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Our 2002 theme is "A Knight To Remember." I think this one is a little weird because usually our theme is a song, but oh well. Our colors this year are silver and white. I can't wait!

-- From Donna, McHenry West Campus, McHenry IL

Our theme is "Wonderful Tonight" and of course the song is "You Look Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. Around the lead out doors we're gonna have 2 big black staircases with lights, sparkly stars, and a blue cloth draped down from them. The picture background is going to have big baby blue columns and a sort of castle look to it covered with glitter. The floor and walls are going to be royal blue. The walls of the Civic Center are going to be covered with blue cloth and the ceiling will be covered with blue cloth and blue and silver streamers. It's going to be beautiful!

-- From Kim, Rehobeth High School, Dothan AL

This years prom theme is Here's to the Night. Our colors are black, silver, and midnight blue.

-- From Anon, Some School, Some Place XX

Our theme for this year is "Bed of Roses" and we're going to have the song "Bed of Roses" be the theme song. We thought that it would be a good theme because there's a song that goes with it. Plus it sweet.

-- From Miki, Rudyard High School, Rudyard MI

Time of your life

-- From Kristin, Downers Grove North, Downers Grove IL

This year I'm a junior at my high school. I m also on student council. Ever year the juniors are in charge of the prom. This year it took us quit a while to figure out a theme, but then we looked in a magazine that was called "Stumps". This magazine helped us out a whole lot, in fat we got a kit to match our theme. It is "Can't Fight The Moon Light. We think it's perfect. And we definitly recamind "Stumps."

-- From Sabrina, Marsh Valley High, Inkom ID

Im a junior this year and this year our prom theme is so DIFFERENT, "Save the last dance" is like the best prom theme in the history or all proms, i love it, i chose it off the list of themes we had to chose from. My problem is i cant find a dress to fit me, prom is may the 11th here, and im a big girl, not like a ton or anything, but if its possible an someone please send me some good plus size prom dress sites, id be so very very grateful THANK YOU...and remember to save the last dance for someone all to special

-- From Ashley, Madison County High, Madison VA

I'm a senior this year so I decided to join the prom committee. Our colors are baby blue and silver (our class colors) and our theme is "Can't fight the moonlight" with the song being the remix by Leann Rimes.

-- From Sara, East High School, Des Moines IA

Heaven on Earth be with us!

-- From Daisy, Madera High School, Madera CA

My senior year our prom was held in an airplane hanger. The actual planes were used as our main decorations with up lights. It was beautiful. The theme was "love is in the Air".

-- From Jenny, Coronado, Scottsdale AZ

Our theme is "Hollywood Night". Im a freshmen so this is going to be my first year going to prom. I am so exited! Its going to be on March 23rd 2002.

-- From Maricel, Sunnyside High School, Tucson AZ

Angels in Waiting Moonlight

-- From Daisy, Pearland High, Pearland TX

our prom is "Reflections of Time" and our colors are pearl pink pearl blue and pearl white.

-- From Sara, Weber Institute, Atockton CA

Hell, Heaven, Underwater, Jungle, Stary night, The city and, Island paradise.

-- From Sarah, Aromas/San Juan Unified School, San Juan Bautista CA

In the past our school has had something related to blues and silvers every year for nearly the past 5 years. Our class decided this year to go with something more functional, colorful and a little more modern. After many class meetings and votes we narrowed it down to either Heaven Sent (involving the overused blues and silvers once again), Somewhere Over the Rainbow, or Under the Sea. After yet another vote, we decided to go with Somewhere over the rainbow. It's so functional! We are using all the colors of the rainbow, but we've decided to make them pastels (i.e.-red is pink, orange is coral, etc) This allows everyones dress to look great against the colorful backdrop yet isn't tacky or overbearing!

-- From Leighann, Waynesburg Central High School, Waynesburg PA

Our theme for prom this year is Hawaiian. We are going to get leis when we walk in and we're going to be in "paradise" all night!!! I can't wait!!!

-- From Aloha, Some School, Paradise HI

My junior prom is going to be "Whispers in the dark" with the colors Blue, Silver, and White.

-- From Kelli, Sprin Hill High School, Spring Hill TX

Our theme was "From this Moment on...." It was Beautiful!we had clocks as our main theme and out colors were blackand gold.

