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We went to the grocery store and bought all kinds of junk food and then we went back to my house and played video games all night. It was a lot of fun and very memorable.
-- Lisa McMillan     Connally High School   Pflugerville TX

After prom me and my boyfriend rented a hotel room and then the next day me him and my best friend and her boyfriend are going to Kings Dominion and spent the whole day there. We are to going to have the greatest weekend ever.
-- Danielle McCray     Parkdale High School   Lanham MD

Well this year we decided to just get a hotel room right where prom is at and throw a banger and have like everyone up there. Then we'll hang out all night and go to the big car show the next day.
-- Donnie     Red Land High School   Etters PA

My boyfriend and I are going to go chill in this awsome limo we rented for the night TV's and music and stuff drive around the city go to Dennys ! thank god for 24 hour places! and then go chill at my house
-- Emily     AA High School   Oakland CA

After prom, me and my boyfriend of 5 years are going to a mutual friends house and staying the night there with 3 other couples. We've both agreed on NO SEX because we've made it this far w/o it...we want to make it special, not something that's just "expected" on prom. I don't think that prom night depends solely on what's gonna happen, more so than who you're with....don't drink and drive....
-- April     Pampa High School   Pampa TX

My boyfriend and I, and my friend and her boyfriend, are driving to downtown Chicago where we're going on a carriage ride. Then we're going to spend some time strolling the beach and checking out the pretty scenery. The rest of the weekend we're spending at Turkey Run and the Michigan Dunes. FUN TIMES!
-- Lauren     Oak Forest HS   Midlothian IL

We are either going to the beach, and having a bonfire with some people, (whoever wants to come along). We'll probably leave around 11:00 from the dance. If we dont do that, then we'll go to San Francisco and eat and chill. My friend is getting a hotel, but were not gonna get all stupid and party, cuz I'm christian. I'm just gonna have my fun and chill. It'll be fun!!!
-- Sabrina     Gunderson High School   San Jose CA

after prom.....every graduate goes out to this huge field...over 500 ppl go...it's a 3 day party and everyone camps out there...there bonfires....live bands....and dj's set up all over the field....there's crazy games to play like mud wrestling.....and much more....THIS IS HOW CANADA LIKES TO PARTY!!
-- Anon     Lasalle Secondary   Sudbury QC

After prom theres like so many parties to attend. why go out of town when u can be with ur friends all night long. theres no special stuff after prom just parties
-- Renee     Governor Mifflin   Reading PA

hi i'm from the uk and after our prom we went to this lake which my friends partners and mine set up. it was covered in lights and had music and we stayed there till about 4am and by the time we left instead of the 8 of us there were more like 28 it was so great
-- Meg     Bishop Milner   England UK

After prom my whole senior class is going to one our friends house and we are just going to party and celebrate for the whole night. After some of us want to go camping out of state.
-- Teela     Oliver Woolcott Technical High   Torrington CT

After prom my friends and i are going to a party like any other teenagers are going to do. We hang out all night and do whatever until it's time to go home in the morning.
-- Shelley Smith     Gilbert High School   Winsted CT

me, my date [whom i just started seeing], and my two best friends [who are going to prom together] are going to a hotel!
-- Kimberly     Plymouth Whitemarsch High School   Plymouth Meeting PA

After my junior me and my friends first went home to get changed out of our gowns and tuxes and then we went back to the bowling alley to bowl and to listen to music until like 6:15 in the morning and after that we went to denny's for a free breakfast !! how sweet is that!! we didnt have to pay for our breakfast or anything else!!
-- Brittny Bowman     Keyser High School   Keyser WV

Well I was invited to go to prom w/ a senior,but I'm a freshman and I really wasn't sure about going since I went with this guy to h/c that was a senior to so after prom he's gonna come pick me up and take me to the After Prom Party at the YMCA which is 12-5 so it'll be a blast games, more music, and prizes PLUS alot of FUN!~
-- Whitney     SDHS   Someplace XX

After prom we are going on a teen prom cruise that has a combination of what all 16 of our limo group people wanted including: Dance club, Comedy club, Lounge and a Casino. That cruise comes back around 4:30ish (am). Then this is where the group splits up...about half off the group is going to brave the prom/memorial weekend traffic down to the shore, while the other half (including myself), will be going on all expenses paid party bus to 6-Flags (compliments of my friends' dad). So while one group is driving the other group is sleeping and waiting for the following day when we are all rested to go to 6-Flags...this makes sense...wouldn't you say?
-- Alessia     Spring Valley High School   Pearl River NY

We rented a limo so we are going to NYC after prom to the bar ;) then staying at my house to go swimming, and stuff..then leaving to the morning early for the shower with 5 girls and 5 guys!! SEA SIDE!!
-- Shannon     Barnstable Academy   Kinnelon NJ

well, after the prom (which is at a hotel) we're gon go home, change...and everyone is gonna go to a girl's house to continue partying till around 4 ish...and then, we'll wake home....we're have a sleepover at a friend's house...3 gurls and 4 boys :P...
-- Gladys     Some School   Some Place XX

im going clubing
-- Marisha Hernandez     Edison   Miami FL

Prom is over at one. We are renting a hilton and partying then the next day we are going to have a road trip and go canoeing. then we will camp and just hang out. then the weekend is over.
-- Bri     McKinley   Someplace OH

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