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Tips on Wearing a Short Cocktail Dress

Short cocktail dresses have become a staple at formal events, and you can play up their sweetness and charm with a few tips from Glamour magazine.

Make your legs do the talking. Your legs are the focal point of a short cocktail dress, so dress them up accordingly. Wear stockings that compliment, rather than detract, from the look. Opt for flattering shoes that elongate your legs and show off muscle tone. Exfoliate and primp your legs, if necessary, with products made to enhance them.

Donít mix short and tight. Short dresses can be fabulous. Tight dresses can be fabulous, but a dress that is short and tight can be fashion disaster. These run a high risk of crossing the line from sensational to scandalous, Glamour warns. Short dresses donít need to look like shapeless sacks, but they should still leave some things to the imagination.

Throw in one fun detail. Short cocktail dresses are automatically a shade more casual than floor-length gowns, and you can play up their casual nature with a fun and funky detail. Perhaps your short dress comes with a pair of embellished pockets or a flirty bow on the back or on the waist sash. If not, you can add an equally whimsical touch with your choice of clutch or shoes. Stick to a single fun detail or risk turning fun into a joke.

A short cocktail dress can be just as fabulous as a long evening gown, as long as you keep these tips in mind to ensure your short dress makes a dazzling statement!

SOURCE: http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/slaves-to-fashion/2010/02/3-simple-rules-for-wearing-a-s.html

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