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Our Prom theme was "Heaven and Hearts of Fire" The theme was ok but we sure had a lot of fun at the dance and afterwards!!

-- From Lou, Vermillion High School, Vermillion SD

Well it is my Senior year. Our prom theme is A Moment Like This, and oue prom song is Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life by Greenday. We did not like the song, we thought it was more of a graduation song, not a prom song, but it was those DANG juniors. And as for prom colors, we are too sorry to have prom colors. But oh well it will be great, just as long as I have my friends and my boyfriend.

-- From Ashley, Claiborne County High, Tazewell TN


-- From Jasmine, John Hay/East Tech, Cleveland OH

Our them this year is "Bed of Roses" So I'm trying to find a romantic, elegant, not-the-same-as-everyone-else's kind of dress, is that is at all possible.

-- From Lauren, Mid-Prairie High, Kalona IA

Last year I was on the prom comittee. At our school the juniors put together the prom. Our selected theme was "An Evening on the Islands" We always have it at the veterans center. We had floating candles in marguarita glasses with bottom covered shells. The glasses were set on top of a mirrored circled center piece with orange, pink, yellow lilies encircling around. You'd enter the building with tiki lights very tastful though. Then the opening of the hall is a grass covered hut. On the walls is two gorgeous sunsets. One of the guys on the comittee his father owns a nursery. He provided live plants tons of palms, ferns, and birds of paradise flowers. It was just lovly! We spent the whole morning putting everything together. When I walked into the place that evening, it was the most beautifullest thing ever. Our gifts were shell leis. I think everyone agreed that the decorations were great, however the music sucked. I hope that this years prom is really nice.

-- From Mariann, Morro Bay High School, Los Osos CA

My Jurior prom theam was "Island in the sun" This year they are using the movie theam. Last year Our grandmarch had a tickie hut and a band playing the song Island In the Sun By Weezer. It was very cool!!!!

-- From Erin, Chillicothe High, Chillicothe MO

Try: "(an) Endless Dream," with colors like icy blue and a cream white.

-- From Smmi, Kalani High, Honolulu HI

i am planning this years prom and our theme is "A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM", but we have talked about having "A WALK IN THE CLOUDS" and "KISSED BY A ROSE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

-- From Emily, Hillwood High, Nashville TN

Our theme is Midevil the colors are Black and Silver, we are having it in the old west museum it will be cool

-- From Andrea, Community Based Occupational Edu, Cheyenne WY

Our Prom Theme is Rever De Toi which means dreaming of you . Our colors are black silver and red. Our prom is coming up and this will be my first and last prom:)

-- From Savannah, Largo High, Largo FL

Our theme this year is oriental, so our theme is "Shades of the Orient".

-- From Katie, Nederland High School, Nederland CO

our them for grad was amazing..it was a night in hawaii..we had plam tress and exotic floweres it was such a great night i will never forget it.

-- From James, Lincoln High, Beverly Hill CA

Our theme this year is "Whispers of the city", and the song is Wonderful by Eric Clapton, the colors are black, blue and silver

-- From Amy, Waterford Union High, Waterford WI

"If only for one night"

-- From Lupe, Palisades Charter High, Pacific Palisades CA

Our theme for this year is, "The Big Night." I don't know what kind of decorations we will have but it will be held at a really nice hotel. The song is, "I wanna be your man," by Zapp and Roger. I'm not too thrilled about the song but whatever. . .I'm still excited, this will be my first prom, I'm a Junior.

-- From Samantha, Timberline High, Lacey WA

This past year my schools prom theme was " Lost in your eyes" With the song to match. Our colors were red and silver. This coming year our prom theme is going to be " Starry Night" the colors are going to bed Metallic Purple and Silver with a black background

-- From Whitney, Arrows, Sullivan IN

Hollywood- We had old movie star cardboard cut outs (eg. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis) inside there was a giant gold hollywood sign, mini lights, black and gold balloons, red carpet through the entrance

-- From Makyla, Unknown, Vancouver BC

the prom theme for my high school this year (2002) is "In the Arms of an Angel" and the theme song is of course "in the arms of an angel" by sarah m. When i first heard the theme it gave me chills because I am going with my dream guy and ever since i first met him 2 years ago i have considered him my angel! its perfect!!!

