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I am the President of my High School's Prom Committee. Our Theme for last year was "Always and Forever". Unfortunatly the committee wasnt that organized but it came out to be pretty nice. This year the prom com. has decided to do the them "If Only For One Night"

-- From Janet, Hillside High School, Durham NC

our theme this year is midnight in the garden, I am the president of the prom council and have been trying to convince the council that the seniors need a voice in what happens but they all refuse and say that it isnt the seniors prom, but it is. oh well we are really poor but i think that we will be able to pull it off we are having it at ravine gardens in their ball room it has a wall of windows that looks out onto the ravine. it should be neat.

-- From Ashley, Crescent City High School, Crescent City FL

Our theme was "A Groovy Kinda Love" we still wore up to date clothes but our theme songs were 60s and 70s. We played American Woman, Another Brick in the Wall, Magic Carpet Ride and various other popular songs of those decades. We had awesome retro decoration in all kinds of brite colors too! It was a great prom!

-- From Mari, Herried High School, Herried SD

CASINO: that was the theme of the 2000 prom. when you entered the prom you got some fake money and some chips then in our cafe there was all knids of different card games and casino games you could play, which some of the parents ran (the games). In the gym we had the dj and sumo wrestling where you put on the siuts. It was alot of fun!

-- From Brandi, Darlington High School, Darlington WI

I'm pretty sure that our theme is going to be "On Cloud 9". Our song is going to be "Leaving on a Jet Plane" We're going to decorate it with clouds and all kinds of sparkle. I can't wait!!!

-- From Laura, Duran High School, Duran WI

Our prom theme last year was "A Walk on the Wild Side". The background was green and we had fake trees and traced zebra and leopard prints on the balloons. It was really pretty. This year i think we are doing " The Secret Garden"..for Sweetheart we are planning on doing "Cowboy Take Me Away"

-- From Brittany, Opelousas Catholic High School, Opelousas LA

My junior prom theme was "If I could turn back the hands of time" by R. Kelly. Since it was the senior class song they choose it also for the prom theme. I thought it was a great theme and the decorations went with the idea. I can't wait for this years prom eventhough I have noone to go with me! Do you feel sorry for me?

-- From Shelena, South Robeson High School, Roweland NC

Our theme was Funkadelic Flower Power. It was the best night of my life. My boyfriend and I went in matching tuxedos, but mine was orange pinstripes and his was pink pinstripes. Ben and I also had tophats with peace signs on the circle on top. Everyone totally dressed for the occasion. There were so many girls and boys in in bikini dresses with flower prints, and the decorations were incredible. They were all from Austin Powers and Scooby Doo. THe group we went with even had Love Bug Van. After we went swinging with other couples. It was the best night of my life!

-- From Brandon, Brunswick High School, Brunswick ME

MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL: This was actually fairly cheap because we borrowed flowers from a local nursery and were able to transform a barren room into a garden. We rented trellises and a bridge from a rental place and draped the bridge with wild roses and covered the trellises in ivy. The roses and ivy were free because we hand-picked them from surrounding houses that were willing to donate. We were especially successful with the ivy because some people don't like it and want to get it off of their houses. We also spray painted magnolias in gold and silver and placed them around the center pieces on the tables. We borrowed trees and flowering plants to fill the rest of the room and strung chinese lanterns across the ceiling. I was surprised at how much it actually looked like a garden. A possible idea that we didnt do use red and white (good and evil) as thematic colors, placing all white on one side and red on the other with a stone angel in the middle.

-- From Larkin, Virginia Episcopal High School, Lynchburg VA

Winter Wonderland; White and Silver

-- From Matt, Haleyville High School, Haleyville AL

Night of 2000 stars....Imagine walking in and all you see are stars and the night sky..how romantic!

-- From Alyssa, Hvaerhill High School, Haverhill MA

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. Our theme was choosen by the junior class, then the Seniors voted on it.

-- From Cassanah, Terrebonne High School, Houma LA

We chose the theme "Bed of Roses." A romantic late 80's song by Bon Jovi. Everything is dark and our colors are white, black, silver, and red. We used x-mas lights inside of white netting, and an octagon gazebo. White trees with lights, fog on the floor, and balloons all over the ceiling.

-- From Audrey, Fulton High School, Fulton IL

The junior class decides all the details of prom. This year we decided to be different and have it be Hawiian. Our school usually has romantic themes but this year it is both romantic and different.

