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FOr our school's theme for our junior semi-formal was "JUNGLE FEVER" it was really amazing and our theme song was "you'll be in my heart" my phil collins from Tarzan. We decorated it by using green christmas lights and torches and jungle print balloons. Another good theme for prom would be "CRYSTAL UTOPIA" it would be like a dream world where everything is perfect.

-- From Beth, Belle River High School, Tecumseh ON

my junior prom theme was "Welcome to the Jungle." everything was in black light, we had everything that belonged in the jungle

-- From Keri, Rockwell City Litton High School, Rockwell City IO

"Around the world in 24 hours", is our prom theme for prom 2001! We are going to pick 8-10 different places and decorate according to the place.

-- From S. Kreuger, Peter Skene Ogden Sr. Secondary, Canada, unknown CA

A Night To Remember! They really need to pick a different b/c it is my last year and i really would like to have a fun prom and a good one to remember

-- From Cassey, Metter High School, Metter GA

our theme is under the sea. i am on the prom committe and i am having the tiem of my life planning prom so i know i will have a ton of fun at the actual event.

-- From Megan, Riverview High School, St. Louis MI

Our theme is one of the best to work with. With our prom committee's devoted time we have put our minds together and created something that will be a beatiful site on April 28, 2001. Our theme is "Knocking on Heavens Door." We plan on using and arbor and steping stones in the hallway entering the cafateria. Clouds, white christmas lights, pillers, mesh, ballons, arbors, stepping stones and a foutain. I believe that this will truely be a night to remember for all of us.

-- From Jenny, Phillips High School, Phillips WI

I think its a Hawiian theme. We're probably going to have a sucky DJ and its going to be hot. if it does turn out ok it will be a relief. some body help us. but its my last year so i'll have to make the best of it.

-- From Got to Save the Prom, Leakey High School, Leakey TX

Our theme is The Road Not Taken. A teacher in grade 7 read us the poem when we first came to high school and now we are going to take a roan not taken. We all though that it fit and the teacher is going to be our guest speaker. I cant wait fo rgrad in June.

-- From Samantha, Belanger Memorial High School, Codroy Valley NS

This year in April, we came up with the prom theme "Happily Ever After". Our colors are going to be maroon, silver, gold, and midnight blue. The song we chose is "Everything I Do, I Do For You" by Bryan Adams. Also on different favors, we are going to vary the inscriptions on them from "Happily Ever After" to "A Knight of Your Dreams"! It's going to be the best prom ever!

-- From Stacey, Kimberley High School, Kimberley ID

Too Close! By the group Next. The gym was very decorated. It had a waterfall that had a bridge you had to walk over to get into the gym. The colors was baby blue, black, and silver. I have gone to prom my freshmen, sophomore, and this year my junior prom's. This year I am going to my boyfriend's prom and I can't wait till my Senior year.

-- From Holly, Twin Rivers High School, Fisk MI

I am on the prom this year and our theme is "A Midnight Enchantment" We are having it at a hotel so we have a very large room. We are going to have street lights and part benches around the room. We are also going to make a fake pond with a bridge over it to get onto the dance floor!!! It is going to be nice!

-- From Jen, St. Stephen's Secondary School, Bowman ON

our senior prom theme this year (2001) is " Can You Feel The Love Tonight" the song by Ellton John is the Song. The Ball room is all decorated in an african theme in one room and waterfalls in the other. it is looking so beautiful!

-- From Megan, Hurricane High School, Hurricane UT

"A Time To Treasure" is going to be our Senior Ball Theme. Our colors are gold and pearl/ivory. We took a very look time to come up with a theme that would sum up our four years and would fit the night also. Our last song may be "Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) by Green Day. Our Junior Prom theme was "Starlite Enchantment".

-- From Sophia, Alameda High School, Alameda CA

our prom theme is 'Arabian Nights'. We're having our gym carpeted with plush carpet. We're getting a huge canvas tent and setting it up inside so we don't see the walls. Little mesh tents with pillows everywhere are going to be inside the huge tent. Rich colours of fabric is going to flow everywhere. Outside in the courtyard, we're having a camel and belly dancers as well as an arabian type band to add to the mood.

-- From Sarah, Unknown High School, Golden TX

Our theme this year is "Stairway to Heaven." Our Juniors are in charge of prom and we decided on this and we are going to have a stairway in our pictures and clouds are going to hang from the ceiling instead of stars. We wanted to be different with the clouds because everyone has had stars. Have fun at prom and remember to party!!!

-- From Angelina, Paton-Churdan High School, Churdan IA

Our theme is a "Walk Throught the Clouds" our colors will be baby blue, white and traces of silver.

