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The Budget Checklist

We can't promise that the following checklist is complete because some of you will want to add things that others may not. Also, some of you may neither need, or want everything we list below. So what we've tried to accomplish with this list, is to outline for you what is most likely, and most important, in your preparations for prom night.

All you have to do is print the list, and mark in the price of things as you go. It's probably best if you pin it on your wall next to the Prom Countdown Calendar and the Super List so you can refer to it easily.

Also, take a moment to read the Discussion page for the budget section because it gives you an analysis of who pays for what prom night, and this might be important for you as you begin your prom preparations.

Dress & Accessories
______  Dress Cost of the gown
______  Alteration Add alteration cost if you need altering.
______  Bra You'll probably need a special bra for the dress.
______  Shoes Shoes that match the dress.
______  Hose Always a good idea.
______  Garter Why not? It's a happening trend.
______  Gloves Not really necessary.
______  Purse Small purse for your purse kit.
______  Makeup Makeup kit for the night, small to fit in your purse.
______  Hair Ornaments Crowns, floral sprays, barrettes, etc.
______  Jewelry You may want to buy something special for the night.
______    Other:
______    Other:

______  Total    

Personal Appearance
______  Hair Have it done professionally on this of all nights.
______  Manicure It's a good idea.
______  Pedicure Also a good idea if your shoes are open.
______  Waxing Most definitely recommended.
______  Tanning If you choose to tan, then take at least four sessions.
______  Facial Just to pamper yourself.
______    Other:

______  Total    

Purse Kit
______  Xtra Hose Believe me, you'll need it.
______  Lipstick The obvious.
______  Makeup A carry-everywhere kit for touchups.
______  Xtra Cash Don't ever get caught without money.
______  Odds n' Ends Gum, safety pins, etc.
______    Other:

______  Total    

For Him
______  Boutonniere Order it several weeks before. Confirm before picking it up.
______  Gifts You don't have to, but it's nice.

______  Total    

This final budget section is a little different from those above because you might not have to worry about any of it. Traditionally it's the guy's responsibility to handle this (and I assume you are a girl reading this-- if not, sorry!). Because it's traditional, most guys don't mind taking care of it. However, sometimes it can get too expensive for just the guy, and that's when you and your date might want to split some or all of it.

The Night
______  Dinner Your half, or all of it.
______  Prom Bid Yours, or both.
______  Pictures Your part, or all.
______  Transportation If you're renting a vehicle, and you're chipping in.
______  Post Prom If you're splitting the cost on something.
______    Other:

______  Total    
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