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Heres a suggestion.. This year our homecoming theme was CANDYLAND.. With a mix of willy wonka.. We called it WILLY WONKAS SWEET SURPRISES (it was almost willy wonkas fudgy fun).. We built huge icecrem sundaes out of baloons and strobe lights, huge lollypops.. everything was colorful and there really was no limit on color or music.. it was great.. hope I helped!

-- From Dana, Naples High School, Naples FL

Tropical Paradise...We are having the sunset colors of Hawaii which are the pinks, oranges, and yellows. We came across this decoration paper that you put on the floor, when the light hits it just right it looks like water...we want everything to be perfect! Perfect as in we've been waiting for this day since 6th grade and have raised over $6,000. It may seem like a lot for spending on prom and just being juniors but we want it to be unforgettable. Good Luck Everyone!

-- From Allie, West Central High School, Maynard IA

Last year our Prom theme was "Savannah Nights"..it was really unique and really beautiful..the colors were a dark green/gray and cream..it was fabulous!

-- From Ally, Cape Central, Cape Girardeau MO

im a junior and my class presented both the mardi gras theme and the las vegas theme to our principal and he said it wasnt appropriate so now were screwed. What should we do? did anyone else get their ideas shot down?

-- From candace , salem high school , salem ar



At my school we got to vote for our prom theme and "Diamonds are Forever" is our theme. How dissapointing!!! We always have prom at place that has very Middle Eastern feel. But because our student body isn't very smart, Arabian Nights was out voted. Diamonds are small and clear! How is that a good prom theme???

-- From Stacie Starks, Hanover High School, Mechanicsville VA

For our winterball this year our theme is "ice ice baby"...we're gonna have silver, baby blue, and white everywhere! It's gonna be sparkly too! Outside our school 2 bushes will be light up with lights...and then as you go in the song "ice ice baby" by vanilla ice will be playing...Inside the gym you see sparkly stuff everywhere with an arch in the middle made out of balloons and lights..we might have an ice skating pond in the middle of the dance floor..for our couples Rachel I made ice skates..it will be a fun night! Everyone is suppose to go all out with bling for their outfits..but me and Rachel are wearing pearls! YAY!

-- From Leslie And Rachel, Forks High, Forks WA

This year we are trying to push for the "Black Tie Affair" theme but were having a hard time coming up with some decorations and songs....HELP!!!!

-- From Need Ideas...., New Hartford, New Hartford NY

our theme last year was "A NIGHT UNDER THE SEA" Colorful fish everywhere and a dj played a cd with whale and dolphin noises on it when people arrived

-- From anna gale, ,

'A 70's nite out"

-- From John, ,

Considering i live in the OC, we have to have a really extravagent idea for our prom. So we were thinking about having it in this gorgious place call Spanish Mansion. We were thinking the theme could be "Zoro." So tell me what you think.

-- From Kelsey, NPHS, New Port CA

the theme for our senior prom '06 is "A night under the stars". Its not until May 26th but our colors are going to be dark blue and silver. The decorations are going to be cardboard cut outs of stars spray painted with silver glitter and are going to be hung from our gym ceiling, also going to be dark blue steamers on the bleachers and walls with blinking white christmas lights. Dark blue table clothes with glitter on them. Glitter sprinkled on our dance floor. The king and queen thrones are going to be stung with blinking white christmas lights and glitter same with the platform the thrones will be on. Im going to join the prom decorating commitee this year. It will be loads of fun hanging stars and streamers, but the decorating don't start till afterschool on the 25th thru the 26th. I can't wait! Even though I'm sort of afraid of heights but our gym is only 2 stories high. Also were going to have a live band with a DJ. The prom will be from 7:30pm to 11:30pm. The whole entrance to the gym is outside next to the parking lot, and the outside entrance will be decorated with streamers lights and stars as well as the fence enclosing the parking lot. Also a huge banner with our theme on it will be above the entrace doors. Can't wait till the night of May 26th!!!

-- From christine, , WI

I'm the Jr. class president and the Jr's are always in charge of prom, this year we choose "Manhattan by Moonlight" as our theme. But we need MAJOR help with decorations. The soph. who are in charge of Winterball (winter Formal) have "20's in the Bigy City" as their theme, and we want our themes to be as different as possible. But becuase of the city theme our two dances have, we are afraid it will be too similar, we need MAJOR help! Any suggestions are appriciated! Thanks. Email or IM me: Deadmanfreak62@aol.com

-- From Lucinda, Indio High School, Indio Ca

For prom 2006, we're having the theme "Candyland" and decorating to corrispond with the board game. I haven't heard of any other school having this theme so I'm excited!

-- From Kaitie, Washington High School, Washington IA

Time in a Bottle- Jim Croce

-- From Holly, Columbus, WI

I think the song "the rose" would make a great theme. If anyone has any ideas to expand upon that would be cool, im thinking red, white, and silver? lots of lights and roses, but the thing is we have little money, and most of which is being spent on renting out town hall and a dj...help...?

-- From amber, , wi

HELP me! our prom is in april. It's our last Prom EVER because our school is closing. Our school is really small-town and we have a $700.00 budget! All the girls in my class want to have a fairytale theme but they also want to include our school colors (Red and Black). The main thing i agree with is that the Theme should have something to do with remembering or memories or Forever since its our last one, if ne one has any suggestions of how to pull something decent off that doesnt look demonic or stupid please submit them! Thanks

-- From Tigarre , Biggers-Reyno High School, Biggers AR

Our theme is called Unforgettable. It's going to be held in a new place, a renovated building that is very elegant and pretty. The invitations are like, black and white with bowties on them, it's going to be very elegant and classic. last year we did An Elegant Expedition...and they had crappy cardboard cutouts..not good lol.

