American Prom
American Prom

Book Description

Who this book is for: everyone who's going to prom, everyone who's been to prom, and everyone else. Lol. No, this is not some silly prom fluff book for panicked kids. This book will tell you things like how many teens really do lose their virginity on prom night. Or how many go just as friends and why. It will explain what "coming of age" by going to prom actually means. Most of all, it will offer you 316 true prom stories that do two things: blow your mind if you're a teen; make you laugh, cry, and reawaken the emotional intensity of your own teenage years if you're a parent (as well as blow your mind). So yes, this book is for everyone.

The First & Original Book of Prom is the result of five years of research into prom in North America. In this book, Dr. Calo explains that prom is not one night only, but something that can span several months or more, from the moment when you ask someone to prom, to the moment when you hook up during post-prom or later. The book takes you through the entire process, from asking, to the first kiss. But it does much more than that, because along the way it gives you a good deep look into prom traditions all over North America, into what parents think their kids are doing prom night, and much more. There's even an extremely funny section on the embarrassing things that happen during prom. Best of all, though, the book is not some academic-impossible- to-understand dissection of prom; it's clear and easy to read and packed with true stories that are sure to move you. A great experience for readers of all ages!

From the Author

I was recently asked what I liked most about writing The First & Original Book of Prom. After a moment's thought, I said, "reading the stories and getting them ready for print. To me, that was like shaping a work of art. As I read and worked I got deeper and deeper into the feelings that prom night calls up. It got so I was ready to cry along with the sad stories, cheer or laugh with others. But working so closely with all these stories is, I think, what really turned prom into a living, glittering, magical event for me. Now that the book has come out and I'm done with it, I still pick up my copy from time to time and reread some of those stories. They help when I'm feeling down or just want to give the joy in my life a little boost.

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