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Our Prom theme this year is "Let's Get It On" Don't ask me how or why we have it, but thats our theme. We went for red, black, and silver, going for the sexual tones. Its gonna be hard to keep people 2 inches apart from each other!!

-- From Liz, Whitefish Bay High School, Whitefish WI

Hypontize the moon and I think it's by John Michael Mongomery our colors were blue and silver.

-- From Kim, Holsten High School, Glade Springs VA

"In Your Wildest Dreams" the entire room is decorated to look like a dream land, with stars and shimmering drapes. We even have a cow jumping over the moon :) Anyway - it should be a really fun night.

-- From Sadie, Henry Wood Wise High, Calgary AB

I went to the Junior/Senior prom this year with my boyfriend who is a senior and I am a freshmen. WAHS's theme was "A MIDNIGHT SUMMER DREAM." It was gorgeous!!

-- From Courtney, Western Alamance High School, Elon NC

Our theme for Prom 2000 was "Ever After" It was a whole fairytale theme. It was very romantic and at The Old Mill. It had a beautiful garden (main reason why we choose the place) to take pictures in. It looked like an old cottege that was redone with elegance! I will always remember that night!

-- From Susan, Campbell High School, Toronto ON

This year, the name of our prom is "Harbor Lights". The entire theme is based on a New England like coastal setting, complete with floor to celing lighthouse and boardwalk that runs from the lobby all the way into the gym (we have our prom in the HS gym, but you can't even tell that's where you are due to the massive decorations).

-- From Mandi, Danville High School, Danville PA

Last year at the freshman/sophmore semi the theme was GREAT EXPECTATIONS. (i love that movie btw) and it was in the gorgeous place and there were huge ballons that siad great expectations on them. And the colors were SILVER AND GREEN. the centerpieces had floating cnaldes wiht ivy aroudn them anbd there was lots of ivy all over and silver and dark dark green balloons and it was really pretty. And where we had our Ppictures takne look liek the scene int he movie where they kiss enar the ater fountain wiht eh brick in the backround and the cobble stone at your feet and the ivy all over and the gardens ont eh side

-- From Tara, Mount Saint Charles Academy, Bristol RI

I was a Junior and a freind of mine ask me to go with her to her senior prom. the colors were "black and gold" the prom was on a cruise ship and they had a total of 489 students in attendence and we had a 10 passenger limo all to ourselves we met some of her friends at this five star resturaunt for dinner and after that we went to a very exclusive and very "formal" party of the head cheerleader it was an unforgettable night!

-- From A night of Ecstasy, Fountainbleu High School, New Orleans LA

last year our prom theme was "A Knight in shining armor" because the theme to last years dresses was princess and our mascots is the knights

-- From Maryanne, Nicolette High School, Milwaukee WI

Our theme this year is Breathless, and the song is Breathe by faith hill. i can't wait, its going to be so great!

-- From Krissy, West High School, Waukesha WI

This year's prom theme is "The Other Side Of Midnight" and the song is "Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams. The colors are black, royal blue, and silver.

-- From Tim, Northland Pines High School, Eagle River WI

The theme this year is "A night under the stars." So far, little has been done, so well, we have to figure it out! I hope that our song will be Coldplay's Yellow.

-- From Tara, Richmond Regional High School, Richmond QC

Every year the prom is paid for by the junior class. This particular year the junior class has decided to hold prom in the Disneyland hotel! Our theme is "Fire and Ice." Our prom will take place on May 12th. We will be having the most beautiful decorations in the world.

-- From MIchelle, Serrano High School, Phelan PA

My boyfriend goes to a different school, and their theme this year was "Here's to the Night," the song by Eve 6. I thought the song fit the night, and they had huge pillars with gold stars and a fountain in the middle. It was special for me because it was the first prom I had been to since I'm a junior this year and my school hasn't had our prom yet.

-- From Leanne, WPHS, Somewhere NE

Im a junior this year and our prom theme is a walk down the strip, it is a las vegas theme. Our tickets are chips from vegas.

-- From Jessica, Exeter Union High School, Exeter CA

Our theme this year for the senior prom is "With Arms Wide Open". Our colors for the prom are black and silver. I think that it will be awesome!

-- From Erin, Water Valley High School, Water Valley MS

Our theme is "A Victorian Dream". We are having it at a ballroom. Our colors are forest green, cranberry, and ivory.

-- From Jennifer, Olive Jr/Sr High School, Drumright OK

Our theme this year is "A Trip Through Wonderland!" It is gonna be so groovy! We are having giant mushrooms and flowers all over the place and all kinds of stuff from Alice in Wonderland! We are so excited that we don't have a silly romantic theme.

-- From Jennifer, Ardmore High School, Ardmore OK

Our prom theme last year was 'Fire- fly Summer.' We used dark green and white for a garden effect and decorated the hall with wroth-iron candles and medium sized trees. Each table had a small little tree centre piece with fairy lights. The rest of the hall was decorated with fairy lights and we had a backdrop of trees silhoutted against a dark blue sky. We stuck shattered bits on mirror on it as fire-flires.

