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Our prom theme last year was pretty cool. It was "From this moment" with the song by Faith Hill as our song. We held it at the Hotel Del Coronado in CA. It was a nice night with the most awesome ballroom!

-- From LaVinda, Vista High School, Vista CA

Our theme this year is *California Dreamin* All of the decorations are different parts of the state. Like we have the HOLLYWOOD hills, a warf, walk of stars, and even the Golden Gate Bridge! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

-- From Emily, Pettisville High School, Pettisville OH

Our prom theme this year prom 2001 is "Just another day in Paradise" we are going to have a tiki bar and stuff with tiki tourches. There is also going to be a lot of huts and stuff in the gym for pictures.

-- From Sarah, Calhoun High School, Hardin IL

I'm in college now but for my Junior Prom we chose "Forever This Way". We had purple, gold, and blue as our colors with a castle, a fountain, and lighted trees as our decoration. We had stars hanging from the ceiling. It was beautiful! I also think that "Just Me & You" would be a great theme. Kenny Chesney's song "Me & You" could be played and it would be really sweet.

-- From Ashley, Mendenhall High School, Magee MS

I am a junior this year, and this year our theme will be "Lost in a Dream". It's in a huge room, made of white marble, there are fog machines, mountain scenes, cascading waterfalls, and a gazebo to take the couple pictures. It will be beautiful!!

-- From Brittany, BCHS, Somewhere FL

Our prom theme was Stairway to Heaven. We had a little Stairway for the cadidates to walk down and we had dark blue, light blue, and silver stars, table clothes. It was beautiful!

-- From Sarah, Centerville High School, Centerville IN

Im sooooo sick of everyone using stars..as the president of my class, I insited no stars! We chose the theme of "A Record Of Memories" (50's decor). We are going to have a bubble machine, records hanging from the ceiling, music notes on the wall, a soda fountain, confetti that gets dropped on us, a convertable coming out of the wall to get your picture taken in.. (actually sitting in the "car"). Colors include, fusha, blues, silver, mainly bright colors and very little black.

-- From Hot Lil' Miss America, Some School, New York NY

Our last years prom theme was "This I Promise You!" It was a okay prom,it being out first prom and all. It look sort of like heaven. It was pretty nice.

-- From Rebecca, Soledad High School, Soledad CA

Our Prom 2000 theme was "I had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing and the colors were Blue, White, and Silver. The 2001 theme is "When the Lights Go Down in the City" by Journey...we haven't picked colors yet but we're selling picture frames, candles, champagne glasses etc. w/the theme and year on it. It's going to be amazing!!

-- From Cassy, Conway High School West Campus, Conway AZ

Our prom theme is "Take my breath away". It is the song from Top Gun. We decided to use green and silver for our colors. I think it will great!

-- From Jaime, St. Charles High School, St. Charles MO

this is my second year as a high school student and i'm a sophomore. i went to last years it was called; when i look into your eyes. This years prom theme is how many ways are there to skin a cat? it is gonna be awsome it is May 5 and i am looking ofrward to it. the colrs are mostly leopard skin, black, white, browns. some are gonna have pastels but that is still great.

-- From Jennifer, Monroe High School, Monroe MI

I am a senior at Central; this years prom theme is "Starway to the Stars" colors are shades of blue and silver. Song:LeeAnn Rimes, Please Remember. It's going to be a BLAST.

-- From Danielle, Cape Central High School, Girardieu MO

This year has been so exciting and prom is going to end the year with the theme "The Time of Your Life" by Greenday. We are going with roses and ice sculptures. It should be magnificent.

-- From Renee, Powell High School, Knoxville TN

This is my senior year and the theme this year is Light My FIre by the Doors and the juniors are going to decorate in fire flames. I have a feeling that this is going to be the best prom ever. They are also having Staion 803 a local bad play.

-- From Tara, Princeton High School, Princeton MO

Our prom theme this year is a Royalty Theme. It is called "A Knight To Remember." We are going to have a red carpet and the works. The place is going to look like a castle. There aren't a lot of people who are dedicated at our school, but we think (the six of us) can pull it off. The 5 girls are going to sing "From This Moment" by Shania Twain. Our colours are red ( not bright red), gold and silver. Our song is "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men. We're all excited and we've been waiting for this since grade 9. We really can't wait till June 15, 2001!!!! It really is going to be a night to remember.

-- From Ro & Ho, Clark Road Secondary School, London ON

For my sister's prom, (she was princess) their theme was From this moment on and they used the song by Shania Twain, but it was instrumental only...last year the theme was An Evening in Paris....this year the theme is Friday Night Fever...for my prom we are having Winter Ball as our theme and our colors are going to be blue silver and white

-- From Kate, Washington Academy, Machias ME

Our theme sounds pretty cool! I don't really know anything about songs or colors or anything yet, all i know is the theme! Our theme is AMAZON.PROM! like amazon.com! It is going to be all tropical and I think it will deffinatly be a night to remember!

-- From Kate, SPring Lake High School, Spring Lake MI

Well Our Senior Prom is put on by the junior class too. The only tradion about our prom, is the After prom. That is were most of the poeple who go to prom are required to come back to the school, and are made to stay there untill 5:00am. ( To prevent drinking and accedents). It's really cool though cause the entire senior class is entered in to drawings and raffles, where they can win things for college. People have won anything from plain tickets, and TV's to Scholorships ( 1,00 $- 4,000$ ) and even computers and CARS! Everyone in the senior class wins something, and the juniors have to wait to be entered. It's really cool

-- From M-Diva, MHS, Lakewood CO

Hey, our prom theme is "Mid-Night Magic", we got all the seniors to vote, so that no one could get mad at the senior class officers. Our colors are gonna be black, silver, dark purple, and dark blue. Then decorate with a big clock and put stars every where...it's gonna be great!!

