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After my junior prom this year, me and my boyfriend plan to go out to dinner at the inner harbor then the next morning go to six flags with all our friends.
-- Jenna       Baltimore MD

well prom ends at 12.. all the seniors will be out to copa cabana (a club)until 4am then to a cruise from 4 to 6 then after that we are going to el malecon (a restaurant) to eat break fast then we are going to six flags.....yyyeeeeyyy...thats fun...
-- Johanny     george washington high school   New York NE

Me and a few of my buds packed up in a car and hit Ocean City Beach for the next night. it was fun to just hang out in a new envoirnment and just relax at the beach.
-- D.     Gaithersburg High   Gaithersburg MD

After prom our "limo crew" as we've come to call ourselves are hanging out together. First the limo will drop us off at our friend's place so we can change. Then we'll take the cars over to Bickford's for midnight breakfast. Then we'll probably just hit some (sober) after-parties and just hang out. We might go to our friend's house which is on a lake and have a bonfire. Then the next day we'll go to the beach and have a picnic lunch. It'll probably be too cold to swim, so we'l l go walk on the boardwalk, which has arcades, an ice cream place, mini golf and a carousel. I can't wait...I think after prom might be more fun than the actual night!!!
-- Katie       MA

The after prom is going to be crazy from 1-5, planning to chill, and enjoy time with my date. Everybody is then planning to go to the city, or Six Flags. The are going to be alot of people (ladies) that look very appealing. :)
-- Dream     Copiague High School   Copiague NY

Prom for me lands on my 18th Birthday. I am very excited about it now. I never really was because I thought no one would want to go with me. I am very self consceince at times. Well, I am going and with a guy I really like. He is amazing. We are taking pictures, then going to Prom, a club (Since I will turn 18), then a hotel. I am excited because I know he will not try anything with me. We will just get to have a nice night to talk. I guess that is what makes him so amazing. The be s t part is my parents like him a lot. So it makes things much easier. So, if you have problems with you'r parents it is only because they love you and care for you. Remember, you are always going to be thier little girl. No matter how old you are. ~*~ Hugs and Smooches ~*~ Have fun at Prom . . . ~*~ CLASS OF 2004 ~*~
-- Baby girl     Santa Fe High   Santa Fe CA

Are you guys kidding me? I'm doing it the right way. About 30 of us are going up to a cabin in the mountains and partying!! None of this innocent little late-night walks on the beach - we are getting WASTED!
-- X-Tina       Denver CO

Seems like everyone rents a hotel near the beach and spend the night there. my prom isn't until next month. i guess that sounds fun. i'll go to a restaurant, beach, and maybe go to a hotel with friends!
-- Tram     West Covina High School   West Covina CA

After prom all of my friends and I are going to the after prom party for a little while and then we are all going out dancing and having a big sleep over...
-- Danielle       NY

I'm goin to prom friday night till end, going to the school's after prom party with games, music, swimmin, etc. After that (sat. morn) eatin at Denny's, yeah!, headin to the beach in my friend's limo (she owns it), doing a little swimmin with mad lots of people, then goin to a friends beach-house party, then headin to hotel room on the beach for a lil fun ;). saturday night we're fillin up the conversion vans an headin to party up at my lake house, music, drinks, boat rides. Then su n day im gettin my nose pierced-more body mutilation- with some friends, then gunna either hit the clubs or go to another friend's party. And monday-one of our senior skip days- everyone is headin to six flags! It's gunna be a wild weekend! I hope everyone has as much fun as me!
-- Jessica     Timberlane High School   Plaistow NH

After Prom we're going bowling in our big puffy prom dresses its gonna b sooo much fun
-- Katie     Bellingham High School   Bellingham MA

If you live in the south, you know how many Waffle Houses there are out in the boonies(where I live). One of the most fun things to do after you go mud bogging(flying through giant mudholes in the biggest trucks you can get ahold of) is to go to the Waffle house at three in the morning in all of your formal wear. Those toothless ladies look at you like you are CRAZY.
-- Anon     Franklin Co. High School   Carnesville GA

After prom me, my boyfriend, our friends and their dates are going to an after party at a hotel that some people from school are throwing. Me and my boyfriend are gonna do it. Its gonna be really passionate. WE planned it out. It will be my 1st time. And i really love him. WE have been 2gether since 8th grade. thats 4 years. Im really excited. WE wanted to wait till we get married. WE are engaged. he asked me new years eve.it was special. after that we are gonna get drunk and party with our friends.
-- Shorty       Tampa FL

Prom ends at 1 a.m. so after that me and my boyfriend are going back home to leave the limo,change clothes, and pick up our car. Then we are heading to our condo on the beach for a 4 day weekend of non- stop partying!!
-- Jessica       Baytown TX

Me and my date and my friends are either going bowling or either to the movies. Then we're just gonna chill out and hang out for the whole entire night.
-- GInger     JCH   GA

last yr after prom, my boyfriend and i and another couple came back to my house and watched movies and did the whole hot tub thing :) it was alotta fun.. ;)
-- Jean       TX

Prom ends at 11 then we have an hour to get to a fancy place called Eastover where the juniors and seniors stay till 6am and go swimming,horseback riding under the stars,win money,jello wrestling and all kinds of crazy fun stuff. Then the next day we don't have to go to school so me and my prom group are going to Rhode island to relax on the beach
-- Jess     Taconic   Pittsfield MA

went with my boyfriend to a hotel and stayed the night in a 900 dollar suite in Coconut Grove, MIAMI! it was incredible.
-- Valerie     American Heritage   Fort Lauderdale FL

After prom this year me and my boyfriend went to the cheesecake factory downtown and just relaxed and talked about bow much fun we had.the oreo cheesecake was TO GOOD! I wished the night could have lasted forever!
-- Katrina     Von Stubben/Prosser   Chicago IL

after prom, we took the limo we got to NYC... since the driver was from Rochester (cause we diceded to get the Navigator Limo) he got lost to pick us up before prom, and had no idea how to get to NYC, we had to give him directions... we went to times square and walked around for a while, and at 2:30 went to Carolines Comedy Club on Broadway where we saw some big named comedians do stand up... we then came home and got home at 6am, following that, everyone went to Seaside Heights and partied all weekend in hotels!
-- Paul     Monroe-Woodbury   Monroe NY

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