-- From Janine, Harlem High School, Harlem GA

Alright, I actually think this is a terrible idea, especially being my SENIOR Prom, our Juniors picked the theme....."Oriental"....Next year will be "Las Vegas"...

-- From Taylor, Charles Page High, Sand Springs OK

Our theme for this year is Casino, I am co-chair for this event and if anyone has any ideas they would like to share that would be great! Keep in mind, our class has like...no $money$. Thanks!

-- From Britt Smith, Union City Community H.S., Union City IN

The theme that my school came up with was A Night In New York.....it is awesome.....some of our art students are painting murals of the skyline, times square adn the harbour with the statue of liberty.....times square is the main focal point of our prom, and Central park is were our pictures are taken.....sitting on a bench or in a horse drawn carriage (minus the horse..lol) and flowers all around......there are going to be balloons hanging from the ceiling and small stars and we are hoping to sell soft pretzels like street vendors do......for the prom committee shirts we made I <3 NY t-shirts with the date of our prom on it.....were the dj played is broadway and as you enter there is a Welcome to New York sign and a miniature brooklyn bridge that you have to walk over.....it is so awesome,.....we all love it so much!

-- From Andie, , Dresden ON

Wish Upon a Star

-- From Amanda, SHS, Slinger WI

Our theme is Hollywood. The plan is to have black table clothes, red napkins, and then we have to cover the walls of the gym becuase we are having it at our school. The idea was to cover the walls with strips of black and red cloth or fabric. I am afraid that everything is going to be black and red and its not going to look good. I also have been told that black and red do not look good. My friend does catering and she has seen black table clothes and red napkins together and has said it looks bad. What do you think? write me telling me what you think @ hotdoggy65@gmail.com

-- From James, , Kingston NY

some asked what would be a good club theme...well our dance comittee came up with "Studio 54" which was one of the most famous night clubs and the color scheme was black and red. it was awesome!!!

-- From phoebe, NHS, west covina ca

We are thinking "The garden of love" only in french for our prom theme this year. We need ideas though.... What to do for entertainment, tables, some deceration ideas etc. If you have any ideas please email us at hottchic83@hotmail.com. Thanks

-- From Cassie, NA, NA Ia

This isn't necessarily a theme yet, but an idea for anyone else who may like it: We have the colors Deep Red, Gold, and Black - title: "Starstruck in Hollywood". We will have a Hollywood sign, a red carpet with golden posts lining it, a large star arch, and small table decorations (not yet decided on). The thing is, since our Prom's are always much too formal, we decided to choose the song "Beverly Hills" by Weezer as the theme. The guys are also permitted to wear any color undershirt and tie, but we would prefer they keep a black tux.

-- From Mitch Moore, NP, Eagle River WI

I think we're doin a "red carpet" "Hollywood" theme this year and we're havin trouble coming up with a good song to go with it! Id really appreciate if people would email me with any ideas! Crazythang_77@hotmail.com Thanks!

-- From Annie, Madison-Grant, Fairmount IN

This year im a junior and im the president of my class. Last year the juniors did Red Carpet Affair. And it was so cute. But we even want to top that and us juniors were thinking about doing Viva Las Vegas, or something to the las vegas effect. if you have any suggests please e-mail me at baby_bell_12@hotmail.com

-- From Bekah, Many High School, Many La

Hey everyone. I'm an American over here in Italy. I am on the Prom Committee and we have come up with a theme. Some of the people have voted on the theme An Eternal Moment. Myself and about 2 other people on the committee hate this idea. The colors that have been chosen are Burgundy, Yellow (it's supposed to be gold), and white. PLEASE HELP US! 3 of us HATE this idea but the teacher in charge will not let us change it unless we come up with a better idea. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me at tigerluver041@yahoo.com THANX

-- From Kristin Chandler, Vicenza American High School, Vicenza Italy

our theme will be THE DAy OF YOUR DREAMS i congradualte every one that graduates in class of 2006...

-- From yvette morales, clairmont, san diego ca

So last year our theme was "A Night in Manhattan" it was soo cool..lights everywhere and when you walked in it was hard to believe that it was the commons

-- From Rachael, , Hampton VA

Ok so my school is like kind of weird and we have to have our prom in February, but since it is at the beginning of February we are going to do a Groundhog Day theme. I'm having a hard time finding decorations...any ideas!?!?

-- From Felicia, , MA

Oh my gosh, my last year's prom was "GIVE HIM THE ROYAL TREATMENT"! It was so awesome. We had it at a hotel and lots of people ended up staying the night... It was seriously the BEST prom ever.

-- From Hannah, Lacrosse High School, Washtucna WA

For the Junior and Senior Prom last year, the Juniors did a "Nights in White Satin" Theme, it was SUCH a cute theme but they didn't develop it enough. They had a large white tent over the dancing area, and around the entrance there were all these white flowers. They also put up white christmas lights on these surrounding screens, and the table dressings were all white, they also had small presents of candy dishes, which are SO cute.

-- From Risliabh, American Int'l School Riyadh, Riyadh SA

Me and all my firends want the prom theme this year to be just like heaven and like everything be totally white cause we have it in a mansion so we firgured it would be rpetty but well find out tomorrow

-- From megan, Ranburne, ranburne Al

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