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We plan on camping out after prom, we just have to find a campsite or some woods to camp in! :)
-- Lisa     OHS   Frederickton NB

after prom me and my date are going to the rain forest cafe to eat then we going to take a walk along the lake front. after that we are going to drive to waukegan to go to great america.
-- Natashia Tobias     Hirsch Metro High   Chicago IL

After prom, take a limo to the city (NYC) and go clubbing.
-- Anon     Some School   Manalapan NJ

my friends and i are renting a cottage up in wisconsin and going there for the weekend. it'll be great since it's right on the lake
-- Natalie     Niles North High   Niles IL

We're going to my friend's cottage (all 17 of us)and camping out on the beach. who knows what's going to happen between midnight and sunrise, but it'll rock no matter what!
-- Holly     Some School   Someplace MI

we had such agreat time first we got ready went to my people house around my block and took some pictures then we road around got all of our friend and there dates then we went to the prom and then we waited until we found out the prom queen and king then we left and every one got to gether and went to a party and motel and then came ho
-- Carmisha Clifton     Parkin High School   Parkn AR

For our After prom we are going to go to the ZOO! It's a huge school thing. We get to swim with the fishies and feed to animals (in our Prom Dresses OF COURSE). It's going to be so fun! Next we go to Perkins to watch the sun rise over the Lake! How romantic, God My date is HOTT!
-- Rhiannon     Some School   Someplace MN

We don't have anything major planned for after prom. We will go and change our clothes and probably catch a late night movie have an early morning breakfast (denny's) with some friends after the movie and then just hang-out back around the house until we fall asleep.
-- Marcia     WPHS   Philly PA

Well, since Southfield is a suburb of Detroit we will probably go to the D and do something big. Our school is known for doing big things! For the most part we all will just be going to eat something after prom and go to a hotel and just chill with all our friends. Of course you that on prom night you must never go back home because it is a tradition not ot come hoem that night.
-- Sylvia Hambright     Southfield High School   Southfield MI

Theres always a huge after party that everyone who went to the prom goes to and anyone else who wants to come along. It's usually in a town hall which we hire and everyone parties all night!
-- Mands     Some School   Someplace CA

im renting a town house with my date, and were getting a bunch of friends to come over and party for a while. that is unless they have already made plans and havent told us about them yet (which is probably the case)
-- Kaitie     DuBois Area High School   DuBois PA

The tradition at our school is an after prom party. Someone out in the middle of nowhere has it. They charge for tickets in advance for damage costs, etc. Everyone sets up tents so no one drives home a lil tipsy. Our prom is in June so they weather's great for an outdoor party and a bonfire!
-- Nicole Jensen     St. Joseph High   Brampton ON

Instead of a limo, we are renting a RV and taking that to prom. Then after we are driving out to he lake with the jetskis and camping out!
-- Beth     Some School   Someplace TX

after prom me and my group are going over to one girls house to watch movies and all spending the night (boy stoo ;))
-- Ashley     BSHS   KC MO

we have a post prom cruise ride where there is dancinbg as well, it is awesome. People look forward more to post prom than actual prom.
-- Anon     Hoffman Estates High School   Hoffman Estates IL

In GA there is a curfew of 12am for all drivers under 18, and since every member of my group is 17, we didn't want to be out driving about and run the risk of getting our licences revoked. So we decided that all the guys who aren't going to prom can party at my friend, Sean's, house until we get back and then all of us prom-goers are going hang as well. Whenever we get tired all the girls are going to go down to my house and crash (because Sean and I live on the same road, so there will be no curfew violations). The best part of all: we are going to party all night without any alcohol!!
-- Melody     Lumpkin High School   Dahlonega GA

Last year, since we arent allowed to danes at my school, there was an after party at a hall until around 1 in the morning then my boyfriend and I went to the "after after party" at a friends house where there was a bonfire and my boyfriend almost sent himslef on fire...no on purpose but it scared me so bad!!
-- Emily     Light & Life Christian   Taylor MI

After prom my friends and i are all going to a hotel by the beach. It's gonna be crazy after that! LOL!
-- Denise     Lowell High   Lowell MA

have a Bible study and hang out at his house afterwards for a pool party
-- Holly     Mesquite High School   Mesquite TX

-- Dayana     Montebello High School   Montebello CA

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