-- From Anon, unknown, unknown XX

"A Night in Paridise" and the colors are blue and green.

-- From Kelly, West Snyder, Beaver Springs PA

The theme for our grad this year is "Now and forever" with the song.. "Here's to the night"--by eve6.. we are going with teh "NIGHT" theme as it's heres to the nite..so it's going to be decked out in stars and moons, withthe colors, Blue, white sliver an d HINTS of yellow!!! I CANNOT WAIT for june 25th!!

-- From Pam, Campbell High, Campbell SK

Renaissance This was the senior prom of 2000. We went back in time to the age of renaissance. It was seniors only. Everyone arrived by horse and carriage. The castle we had it at had a star gazer. Pictures were taken under a trellace in the gardens. When king and queen were announced 12 doves were thrown into the air. It was the most memorable night ever.

-- From Paillee, Valley View High School, New Canaan CT

Our theme this year is "Bayou in Paradise"..Get it??? Bayou = By You..In Paradise. Our colors are black, violet, magenta, and turqouise.

-- From Anna, Van Buren High, Van Buren AR

our prom theme this year will be "Heaven Sent" and all the decorations will be white gold and silver.. our center pieces are on each table there is a clear vase with twenty white roses in them and clear marbles on the bottom.. then the vase will be set on a little round mirror and around the bottom the mirror there will be little candles so the reflection off the marbles will look really cool

-- From Ash, Carroll High School, Some place XX

" Angel of mine" , you know, the Monica song! This is such a cute theme!

-- From Rachel, Boone County High, Some place KY

Our prom theme for this year is "Heaven Can Wait" By Micheal Jackson. All of our decorations are going to be white, silver and baby blue to go along with the whole heaven theme.

-- From Brandi, Maria High School, Chicago IL

Hollywood. We had red carpet, stars hanging everywhere, tables were all names after famous actors and actresses and decorated to suit that actor or actress. The red carpet was covered with larger stars with a graduate name on each one. Yes it took a long time put it looked awesome when it was finished.

-- From Lisa, Unknown, Unknown XX

Our theme is "KEEPER Of The STARS"

-- From Monique, North Lynn, Walker IA

Our schools prom theme for 2002 is Here's to the night" by eve 6 I hope this is gonna cool since this is my first prom!

-- From Kristina, G-K HS, Genoa IL

Our theme for this year is going to be "A Night Under the Stars." We dont know what colors we wanna do yet but so far we have black and gold but we need a 3rd color which no one can decide on. 2 girls want sliver which i think will look horrible, i want either Navy,Blue,Maroon,or Viloet.

-- From Erum, Armstrong Middle School, Bensalem PA

"The Moment Is Ours"

-- From Tee, Galileo High , San Francisco CA

Our theme this year is "Heaven Sent" and our theme song is Something Like You by N'Sync. The colors are navy blue, baby blue and silve. It sounds really nice and I'm really excited about it.

-- From Katie, WM Mason High School, Mason OH

I'm a junior in high school. This year's Junior-Senior Prom theme is "This Magic Moment". We don't have a prom song or anything. I think it's a cute theme. Our Prom t-shirts have the theme and a stage with curtains on it. This is my first Prom, so you can tell I'm excited. It's this Saturday night, April 27th, 2002.

-- From Jessica, Covington High School, Covington LA

Marid Gras Are theme was Mardi Gras it will be awesome thats this years theme i exspect bright colors face masks very cool stuff!!

-- From Jillian, Wiscasset Middle School, Wiscasset ME

our theme is "unforgettable: a night at the oscars". we are having a red carpet, a walk of fame with stars and our names on them, even two teachers that are inmpersonating joan and melissa rivers to greet us at the door.

-- From Ravyn, Lafayette High School, Lexington KY

Our Graduation Theme (Class of 2002) is going to be SAVE TONIGHT, just like the song by Eagle Eye Cherry.

-- From Tasha, Rose Valley School, Rose Valley SA

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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