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**Formal 2002: "A Mystical Night In Camelot" It had knights and camelot things like treasure and stuff! It was really nice **Prom 2003: "A Night With The Stars" Hollywood theme... red carpet and like hollywood stuff! **Formal 2003: "Together in Paris" All the Paris stuff u can think about will be there... Eiffle Tower in all!

-- From Traci, Clovis High School, Clovis Ca

Last year for Prom our theme was "Wild Dreams" and we had it at the Zoo.

-- From Marette Mendoza, Cortez High School, Phoenix AZ

I was head of our Prom committee this year. We chose the theme "Dancing in the Moonlight" and the song, of course, was Dancing in the Moonlight by Van Morrison. It was great cause I have never heard of any other school doing this theme or song, so it was original. Also, the song isn't too lovey dovey, it's about having fun... and isn't that what Prom is all about?! :)

-- From Booms, Walled Lake Central, Commerce Twp. MI

Our senior prom theme was "at last". we used the song by etta james as our last song too. it was really fitting because it was like at last, after 4 years, we were having our senior prom. :)

-- From Ana, Delta, Clarksburg Ca

i am a junior and this the year that my class is on the prom commitee. basically we wanted something really different, something that would go down in history for any proms held at cardinal ritter. so we came up with this whole pimped out/ fashion show theme and went with the players ball. we love it and hopefully everybody else will.

-- From Teenee, cardinal ritter college prep h.s., st.louis mo

New York, New York-totally cool!!

-- From Anna-yolei, Vacaville High School, Vacaville CA

This year our theme was The yellow brick road leads to dreams of laughter. It was basically from the wisard of oz. It was amazing. Our school spends around 15 thousand on prom. Then the next year we sell it it another school in a diffrent city who uses it for their prom. It was perfect. The colors the music just everything was amazing for the night. Prom is magical at our school.

-- From Molly, Bishop Dwenger High School, Ft. Wayne IN

Our theme was Night on the Nile. Complete with Towering Pyramids, the Sphynx, and enough gold glitter "sand" on the floor to make everyone sparkle

-- From LEAH, Notre Dame High School, Crowley LA

"Roman Rendezvous"- it was really pretty. We had roman colums covered in vines, and archways, lots of white christmas lights, and a fake waterfall in the back. It looked awesome!!

-- From Heather, Polson High School, Polson MT

Our theme last year was "A Night Under the Stars" - we rented the local history museum and held the dance in the middle of the flight exhibit - the glass ceiling above opened right up to the night sky. They handed out wands with stars on the ends and picture frames as favors. It was a beautiful night and so much fun!

-- From Mary, Green Hope High School, Morrisville NC

My freshman years homecoming theme was "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" and prom theme was "CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT" it was on a boat underneith the moonlight. My sophomore year homcoming theme was "A KNIGHTS TAIL" and prom was "SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE"

-- From Angie, Enumclaw High School, Enumclaw WA

Our 2003 prom theme was "Tropical Getaway". It was a really awesome theme..expecially since it was spring and everyone had a lot of fun.

-- From Delana, Highland High School, Highland IN

Our theme was, Gangs of New York/Gangsta.

-- From Kelly, ,

our winter formal was TONIGHT, TONIGHT. its a song by the smashing pumpkins....its beautiful and for the keepsakes we had book marks ( i know it sounds weird but it was soo nice) with the song lyrics on them. the colors were black and white with a touch of red. It was really nice and super classy.

-- From Delisa, Chula Vista High School, chula vista CA

Our theme for our 2003 Prom was Moonlight Enchantment, it was an oriental theme. Our colors were red, black and gold. We had oriental decorations like dragons, huge fans, lots of lanterns, and panels with chinese writting and a lot of ballons. We had a candle-lit dinner.

-- From Alejandra, B U H S, B-town CA

Our 2003 senior prom theme was "As evening on the River" and we had prom at the Westin by the riverwalk.

-- From Leslie, South San Antonio High, San Antonio TX

midnight fantasy

-- From Kaytlin, New Kent High School, New Kent VA

"Make It Last Forever"

-- From Carlisha, University City High School, St. Louis MO

"Romance in Bloom"

-- From Anon, Boling High School, Boling TX

living in new zealand we have a "ball" instead of a prom its not as hard out as america we don't hire cruise lines or anything fancy like that but we still make it a really great night. last years theme was "arabian nights" this year its something to do with the famous childrens story "the lion the witch and the wardrobe" im not sure how its gona work out yet but we'll make it an amazing night, then afterwards go out and party till 6am and grab some breakfast from mcdonalds, its tradition.

-- From , Paraparaumu College, Wellington NZ

back in time

-- From Leon, Bulkely High, Hartford CT

Our theme was A Night Like This, and our song was but of course, "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson. I absolutely hated it, even though I was on prom committee. My idea was Bella Notte, and to have the whole European vibe going on, because our theme in 2000 was Night Under The Stars, and the colors were the exact same from that one [blue, white, silver]. Our school always does the same thing every year and it's getting old. This year, [my senior year] we're going to make SURE the juniors listen to our ideas too, even though the prom is supposed to be their gift to us.

-- From Nikole, West Oachita High School, West Monroe LA

This year our theme was "Here's To The Night" which is a song by Eve 6. Our colors were teal, silver and black. Everything was awesome!

-- From Angela, Collierville High School, Collierville TN

Our Theme was " A night under the stars"

-- From Julian, Riverside Brookfield High, Riverside IL

Our Theme was " A Moment like this"

-- From Maria, Morton East, Cierco IL

hawaiian heaven

-- From Ashley, Thompson Jr. High, North Sydney NS

Our theme was "Midnight Masquerade" and it was a blast. Our colors were gold, deep purple, and dark green. In our pictures we had big pillars and a mask. We had mardi gras beads on the table. That's how our theme originated, we wanted mardi gras.

-- From Brandi, Fountain Central, Veedersburg IN

I am not quite sure of the theme. My senior prom is tomorrow and tomorrow is me and my boyfriend's 1 year anniversary! So prom should be great...it will be alot of fun. Our school colors are White and Green

-- From Ariel, E.B.H.S., East Brunswick NJ

Under the Sea

-- From Jen, Weymouth High School, Weymouth MA

This year our school is having a Summer Party but its the same think as the prom but we called Le Bal d'ete and its gonna be great because its probably the fanciest we ever had!

-- From Marie, Bangcock Patana School, Bangcock TH

Our theme was Mardi Gras Masquerade. It was really cool. They had masks and beads on the tables and even a jazz player prop. I was really wonderful!!

-- From Rachel, , Fort Worth TX

The prom committee at my school kinda sucked and we didnt have a "theme" but we had dinner under a white tent on the beach and went on a cruise in the lake Our colours were purple, white and black (schools colours)it ended up being more fun than i thaught

-- From Lauren, A.N. Meyer S.S., Niagar Falls NY

Stairway under the stars

-- From Brittney, E C H S, Blakely GA

An Evening On The River

-- From Lilly, South San Antonio High School, San Antonio TX

Right now I'm a junior but I'm goin to be in the prom comittee.....and I thought about this one "Heaven" and the song "Heaven" by Dj Sammy & Yanou - Heaven [ Radio Mix or balad]........

-- From Jahaira, Lincoln High School, Jersey City NJ

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Prom Night Drinking
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