-- From Kayla, SCA, Snellville GA

My sister's theme for her winter formal awhile ago was called "Falling" I went and it was so pretty! There were stars, moons and clouds all over!The main colors were dark blue,a glittery silver and gold. The winter formal shirts were pretty also!

-- From Jessie, Austin High , Somewhere AL

Our last year's theme was Hotel California and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful. The song by Eagles was a refreshing memory back. : )

-- From Maria, Northview High, Sylvania OH

Well, I'm not sure what our theme is for this year. But when I went to the prom my freshman year, the theme was "An evening of Enchantment." The backdrop was somewhat stary and there were white drapes on the sides. Uh, I thought but my dress was the same color, navy blue. So, it worked out okay. Our pictures came out nice and we had fun.

-- From Vita, Maury, Norfolk VA

"Here's to the Night"...from the song by Eve 6. It is going to be great.

-- From Tasha, Mohawk Trail Regional, Colrain MA

I am a junior this year and on prom committe(?spelling). Anyway, our theme is Dance With Me. The song is by 112. Our colors are dark blue, baby blue, and silver. Our setting is a beautiful winter wonderland. It will be the best night of my life!

-- From Allison, Standing Rock High School, Fort Yates ND

Our theme is "Under the Stars" and our song is "My Everything" by 98. There was a dispute about it being a couples theme, but then we all decided prom was a couples time and for those who didn't have an other....they were pleased at the party favors :)

-- From Judy , Pavilion Central School, Pavilion NY

Our prom theme this year is "Hanging by a Moment" The song is the acoustic version of Lifehouse "Hanging By a Moment. We haven't picked colors or decorations yet cause nobody can agree.

-- From Sarah, MHS, Mauston WI

"Frozen in Time." We had an epic stuggle on the prom commitee about the theme, then we fought over having King/Queen. Alas, this was voted dowm. It would have been so fun to have had the drama and bitchy infighting that goes along with high school girls and titles. Anyway, as God as my witness I, peronally, will make this prom just as fabulous as I know it can be. I can't wait to impose my will on the unsuspecting juniors next year when I'm on the commitee again!

-- From John, Davie High School, Advance NC

I am a senior and our prom theme this year is " Italian Serenade" its going to be really cool cuz we're having it at an old Italian resturant

-- From Court, Hinkley High School, Aurora CO

Our theme for last years prom was named after a street in Paris. It was pretty neat we had it at the mall and it was fixed up like the streets in Paris!!!!

-- From Melysa, Chapman High School, Inman SC

I'm only a sophomore this year, but my boyfriend is a senior and I'm going to the prom w/him. Plus, a lot of my friends are juniors or seniors. The 2002 Junior/Senior prom theme is "Enchanted Memories." The colors are pastel blue/pink and white. I'm not sure what the song is, but they're gonna have a castle scene and all. I think it'll be awesome! =)

-- From Nikki, Hamilton High School, Hamilton MS

Our Junior-Senior prom theme is a jungle type theme. I'm not sure where they got that idea, but i think it's b/c our mascotis a black panther and we ahve paintings all over our school of panthers in the jungle. I think it'll be pretty with all the dark green colors and everything.

-- From Trinity, Mabank High School, Mabank TX

our them is to have the stars of the night. a night to remeber and also live up to your expectations. our colors are ivory white. known as the stars of the night.

-- From Jennifer, Hoffman High, B'ham AL

My first year of high school the theme was "Frozen in time" our colors were blue and silver it was so pretty. Then my second year the theme was "A Night with the Stars" it was really cool. We had big films strips and wheels and we had movie posters all around. We had a red carpet, the Oscar trophy made into 3 times bigger than I am and we even had a camera on the door going into the dance area so you could watch yourself walk in (just like when the stars go and accept their award)! Our colors were red, silver and black (which is our school colors too) It was definately a night to remember.

-- From Jenna, Liverpool Regional High, Liverpool NS

a midnight summer dream

-- From Relle, Lehigh Sr. High, Lehigh Acres FL

Last year, our theme was "Trapped In Paradise" and we rented a huge wrecked airplane for outdoor decor.

-- From Anon, Some School, Some Place XX

The theam for our prom was to go as whatever you wanted soo ppl ended up comming in every theam posible it was a blast.

-- From Kathan, St. Pats, Thunder Bay ON

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