-- From Tiffany, Win_E-Mac High School, Erskine MN

Our prom theme was heaven. After the tragic passing of 3 of the members of our class, this seemed the most appropriate, unifying idea that bound our graduating class together. Heavenly gates and puffy metallic cloud balloons top off the theme. Light white and blue colors encourage pastel prom dresses with subtler hues, however those who dare to stand out will be noticed in red or black. Its a laid back, calming theme that leaves you feeling at peace with yourself and happy to be alive.

-- From Kim, Hicksville Senior High, Hicksville NY

The Magical Mystery tour (The Song)

-- From Stacey, Paul D. Shrieber High School, Port Washington NY

No Night Like Tonight!

-- From Belinda, Murray-Wright High School, Dteroit MI

IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT. The junior class chose this last year for the senior prom. It was ment to remind us that even though there was a lot of noise and madness going on with the bomb threats and stuff, that there is always time for a quite romantic moment in our lives.

-- From Amy, Vero Beach High School, Vero Beach FL

A Night In Heaven...our juniors pick a theme and the seniors vote on it since it is our prom! It just seems to be nice!

-- From Melissa, Seguin High School, Seguin TX

The theme for last year's prom was "Ocean of Memories" and we used the Titanic song Celine Dion sings. It was very romantic.

-- From Ginny, Cartersville High School, Cartersville GA

The theme of our prom is from the Dirty Dancing Movie and our song is "I had the time of my life".

-- From Vicky, Charles B. Aycock High School, Fremont NC

Waiting for Tonight

-- From Jennifer, Payette High School, Payette ID

Our prom theme this year took a few weeks to decide because we weren't sure if everyone would go with the country songs that we chose but we finally desided on Amazed by Lone Star! Our colors are the colors that every school used, light blue, light purple, silver, and white. All in all I think it will be a great prom!

-- From Jessica, Wassau East High, Wassau WI

Our junior prom was a "Moonlit Garden" with maroon and silver colors. Our song was Unforgettable by Natalie Cole because it truly was unforgettable!

-- From Lauren, Some School, Somewhere PA


-- From Ang, Shrewsbury High School, Shrewsbury MA

For my senior prom last year it was A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE. the juniors had a whole jungle theme with a fountain and everything...All I can say is it was the best prom ever!!

-- From Julie, Liberty-Eylau High School, Texarkana TX

" A Royal Romance " Royal Blue & Gold. It was Great!

-- From Rachel, Robert E. Lee High, Jax FL

Our theme for prom is "A Night Under the Stars." We're puttin a half moon with lots of stars around it. It'll look excellent =)

-- From Ashley, Campbell Memorial High, Campbell OH

Our Prom theme was "Save Tonight" I was on teh prom team, we didn't have a lot of money but we put together a great prom. The place that we had it even asked us to leave it set up because they we were going to have a ball and it was perfect for that ball.

-- From Shannon, Carl Junction High, Carl Junction MS

Our theme song, which is the last dance is going to be IF I CAN TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME...we are trying to decide on the first song..garter ceremony. its probably gonna be SPEND MY LIFE WITH YOU, or THESE ARE THE MOMENTS!

-- From Wendy, Trinidad High, Trinidad TX

Our theme is "Wishing On A Star" and that's like our main song too! so whenever we hear that song played..EVERYONE must stand up and dance :)

-- From Jacinda, Benedictine Academy, Irvington NJ

The theme of our prom is a moonlit romance so we are going with a celestial feeling with silvers and blues all around.

-- From Kassandra, Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High, Raynham MA

My boyfriend and i go to rival schools. We work it all out pretty well but we both have the same prom theme! And even though we're not going to mine b/c i'm not old enough *he's a senior and i'm a sophmore* it's still pretty stupid. "Time of your life" That's it. From Dirty Dancing. my BF and i both think it's the hardest song to dance to! It goes from fast to slow and right back to fast! He's so mad b/c it's his SENIOR prom! But he'll get over it and i know we're gonna have an AWESOME time!

-- From Lindsay, Hamilton Southeastern, Fishers IA

Last Year: Puttin' On The Ritz This Year: Hollywood

-- From Tara, Conroe High School, Conroe TX

"Let's Make It Last Forever" Is the theme for this year. It is really pretty. The theme consists of red roses and blac and silver decorations. I saw a picture of it and it is very elegant and romantic. The Juniors picked it for us Seniors. It is sort of their way to give us Seniors a something to remeber them by.

-- From Amanda, Washington High School, Princess Anne MD

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Prom Night Drinking
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