-- From Elaine, Some School, Somewhere XX

Last year our theme was "Le Mafia". Heaps of guys came as gangsters with volin cases and all the waitresses had garters with pistols in them. Very cool

-- From Erin, Wairarapa College, Unknown XX

Im a junior, this year our prom theme is Castle in the Clouds and our Song is "This i promise you" Is coming up very soon (april 27) and i can not wait.

-- From Melissa, Quincy High School, Quincy MA

This years theme is "Starlit Fantasies". We are having it on our athletic field.We have rented a 40x100 ft party tent and have also rented a full size carousel for our prom guests to ride.Our Grand march will proceed through our gym under black and silver star studded decorations.Upon leaving the gym we will enter our prom area..where no parents are allowed!!We will enjoy finger foods and music will be provided by the hottest DJ we could find.each guest will receive a goodie bag which will include a disposable camera,memory book ,party horns,bubbles, prom promise items,a prom scroll and a personal wish from our faculty.After prom will include a pancake breakfast provided by parents in our schools' commons area.Various prizes will be drawn for.We are very excited about this grand event.we have worked on it since September.

-- From Sharon, Burch High School, Delbarton WV

Our Prom Theme is "All of My Life". The colors are blue and purple. I think it is going to be beautiful.

-- From Tim, Owsley County High School, Boonville KY

Our theme this year is Arctic Mystique. Silvers and blues are the colors used. Absolultely awesome.

-- From Gloria, Titusville High School, Titusville FL

we're using the leanne rhimes song "please remember" (from the coyote ugly soundtrack) as our theme....it works because it's a love song (for the couples) and it works because it's not TOO mushy (because not everyone goes with a boyfriend/girlfriend).

-- From Staci, Unknown High School, Shaumburg IL

Last year our prom committee chose "From This Moment" and that was also the song of the dance too. I was in the committee, and I have never had so much fun at a dance. All of my friends went, and it was so nice. We had a blast, and I will never forget prom. This year, the theme is "A Night at the Oscars."

-- From Sarah, LQHS, Indio CA

Our theme is "With Arm Wide Open". Our prom is being held in the palace theather. It's very nice, its a ballroom with red carpet going upstairs there's two sets of stairs one on each side (making a U shape). In the middle on the cycilling there's a chandellier.

-- From Stephanie, Southern High School, Louisville KY

Our theme this year is Artic Mystic... Our colors are Navy Blue and Silver, our flower is the white rose, I haven't seen all the decorations yet, but it'll be nice to finally have some snow (although it may be fake) in Florida. c/o 2001

-- From Catherine, Titusville High School, Cocoa FL

Our theme this year is "I Could Not Ask For More". I think this is a great theme for a high school prom because that is how you want it to be...so good you couldn't ask for more.

-- From Sarah, North Mahaska Jr/Sr High, North Mahaska IA

Our theme was called couples throughout the history.we were waring costumes. We had this big canopy over our heads. That night i can never forget because it was the most funest and romantic night i ever had.

-- From Jill, Pottsville High School, Pottsville PA

Our Prom theme for 2001 is more than likely going to be "Save the Last Dance." (Like, as in the Julia Stiles movie which reminded us of our school.) We can use songs from the soundtrack (like K~Ci and JoJo's "Crazy") and also the oldies song ("So darlin', save the last dance for me"). Our colors are pink, purple, and silver. We're on a tight budget, so, besides the less~than extravagant decorations, the theme is also a kind of tongue~in~cheek theme--that is, SAVE the last dance (prom)... raise enough money to have one! :O)

-- From Karen, Central High School, Erie PA

Our theme this year is "When you say nothing at All" We picked the song from the movie Notting Hill, and our colors are pastels. i am so excited! Its such a sweet song, and i cant wait to dance to it!I'm sure it will be a great night.

-- From Melissa, Green Bay Preble High School, Green Bay WI

Our theme for the 2001 Prom is "A Dream For Us". Our colors are blue, silver, and white. Our backdrop is a starry one, and we'll have swans and clouds. Our fingerfoods are going to be in the shapes of stars and hearts and we are selling our own recipe of (non-alcoholic) drinks. We're having it at a local business that has a fountain inside with the Alaska sunset coming through the windows. We're having a bunch of balloons and props. This Prom is going to be awesome.

-- From Amanda, Holy Rosary Academy, Anchorage AK

Our Junior Prom theme was "Written in the Stars." Our colors were light blue, dark blue, and silver. It was really pretty.

-- From Ashley, Huntington High School, Huntington TX

Our prom theme for 2001 is Sail Away. We will have dinner and dancing on a ship called the Port City Princess, which offers cruises on Lake Michigan. Our colors are baby blue, white, and silver. I hope it will be as beautiful as our committee has planned it to be.

-- From Lauren, Montague High School, Montague WI

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Prom Night Drinking
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