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Tips on Wearing a Backless Gown

Backless gowns are a perfect way to turn heads both coming and going as long as you make sure your backside is as captivating as your front. A few tips from the Become Gorgeous website can help ensure thatís the case.

Pick a flattering fit. The main focus of the gown will be on your back, but that doesnít mean you donít have to pay attention to the fit of the entire gown. Use the same sense you would use for choosing a non-backless gown, with a cut that flatters and helps hide flaws. Pay particular attention to the fit across the back, as a saggy, baggy or too-tight fit can ruin the entire look.

Choose undergarments wisely. Visible bra straps are a major taboo for backless gowns, and hiding them is not the answer. Clear, plastic straps wonít cut it, but specially designed undergarments will. Choices include bras cut to match a number of styles as well as cup inserts you can stick right to your body or inside your gown. You still want support, but you donít want the crowd seeing the source of that support.

Prepare your back. A back full of acne, peeling skin or other blemishes can also ruin the entire look. Make your back skin as flawless as possible with medicated creams, intensive lotions and exfoliation that can help fix any issues that detract from your look.

These tips can help you successfully go backless while ensuring your back is just one more fabulous feature of your overall gorgeous ensemble.

SOURCE: http://www.fashion-style.becomegorgeous.com/new_trends/tips_to_wear_backless_gowns-2171.html

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