in the past to help others out! We have done: HEAVEN ON EARTH, MOONLIT MASQUERADE...AN EVENING IN PARIS, UNFORGETTABLE, A MOMENT LIKE THIS, and ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Good luck!

-- From Erin, Elkhart Central High School, Elkhart IN

Our theme is "stranded in paradise"

-- From Lauryn, Roseville High School, Roseville CA

Our theme is 'sous la mer' (under the sea). We`ll have lots of balloons (for bubbles), fish, blue coral yellow and green colours, seahorses, sand, dolphins, etc. I think it`ll be an amazing prom!!

-- From Michèle M, Cité des Jeunes A.-M. Sormany, Edmundston NB

Last year they did Casablanca. Almost all of the posters for it were little airplanes, they made the invites look like passports, and the picture was with a monkey. It is very easy to dress up in theme and still look elegant and romantic. Also, if you want to do a jungle theme, I suggest changing the name to CoCo Bongo. They did that one year, and while it's fairly unoriginal the name was just so cute.

-- From Monica, Flintridge Preparatory School, La Crescenta Ca

-For your eyes only-spy/city theme -Beaux and eros (bows and arrows)- greek theme -Almost Famous-hollywood premire theme -jewel of the nile-egyptian theme -un noche suave (one sweet night in spanish)-old spanish theme

-- From Colin Denniston, Glendale H.S., Springfield MO

this years homecoming theme is going to be "way down in Kokomo" like the beach boys song. its gonna be tropical sord of i guees, its sounds kool. Last year our theme was "A night on the Town" the gym was decorated like the New York skyline, and the lobby was like a park (Central Park) it turned out really great, its a good idea.

-- From Emmy Boyer, Francis Howell Central, St. Louis Mo

A Moment Like This

-- From Chadd, Assumption College, Brantford ON

Carpe Diem would be a good one for midevil times... it means Siez the day... (can't spell) and a really good one is Over the Rainbow...I thought of that one.. our past ones have been Castle in the Stars and Please Remember

-- From Shawnee Heltsley, Woodlawn High School, Dix IL

Our theme was Olympus: Party of the Gods...on our shirts we had a pic of john belushi in his toga from animal house

-- From kelly, cape cod, brewster ma

Prom 2003 was Bella Sera, meaning Beautiful Evening in Italian. It was beautiful, we had light murals on the walls, gondolas, twinkling lights, and a huge bar with Italian food. Our picture backdrop was a balcony arch overlooking a field of vineyards and a moonlit sky. It was gorgeous and very romantic. But if you choose this type, make sure you go all out, it'll be worth it. Trust me, it was the most elegant Prom in years and the student body LOVED it!

-- From Jellica, Vista High School, Vista CA

Our jr. Prom theme was "She's got the look" ...it was a good idea that came out like CRAP. So this year we are all rooting for Phantom of the Opera

-- From Laura , Chapelle High School, New Orleans La

we dont really have proms in england but recently our school has been having them.We only have one prom in our school,which is when you leave. this year i am in my last year and we are having our prom in a CASTLE!!!! i cant wait it will be amazing!! i dont know what the theme will be yet but im hoping to get an absolutely amazing medevilish type prom dress it will be gorgeous. im so excited.

-- From kylie, harton, england

A Dream Come True with the theme song being "A Power of the Dream" by Celine Dion...we are using this as our sorority formal theme. It sybolizes dreams in life in general but also that it was all of dreams come true to have become a sister of our sorority...

-- From A Dream Come True, Fredonia State College, Buffalo NY

"2003" prom's theme was "A moment like this" and was held at at the Long Beach convention cebter Ball room! it was the most beautiful and most unforgetable moment in my life! i will shurely miss the class of 2003! I love each and every one of u!

-- From Lissette Garduno, Banning High School, Wilmington Ca

Some Homecoming themes: "All or Nothing" and "If you Believe". Prom themes "Hangin on a Moment", "For Me This is Heaven" and "A Walk to Remember"

-- From Brittany, RVHS, RV AZ

Our theme was "Mafia". An Awesome nite with out of this world outfits.

-- From Charlee & Kathleen, Whakatane High School, Whakatane NZ

"A Night To Remember"

-- From Amber, Tri-Valley High School, Hegins Pa

Our 2003 Prom theme was "A night in Paradise"'. It was lovely. I would teacher and students that help decorate for the prom.

-- From Janine Gray, Potts Camp Attendance Center, Potts Camp Ms

"A red carpet affair". it was ghetto. we had a red carpet, but it was paper. the picters were ghetto. our names were on the wall in little paper top hats. the only cool part was we got glow necklaces! that was cool. it was an ok prom though it was ghetto. we were expecting more! but we are in the ghetto school. did i mention we are ghetto! i think i did!

-- From Jenna and Nikki, Moorhead Senior High, Moorhead MN

Jr. Prom 2004....... ........truely, deeply, madly.... the song would be of course by savage garden!! hehe.....

-- From Tiffy, Granger High School, West Valley Ut



Our Prom theme last year was "a secret garden" i think its a really good theme, but we didnt carry it out very well. but im sure with the right decorations and stuff, it could have been amazing.

-- From Helen, Lapeer West High School, Lapeer Mi

a moment like this that was what my junior prom theme was and we played the song by kelly clarkson for the dance of king and queen and every one had a good time though our prom olny lasted till 9:00 then every one went to the prom party except me and my cousin because our parents wouldn't let us what a bummer

-- From Miranda Vanwinkle, winona r-III , winona mo

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