-- From LIndsay, Harrisburg Christian High School, Harrisburg PA

The theme was "Once Upon A Time" and the colors were burgandy and black with some gold accents. It looked like royalty. The background for our pictures looked like a castle. It had too big fake rock columns we stood between that looked like the entrance. There were fake vines growing up them and fake flowers at the bottom. There was brown paper that lead up to it that looked like the walk way and rocks were on each side so you could not see the edge of the paper. It was gorgeous. Crystal

-- From Crystal, Buna High School, Buna TX

Last year our theme was a masquerade. Everything was draped in bright colors and there were huge masks hanging on the walls. The committee is keeping the theme for this years prom a big secret and everyone is dying to know.

-- From Dorothy, Samuel Clemens High School, Shertz TX

This year for our Junior prom Our theme is "I Cross My Heart". It is one of our classes favorite songs and we thought that it was just what we were looking for.

-- From Lynne, Lone JAck High School, Lone Jack MI

our Secret Garden" we are having a classical greek garden theme.there will be flowers and vines and a foutain in the center.We may be having a new tradidtion where there wont be one king or queen everyone will receive a crown.this will truely be a night to remember.

-- From Cassie, Fort Ann Central High School, Fort Ann NY

Our theme was "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" by Brian Adams. It was amazing, we went to this really nice place called Bishop Rance, and danced the night away. There were mini bubble blowers for everyone that said "Junior Prom 2000" on it, and we have beautiful picture frames. I had a blast.

-- From Kyle, Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton CA

Last years prom theme was "HOLD ON TO THE NIGHT" which is really good. The song fits & everything. It wasn't my prom but I wish it was... still looking for ideas for this years Jr. prom. You wanna help? email me! Thanks

-- From Brandi, Epping Middle School, Epping NH

Our theme for our junior ring dance is Glow-n-dark the song is Moon Dance by Van Morrison. The song goes along with the decorations but it will be a hard song to dance to that night. We are also getting glow sticks.

-- From Kelly, McCaulay High School, Chicago IL

For the 2000 year ourm theme was "remember me this way" from the movin casper.It was alot of fun.The post prom party was a night at the Oscors and we gave out awards for best dressed,Best cuppel,Smartest,most atletic,exc....It was alot of fun!

-- From Autumn, Unknown High School, Baltimore MD

Our prom theme for 2000 was "A Night In Heaven". We used light blue and white for our colors. We had the gates of heaven, a castle, a fountain, an archway, clouds, cotton on the floor and balloons everywhere. It was a perfect night.

-- From Julie, New England Public School, New England ND

A MidSummer Nights Dream! It's going to rock!

-- From Kathy, Cannon Falls High School, Cannon Falls MN

In 1996, for my sister's junior prom, the theme was "Wonderful Tonight" and the colors were burgundy, silver, and black. they danced to "Because You Loved Me" by celine dion and (of course) "Wonderful Tonight" by eric clapton. it was awesome!!

-- From Emilie, Kingsford High School, Kingsford MI

Every year prom has had almost identical themes, walking in the clouds, moonlight and roses, among the stars, ect. This year as Class President I chose a oriental theme for our prom. We have an all glass banquet hall, so the lights and lit laterns are going to look great. It's important to remember you have a theme to still be tasteful and classy.

-- From Erin, Holly High School, Davisburg MI

Our 1999 prom theme was "The End of the Road". That year the Musical Theatre class performed "The Wizard of Oz". Thus inspiring the prom theme. The decorations included a yellow brick road, apple trees, and a huge rainbow. To add to the theme four underclassmen dressed as Dorothy, The Tinman, The Cowardly Lion, and The Scarecrow. It was very creative and everyone loved it!

-- From Amber, East Hall High School, Gainesville GA

My fav theme idea is Mystery of the Orient, full of bright oranges and reds, equipped with dragons, chinese caligraphy, silk fabrics, lanterns. Others include Las Vegas, Star light;Star bright, and Happily ever After...

-- From Unknown, Slinger High School, West Bend WI

For this years Holiday Ball our theme was Mardi Gras. It was great we had the main colors for mardi gras green gold/yellow and purple. we had the masks and beads and those little plastic coins all over the tables.

-- From Emmalee, Town of Web High School, Web NY

Last year our theme was Illusion Island. We had a huge wall of Hawaiian flowers and a volcano and a waterfall. It was really bright and neat.

-- From Chelsea, Hayes Center High Schoole, Hayes Center NE

The theme for prom was "In The Still of the Night" The best thing about it was the we had five guys sing the song "IN the still of the Night during prom".

-- From Nikki, Hardin High School, Hardin MT

I never went to last year's prom but the theme was "I Could Not Ask For More" and it consisted of a fairy tale castle with an enchanted tree. Pictures were taken with a glitter looking castle in the background.

-- From Annette, Pecos High School, Pecos TX

The theme of our junior prom was "I Could Not Ask For More." That song was played too (By Edwin McCain). The decorations were beautiful. They included a dream castle, glittery trees, 10 balloon arches, lighted water fountains, and many more things. The colors were silver, pink, and white and there was glitter and balloons everywhere.

-- From Missy, Johnson Central High School, Paintsville TX

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Prom Night Drinking
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