-- From Natalio, Marion High School, Marion AR

our Prom theme for this year took awhile to come up with...It is going to be "FROM THIS MOMENT ON..."! we have a few ideas right now, bc it is at a countryclub and so the colors black and white is what were going w/ bc they are elegant...we are putting fish in fishbowls on the tables w/ floating candles, and red roses and stuff everywhere

-- From Jessica, GHS, Tyler TX

our prom theme is loving you forever it is soo sweet our colors are royal blue and silver. this will be my first prom ever and the most rememorable one. have fun at ya'll prom and be happy baby gurl

-- From Tacolo, Troop High School, Troop TX

Our prom theme is goin to be "A walk through Heavens Garden", we are going to have angels, and columns. We are goin to put ivy plants on the columns, and have an angel theme, but in a garden, it is goin to be great!

-- From Brittany, Keshequa High School, Nunda NY

The theme for our prom this year is 'Only In Dreams'. I don't know if any of you out there are Weezer fans, but if you are then you are probably familiar with their song 'Only in Dreams' This song will be played for the Prom King and Queen Dance, and the decorations will be blues and silvers, with clouds, stars and lots of sparkles! It should be a blast.

-- From Jen, St. Paul Catholic Secondary School, Trenton ON

We have chosen a water theme, we rented a comunity hall,for the night. We have decided on seige green, with an off white, lots of green ivy's lots of mini white Christmas lights, an arch when you first walk in, an area to take pictures by a cascading water pond wich we made on our own, and as center pieces we are going to have a bowl with sand and water and real gold fish on every table should be fun!!, and also lots a candles. we are hoping for a romantic elegant setting but at the time fun, then we have then rented school busses to drive us to our year end party in the bush, where we will all have to pich tents and sit around a fire and spend one of our last night together as the graduating class of 2001 2002..

-- From Nidia, Ecole Secondaire Ste. Marie, Somewhere QC

Our prom theme for 2001 is Sail Away. We will have dinner and dancing on a ship called the Port City Princess, which offers cruises on Lake Michigan. Our colors are baby blue, white, and silver. I hope it will be as beautiful as our committee has planned it to be.

-- From Lauren, Montague High School, Montague WI

Our Junior Prom theme was "Written in the Stars." Our colors were light blue, dark blue, and silver. It was really pretty.

-- From Ashley, Huntington High School, Huntington TX

Our theme for the 2001 Prom is "A Dream For Us". Our colors are blue, silver, and white. Our backdrop is a starry one, and we'll have swans and clouds. Our fingerfoods are going to be in the shapes of stars and hearts and we are selling our own recipe of (non-alcoholic) drinks. We're having it at a local business that has a fountain inside with the Alaska sunset coming through the windows. We're having a bunch of balloons and props. This Prom is going to be awesome.

-- From Amanda, Holy Rosary Academy, Anchorage AK

Our theme this year is "When you say nothing at All" We picked the song from the movie Notting Hill, and our colors are pastels. i am so excited! Its such a sweet song, and i cant wait to dance to it!I'm sure it will be a great night.

-- From Melissa, Green Bay Preble High School, Green Bay WI

Our Prom theme for 2001 is more than likely going to be "Save the Last Dance." (Like, as in the Julia Stiles movie which reminded us of our school.) We can use songs from the soundtrack (like K~Ci and JoJo's "Crazy") and also the oldies song ("So darlin', save the last dance for me"). Our colors are pink, purple, and silver. We're on a tight budget, so, besides the less~than extravagant decorations, the theme is also a kind of tongue~in~cheek theme--that is, SAVE the last dance (prom)... raise enough money to have one! :O)

-- From Karen, Central High School, Erie PA

Our theme was called couples throughout the history.we were waring costumes. We had this big canopy over our heads. That night i can never forget because it was the most funest and romantic night i ever had.

-- From Jill, Pottsville High School, Pottsville PA

Our theme this year is "I Could Not Ask For More". I think this is a great theme for a high school prom because that is how you want it to be...so good you couldn't ask for more.

-- From Sarah, North Mahaska Jr/Sr High, North Mahaska IA

Our theme this year is Artic Mystic... Our colors are Navy Blue and Silver, our flower is the white rose, I haven't seen all the decorations yet, but it'll be nice to finally have some snow (although it may be fake) in Florida. c/o 2001

-- From Catherine, Titusville High School, Cocoa FL

Our theme is "With Arm Wide Open". Our prom is being held in the palace theather. It's very nice, its a ballroom with red carpet going upstairs there's two sets of stairs one on each side (making a U shape). In the middle on the cycilling there's a chandellier.

-- From Stephanie, Southern High School, Louisville KY

Last year our prom committee chose "From This Moment" and that was also the song of the dance too. I was in the committee, and I have never had so much fun at a dance. All of my friends went, and it was so nice. We had a blast, and I will never forget prom. This year, the theme is "A Night at the Oscars."

-- From Sarah, LQHS, Indio CA

we're using the leanne rhimes song "please remember" (from the coyote ugly soundtrack) as our theme....it works because it's a love song (for the couples) and it works because it's not TOO mushy (because not everyone goes with a boyfriend/girlfriend).

-- From Staci, Unknown High School, Shaumburg IL

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