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The Super Checklist
Here is the prom super checklist. Print it out, and put it on your wall next to the Prom Calendar Countdown (which we know you have already printed out!). Mark things off as you go. And, if you want to be even more in control of your prom preparation, also print the Prom Budget (next page) and put that on your wall. You'll be totally set!
Dress Order early. The dress may take up to 8 weeks to arrive.
Alteration Dress fits are rarely perfect. Take it to an alterationist if necessary.
Accessories The following are your basic accessories.
Shoes Make them comfortable
Hose Obviously
Bra For the open back/strapless dress
Gloves Not really necessary
Purse For your purse kit
Jewelry According to taste
Purse Kit Do not go without a purse, build your purse kit.
Appointments Did you make them all? Here's the typical ones.
Hair Do it professionally
Manicure It helps
Pedicure Open-toe shoes?
Waxing I would, you should
Tanning Totally optional
Facial Also optional
Boutonniere Don't forget to order it at least a week ahead of time.
Your Date Make sure he's got all the following together.
Tux Order it at leat 4 weeks ahead
Corsage Order at least 2 weeks ahead
Plans All thing's he's taking care of
Transportation Limo or whatever.
Tickets You've got them, right?
Pre-Prom All your plans are finalized?
Post-Prom All these plans also finalized?
Parents Talk to parents, relax them.
Friends talk over all plans, including partying & driving, with friends.
Date Talk to him so knows what to expect from you and/or your parents.
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