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Prom Hairstyle and Hairdo Suggestions for Your Big Night Out

Deciding on how to wear your hair for the prom can present the ultimate dilemma. You’ve picked out one of the most breathtaking Mari Simone prom dresses, trendy shoes, all of the latest accessories, but you still cannot decide whether to let your tresses flow free, or sculpt them into an elegant updo. When choosing a prom hairstyle, there a several factors that must be taken into consideration. However, there are several prom hairstyle and hairdo suggestions available. While finding the ideal hairstyle to fit your personality and flatter your features may not be the easiest task, for your long-awaited prom night, all the hard work will be worth it in the end.

Prom Hairstyle and Hairdo Suggestions for Prom 2010

Prom 2008 trends will focus on shiny, natural hair, with a hint of Hollywood glamour. Classic glamour triumphs over generic appeal, and soft waves and curls are a big hit for spring. Some prom hairstyles and hairdo suggestions for the coming season include a soft curly style, adorned with rhinestone clips or a flower accessory. If you plan to wear a retro style dress you will want to complete the look with a suitable hairdo. Long, flowing hair is always in style, and can be spruced up with a touch of curl, or stunning hair accessories.

Prom Hairstyle and Hairdo Suggestions That Personify Elegance

There are numerous prom hairstyle and hairdo suggestions for attaining a professional looking creation on any hair length. For long hair, there are a wide variety of updo options. One of the simplest styles to create involves a curling iron, elastics, and a few bobby pins. Start the style by using a curling iron to create a mass of loose waves. Then, pull your hair into a high ponytail, and secure the style with elastics. Next, section off the hair into separate strands and use the bobby pins to safely secure the sections around the base of the ponytail. Sexy and ultra-feminine, this prom updo also adheres to the natural trend projected for Prom 2010.

Several prom hairstyle and hairdo suggestions are also available for those with short hair. By sculpting your hair into a gentle curl at the back of the head, a classic twist can easily be achieved. Hair accessories will be all the rage for the upcoming prom season, and can add pizzazz to an otherwise boring hairstyle. Accessories ultimately add to the glamour of the look, and will fit with the red carpet glam of Prom 2010. Hair crystals, floral pins, dressy barrettes, or even tiaras can turn a simple hairdo into a dramatic display.

Planning to wear a strapless or backless prom gown? Maybe one of the Mori Lee 2010 Prom dresses? Or one of the sexier homecoming dresses 2010? Wearing your hair in an updo can draw attention to elegant shoulders or a sleek, uncovered back. An updo is also perfect for those wearing heavily beaded or detailed dresses. Hair that is too voluminous can distract from the beauty of your prom dress. Are you blessed with delicate facial features? Then the classic prom updo is also an option. Whatever hairstyle you choose in the end, be sure that you are comfortable with the final result, and can enjoy your big night without distractions.

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